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Example sentences for "crumpling"

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  1. I doubt he'll have his marrow bones to crawl out on, the way he's crumpling up.

  2. There was deceit and its exposure; lies and their crumpling in the hand; mystifications and their sinister interpretations; contingencies and their ugly dissolutions.

  3. Among the obnoxious noises are the crumpling of silk stuffs, the sound of sweeping, the croaking of frogs.

  4. She sank down on the floor, crumpling up against her bed.

  5. Any development of structure that would stiffen them and hold them up to the light, so that instead of crumpling and flopping when the waters receded, they would stand up outspread, was a great advantage.

  6. And in the opening of this third part of the record, this Cainozoic period, a gigantic crumpling of the earth's crust and an upheaval of mountain ranges was in progress.

  7. The reverse process, a process of crumpling and upheaval, has also been in progress, but less regularly.

  8. Ralph dropped into a chair, crumpling the letter in his hand.

  9. This was coincident with the crumpling of the French right at Charleroi by the army of Von B├╝low, and its threatened retreat by that of Von Hausen.

  10. But the Austrian fire became heavier and heavier; a blast of steel pellets and shells swept through the cornfields and the plum orchards, tearing through the streets of the village and crumpling up the houses.

  11. The white seams thinned off gradually, and finally vanished where the violent crumpling of the ice disappeared.

  12. Mr. Sorby has adduced a case of the crumpling of a bed of sandstone through which the cleavage passes: here on the glacier I had parallel cases; the beds were bent and crumpled, but the structure ran through the ice in sharp straight lines.

  13. She raised her hands, her slim fingers crumpling for a moment in the soft, thick coils of her hair.

  14. Again, in a quick movement, her fingers were crumpling the lustrous coils on the crown of her head.

  15. The noise that comes from the tearing and crumpling of paper is as yet unknown to the child.

  16. Nineteenth week, pleasure in sound of crumpling of paper by himself.

  17. As general or First Consul, he never wore gloves, contenting himself with holding and crumpling them in his left hand.

  18. Lulu stares before her, mechanically crumpling up the note that Rodrigo stuck into her hand, which she has held in her fingers thruout the dialog.

  19. She fires one shot, at the roof, and falls with suppressed crying, crumpling up.

  20. The Persians gave way, crumpling back upon each other in a disordered mob.

  21. Thais grasped a branch of the shrubbery and tore it away, crumpling the leaves in her hands and scattering them in a bruised shower at her feet.

  22. Our friend bent down, crumpling and crumpling at his dog's ears.

  23. Mamma still sat at the breakfast-table, crumpling and uncrumpling the letter.

  24. When you kissed it you could feel the loose flesh crumpling and sliding softly over the bone.

  25. Mrs. Pendyce rose, and crumpling the letter nervously, followed him from the room.

  26. She waited, crumpling the tiny handkerchief in her gauntleted hand.

  27. These are only a few of the countless forms of breaking, faulting, and crumpling which have given to the cordillera an almost infinite variety of scenery.

  28. She felt his thick fingers crumpling her hair, and his eyes blazed like embers of fire behind watery films.

  29. When he saw McTaggart he made a lunge to his feet, almost instantly crumpling down into the snow again.

  30. Then dropping to the mattress, he laid the pair side by side before crumpling down with them, digging his nose into one of Edwarda's fragrant sleeves.

  31. The crumpling and distortion of the successive layers of chalk can be seen with such ease that we might be looking at a geological textbook.

  32. I don't see how she could help it," Algy said, his face crumpling with tears.

  33. The doctor slipped a coin into his palm and rose, crumpling Thea's letter in his hand and thrusting the others into his pocket unopened.

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