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  1. Let them add also that I will bestow fifty beautiful slaves, and as many jars of apricots from the Isle of Kirmith, upon any man that shall bring me intelligence of the stranger.

  2. The soil for Apricots should be rather dry; especially should the subsoil be such that no water may stand around the roots.

  3. In the east, Apricots are commonly worked on plums, but they also thrive on the peach.

  4. The two serious difficulties in the growing of Apricots are the ravages of the curculio (see Plum) and the danger to the flowers from the spring frosts.

  5. Some small cherries and apricots were to be had and were eagerly bought up.

  6. Cherries and small apricots abounded, and supplies in general were plentiful; a very different state of affairs existed a year later, when prices had doubled and trebled, and in many cases advanced very much more.

  7. You must not feed too much on 'apricots and dewberries,'" he wrote in 1863.

  8. There are no "apricots and dewberries" about these masterly lyrics; they deal with no such trivialities as the fall of an eyelash.

  9. The field poplar put forth leaves on the 18th, and apricots were in bloom on the 22d.

  10. Make sirup of water and sugar, soak gelatin in a little cold water and add to the hot sirup; press apricots through a sieve and add to the sirup as soon as it is cool; freeze as directed in other ices.

  11. A good-natured equerry saw that she was exhausted, and shared with her some apricots and bread which he had wisely put into his pockets.

  12. But Philip, though pleased to come under the Master's notice, was frightened, and could think of no better answer than that the apricots they would eat in Paradise would be better.

  13. If there be no chairs nor apricots in Paradise there cannot be a temple wherein to worship God.

  14. Marble basins with fountains, and marble walks between the parterres, suggest coolness, and walnuts, apples, and apricots give shade.

  15. Land adapted to the deciduous fruits, such as apricots and peaches, is worth as much as raisin land, and some years pays better.

  16. Once released, the gorge expanded to a rambling valley with many orchards of apricots and plums, still walled, however, by hills so lofty that the sun deserted it early and gave the unusual sight of a lingering twilight.

  17. This half year I have been selling apricots and azucarillos in the bullring and on the Alameda.

  18. I could dawdle about in the nursery and count the apricots on the wall.

  19. Emmy's maid heard him howling again during the night and brought him some preserved apricots to console him.

  20. Vast quantities of apricots (called duraznos) grow in the mountain valleys.

  21. A canned apricot meringue pie is made by cutting the apricots fine and mixing them with half a cup of sugar and the beaten yolk of an egg; fill the crust and bake.

  22. All of the above are good if made from the dried and stewed apricots instead of the canned and are much cheaper.

  23. Plums and grapes should be peeled and seeded, apricots and peaches peeled and cut in quarters or eighths or dice; cherries also must be seeded; quinces may be steamed until tender.

  24. Stewed dried apricots are a delicious addition to mince meat.

  25. When I see English grocers' shops loaded up with dried American apples and apricots that are not worth eating, however carefully they are cooked, I always wonder why we do not import Mirabellen instead.

  26. High up on the distant hill to the left, beyond the avenue, the pale apricots and golds of the newly-shorn stubbles caught the mounting light.

  27. Drop the apricots into boiling water for a few seconds, remove skins and seeds.

  28. At a guess, I should say there were several pounds of meat, about two chickens, and a peck of rice per man, with apricots and raisins added; but they faced the prospect like heroes.

  29. Tessa's face was all contentment again, and the taste of the apricots and sweetmeats seemed very good.

  30. But you will have some of the apricots and things," said Tessa, rising obediently and gathering up her apron as a bag for her store.

  31. Tito could not help looking after her, and seeing her shoulders rise to the bursting sob, and the apricots fall--could not help going after her and picking them up.

  32. She said nothing at first; she only opened her apron and looked down at her apricots and sweetmeats.

  33. Tessa could not have spoken; she was pale, and a great sob was rising; but she turned round as if she felt there was no hope for her, and stepped on, holding her apron so forgetfully that the apricots began to roll out on the grass.

  34. Peaches and apricots are not hardy in Minnesota, and consequently nobody thinks of planting them.

  35. The seedlings resemble the apricots and peaches in blossom, tree and foliage.

  36. The sun and the fruit are my bĂȘtes noires, but neither seems to hurt him, though I really don't believe that any other child in the world has ever eaten so many apricots at one time as he has been doing lately.

  37. Of course, no one has done it, but it is very provoking all the same, for it used to be so nice to take the baby out very early, and pick up the fallen apricots for breakfast.

  38. The peaches are nearly all pale and rather tasteless, but the apricots are excellent in flavor, of a large size and in extraordinary abundance.

  39. As we sat and rested ripe apricots fell from the tree into our laps.

  40. CUT ripe apricots in halves, blanch the kernels and add them to the fruit.

  41. Grapes or apricots may be done in the same manner.

  42. TAKE apricots when nearly ripe, pare and cut them into halves, break the stones, blanch the kernels, and add them to the halves.

  43. Have ready clarified sugar boiling hot, put the apricots into it, and let them stand till cold.

  44. As the dried apples, pears, peaches and apricots are handled they should feel soft and velvety to the touch and have a pliable texture.

  45. Plums and apricots are not peeled, but are cut into halves, the pits removed and dried in the same way as peaches.

  46. Excellent | | keep from | apricots for | for jam.

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