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  1. Upon these clays formed from the decaying rock rest stony clays in which clay, sand, and stones faceted as only glacier ice can facet, are mingled pell-mell together, as only glacier ice can mingle.

  2. While Linn county was sheeted with glacier ice, no life of any sort was possible within its limits.

  3. Occasionally is found the unmistakable track of the glacier left on the underlying rock scraped smooth and marked with parallel scorings, as at the north end of the cut of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway at Linn Junction.

  4. Then they came upon a deep fissure in the glacier which temporarily crowded the sun-dogs out of their minds.

  5. From there on, the top of the glacier ceased to be level.

  6. However, I have so far been unable to find any outlet to the surface of the glacier and the caverns are so cold that I cannot spend much time in them.

  7. The boys set out along the glacier looking for a place that offered possibilities of descent into the fissure.

  8. Occasionally they could hear the distant noises of the glacier as fragments of it fell into the sea, or when its slow movements caused huge cracks to form in its depths.

  9. The distance to the glacier was deceiving.

  10. He came back in about twenty minutes, having lost no time in finding his way up the cavern to the surface of the glacier where the sledges were.

  11. A second of silence, then the faraway crags of the glacier threw back their cries like mocking laughter.

  12. The land under this glacier must be just like it was a hundred years ago.

  13. They had taken virtually the same path up the wall of the glacier that the fugitive had taken, and so were not far off the trail.

  14. Dick also thought it best they should look for an easier place to climb, and so they turned to the right under the walls of the glacier and drove the dog team slowly along, their necks craned upward.

  15. Apparently, at some time years ago, two divisions of the glacier had met there in their slow progress, crumbling their giant fronts upon one another.

  16. You know what I think,” Dick broke a long silence, “those igloos are right under the walls of the glacier where it flows down to the sea.

  17. The cause of glacier motion must be based upon some more or less complex considerations.

  18. The snow-field upon which a glacier depends is always formed when snow-fall is greater than snow-waste.

  19. In many regions which were covered by the Pleistocene ice-sheet the work of the glacier was arrested by melting before it was half done.

  20. All the valleys were filled with moving ice; thus the Rhone glacier at its maximum filled Lake Geneva and the plain between the Bernese Oberland and the Jura; it even overrode the latter and advanced towards Besancon.

  21. Blood transfusion also enters into supernaturalism in Stephen French Whitney's story, where a woman who has been buried in a glacier for two thousand years is recalled to life.

  22. After dinner think it will rain, and Shelley goes alone to the glacier of Boison.

  23. This glacier is increasing every day a foot, closing up the valley.

  24. An immense glacier was on our left, which continually rolled stones to its foot.

  25. Owing to the forward motion of the ice, old fissures tend to close up and new ones form, and, aided by uneven melting, the surface of a glacier is generally very rough.

  26. Thus, when the great glacier was melting in northern New York, waters hundreds of feet deep and many miles long were ponded between two ice lobes--one retreating eastward and the other westward from the Mohawk Valley.

  27. Repeated pauses during general glacier retreat permit the accumulations of so-called recessional moraines.

  28. Then a great valley glacier slowly plowed its way through it during the Ice Age and, by ice erosion, the present nearly straight U-shaped canyon has resulted.

  29. This affords one of the best means of proving the former presence of a glacier over a region or in a valley.

  30. Glacial drift carried on, within, or under a glacier and deposited at the end, along the sides, or under the glacier.

  31. The pebbles or bowlders of the ground moraine are commonly facetted and striated as a result of having been rubbed against the bedrock on which the glacier moved.

  32. Great accumulations of glacial débris took place around the borders of the glacier lobes, and, after retreat of the ice, the glacial deposits acted as dams ponding the waters far back into the mountain valleys.

  33. The material carried along at the bottom of a glacier is called the ground moraine.

  34. A very remarkable case of transportation through the body of a glacier is the following: In 1820, three men were buried under an avalanche in the catchment basin of the Bossons Glacier in the Alps.

  35. This glacier is so large and deep that only an occasional high rocky mountain projects above its surface, and the ice is known to be slowly moving outward in all directions from the interior to the margins of Greenland.

