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Example sentences for "crumples"

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  1. The ice seems bent like the fingers, and the crumples of the glacier are cut by crevasses, which are accurately typified by the spaces between the fingers.

  2. I ascended the Breithorn glacier to the base of an ice-fall, on one side of which I found large crumples produced by the pressure, the veined structure being developed at right angles to the direction of the latter.

  3. In some cases the upper portions of the crumples had scaled off so as to form arches of ice--a consequence doubtless of the pressure.

  4. Another interesting fact is also observed where the pressure is violent: the crumples scale off, bows of ice being thus formed which usually span the crumples over their most violently compressed portions.

  5. Huge crumples are also formed by the Glacier du Geant, which are well seen from a point nearly opposite the lowest lateral moraine of the Glacier des Periades.

  6. The end of the latter appears to be crumpled by its thrust against the former, and the moraine between them, instead of being raised, runs along a hollow which is flanked by the crumples on either side.

  7. The crumples were cut by fissures, perpendicular to which the blue veins ran.

  8. It will be observed that the direction of the veins yields in conformity with the undulation of the surface; and an augmentation of the effect would evidently result in the crumples shown in Fig.

  9. The poor little crumples of silver and green moved her to pity, and she left them to uncurl in peace when once she had tried and sadly failed to help them.

  10. The manner in which these crumples tend to scale off speaks strongly in favour of the explanation given.

  11. The next figure represents a series of these crumples with the veins of white ice i i i at their bases.

  12. Joe looks at his copy and crumples it savagely.

  13. Then he opens the letters, glances over them with beaming eyes, crumples them up and throws them under the chair.

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