  36. When ice of sufficient thickness has accumulated (probably at best several hundred feet), the spreading action or flowage begins and a glacier has developed.

  37. Forty-one years later several parts of the bodies, including the three heads together with some pieces of clothing, emerged at the foot of the glacier after traveling most of its length at the rate of eight inches per day.

  38. The glittering whiteness of the Madatsch glacier formed with its ice floods a veritable mer de glace.

  39. We could trace the mountain streams from their cradle in the glacier to their wild leaping from cascade to cascade and to the more peaceful flow through the valley.

  40. On turning suddenly round a spur of a glacier about as big as Saint Paul's Cathedral, they went swish into a shallow pond which had been formed on the ice.

  41. Then they all went into the Glacier Garden, and the water was turned on to show them glacial action on the rocks.

  42. Glacier Garden} Blanche came over in the morning, and asked me if I would go with her to Lucerne for a fortnight.

  43. This glacier winds upward from the valley, until it joins the masses of frost from which it was produced above, winding through its own ravine like a bright belt flung over the black region of pines.

  44. Laying himself flat, he slid into this dark passage, and after a thousand efforts he arrived at the end of the glacier in the moraine, safe and sound.

  45. The middle portion of the glacier was not difficult.

  46. From it the view is similar to that from the Schwarzsee, but much finer, the Théodule Glacier being seen to great advantage.

  47. Right under this Aiguille were heaps of snow smoothly rounded and constituting a portion of the sources whence the Glacier du Géant is fed; these, as the day advanced, bloomed with a rosy light.

  48. The route is by way of Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, and the Scheidegg, and after skirting the Eiger Glacier going by tunnel into the very bowels of the mountain.

  49. The architecture of the glacier is marvelous.

  50. The evening previous our guide had examined the glacier for some distance, his progress having been arrested by a crevasse.

  51. The glacier was crossed without further trouble, but the Riffel, which was then a very small building, was crammed with tourists, and could not take me in.

  52. It seemed that there would be no difficulty in crossing the glacier if the cliff could be descended, but higher up and lower down the ice appeared, to my inexperienced eyes, to be impassable for a single person.

  53. The glacier swept round an angle of the cliff, and as the ice was not of the nature of treacle or thin putty, it kept away from the little bay on the edge of which I stood.

  54. On its north there is a large snowy plateau that feeds the glacier of which a portion is seen from Randa, and which on more than one occasion has destroyed that village.

  55. The glacier or ice sheet overran all Maine, irregularly scouring out the bed rock to produce rock basins, damming up many river valleys with glacial deposits and completely disarranging the drainage lines.

  56. Clambering over these rough heaps, we came in sight of the grand obstruction to our progress, in an enormous glacier which completely choked up the valley.

  57. When I thought that we must have got over the worst, I found the whole pass blocked up with a distinct glacier over which we had to climb.

  58. I was only informed, when starting, that three coolies were missing, supposed to have been obliged to remain on the glacier from snow-blindness.

  59. In the afternoon I walked to the foot of the glacier to examine the path, and went over a considerable tract of snow, but could not discover the track up the glacier, which must be very steep and difficult.

  60. Some of these transverse barriers were formerly pointed out by Saussure below the glacier of the Rhone, as proving how far it had once transgressed its present boundaries.

  61. Such heaps of earth and boulders every glacier pushes before it when advancing, and leaves behind it when retreating.

  62. Another effect of a glacier is to lodge a ring of stones round the summit of a conical peak which may happen to project through the ice.

  63. These temporary sheets of water are caused by the damming up of a river by a glacier which has increased during a succession of cold seasons, and, descending from a tributary into the main valley, has crossed it from side to side.

  64. Limestone polished, furrowed, and scratched by the glacier of Rosenlaui, in Switzerland.

  65. They may have been so shaped in a glacier before they reached the sea, or when they were fixed in the bottom of an iceberg as it ran aground.

  66. A] He pointed out that the surface of every large glacier is strewed over with gravel and stones detached from the surrounding precipices by frost, rain, lightning, or avalanches.

  67. Some of the party made excursions during the winter, and found their course barred by an immense glacier four hundred feet high.

  68. A great glacier was crossed, but as it was quitted an immense fissure engulfed the sleigh with the stores, while the others only narrowly escaped by cutting the traces.

  69. Sir Charles Lyell adds that, after what he saw on Mount Etna, he should not be surprised to find layers of glacier and lava alternating in some parts of Iceland.

  70. Bourrit meant only a locality where ice is to be found, or a glacier district.

  71. This sand is a non-conductor of heat, and would therefore tend to preserve the snow from complete fusion when the hot lava-stream passed over it, and thus the existence of the underground glacier may be explained.

  72. Anyone who has walked on a glacier will have noticed the little pits which any small black substance, whether a stone or a dead insect, sinks for itself in the ice.

  73. The motion of one glacier from the middle of May to the middle of October averaged 8 in.

  74. The Biafo glacier system, which lies in a long narrow trough extending south-west from Nagar on the Hunza to near the base of the Muztagh peaks, may be traced for 90 m.

  75. The glacier we found unpleasantly slippery; and it was exciting work, as at the point where we crossed it was very much crevassed, and steps had often to be cut.

  76. We had been on the glacier about an hour when the light began to creep up over the mountains, and we were in the midst of a scene of wonderful beauty.

  77. The ecological relationship of two species of Peromyscus in the Glacier Park region, Montana.

  78. Its source is in a glacier that is between ten thousand and eleven thousand feet high, descending "from the gates of eternal night, at the foot of the pillar of the sun.

  79. It is fed continually by the melting glacier which, in turn, is being kept up by the snows and cold.

  80. Not so with surfaces over which the levelling plough of the glacier has passed.

  81. The roches moutonnées about the Grimsel show that hills many hundred feet high have been passed over by the great glacier of the Aar, when it descended as far as Meyringen, without having seemingly influenced its onward progress.

  82. Indeed, we have seen[A] that we have beneath every glacier a complete apparatus adapted to all the results described above.

  83. This westward track of the main glacier is crossed transversely near the centre of the valley by two other glacier-tracks cutting it at right angles.

  84. As an additional evidence of this fact, we frequently find on the lee side of such knolls accumulations of the loose materials which the glacier carries with it.

  85. There are other terraces in neighboring valleys at still different levels,--in Glen Gloy, for instance, where the one horizontal road was no doubt formed in consequence of the damming of the valley by a glacier from Loch Arkeig.

  86. Mr. Darwin has seen another in Glen Kinfillen, which I would explain by the presence of a glacier in the Great Glen, the marks of which are particularly distinct about the eastern end of Glen Garry.

  87. In this connection it should be remembered that in the case of large glaciers low hills form no obstacle to their onward progress, especially when the glacier is thick enough to cover them completely, and even to rise far above them.

  88. For, in truth, we were approaching that shallower terrace of the glacier beyond the fall, through which the light could force some weak passage, and the air make itself felt, blowing upon the beds of ice.

  89. Far beyond, where the mouth of the gorge spread out littered with monstrous destruction, we saw the hundred threads of the glacier streams collect into a single rope of silver, that went drawn between the hills, a highway of water.

  90. Then the glacier will yawn like a sliced junket.

  91. The glacier rejected souls so commonplace as not to be properly impressed by its inexorability.

  92. We had fallen sheer to the glacier bed, which, warmed by subterraneous heat, was ever in process of melting.

  93. I had never been so near a glacier before.

  94. We skirted the lonely little lake called the Daubensee, and presently passed close by a glacier on the right--a thing like a great river frozen solid in its flow and broken square off like a wall at its mouth.

  95. Some hours' work was before them ere the glacier could be reached, and the day was already drawing towards its close.

  96. That part of a glacier which lies above the snow-line is styled neve; it is the fountain-head and source of supply to the glacier proper, which is the part that lies below the snow-line.

  97. The movements of a glacier cause the continual shifting of its parts, so that, although rugged or smooth spots are always sure to be found at the same parts of the glacier each year, there is, nevertheless, annual variety in minute detail.

  98. Below them the glacier appeared in the fading light to be as far off as ever.

  99. Above them rose the mountain-crest in three grand masses, divided from each other by rents, which exposed that peculiar stratified form of the glacier caused by the annual bedding of the snow.

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