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Example sentences for "brackets"

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bracken; brackens; bracket; bracketed; bracketing; brackish; bract; bracted; bracteis; bractlets
  1. Around the well-hole, brackets can be used (Fig.

  2. A few brackets can also be put under the deck, reaching from the sides to the coaming, if needed.

  3. The small brackets under the lower shelf will help to stiffen the case.

  4. Multiple numbers or letters contained within brackets {} and preceded by a caret ^ are superscripts.

  5. The ceiling of the Baynton chapel is richly carved, and the bosses and brackets show their original faded colouring of blue and gold.

  6. And do not the empty brackets over many an ancient tomb tell a tale?

  7. The supports for the wire are not provided by separate posts and brackets in the usual way, but by arched carriers attached to the sections of railway line, thereby forming a portable section of the electric railway, as illustrated by Fig.

  8. This house has a beautiful doorway of the old scallop-shell pattern, with cherubs' heads and ornamental brackets decorating it.

  9. Many of the houses show quaintly carved porches with wooden brackets and pendants, and are obviously of the date which the name implies.

  10. The couplet between brackets is from the manuscript.

  11. The couplet between brackets was omitted by Warburton.

  12. The lines between brackets are from the manuscript, and were not printed by Pope.

  13. A fragment of Pope's writing has been cut away by the binder, and the words in brackets are conjectural.

  14. Vitruvius to the trusses or console brackets on each side of the doorway of a Greek or Roman building which support the cornice over the same.

  15. There was also a series of brackets to support the poles on which the awning was stretched.

  16. The footnotes (which are sometimes quite long) have been inserted in square brackets near to the point where they were referred to by suffix in the original text.

  17. Two steel tubes fitting into a junction piece at each end were bolted to brackets at the floor level at each end of the transverse girders.

  18. The engines are supported by two steel tubes held by four brackets bolted to the crank case, these being carried by twelve duralumin tubes bolted to the bearers and transverse frames of the car respectively.

  19. The propeller gear box is supported by steel tube outriggers attached by brackets to the framework of the car.

  20. Some of the second-story brackets will cost from ninety cents to one dollar and a quarter apiece.

  21. The marble top may be supported on iron brackets or turned wooden legs of hard wood.

  22. Bedrooms are, for the most part, lighted with brackets rather than central lights.

  23. The passage in brackets is conjectural: the copyist passed over a line ending with the same word as that which he had just completed.

  24. The cells are supported by brackets near the middle, which rest on iron joists.

  25. We will, therefore, strengthen this projecting angle, and correct the abruptness of transition between the column and the bed plate, by brackets (Fig.

  26. The numbers in brackets refer to papers mentioned in the Bibliography at the end.

  27. The number of the parts of the latter which correspond to those of the former are placed in square brackets after them in the list here given.

  28. If the wires on the poles be few, the insulators are mounted on brackets nailed to the poles.

  29. The beginning may be made with either a wall type or an upright type of switchboard, the former being mounted on brackets secured to the wall, and the latter on a table.

  30. The electromagnet is of the two-coil type, and is supported on the brackets 2 and 3.

  31. Letter g, upon the open shutter, shews one of the brackets connected with the stretching-bar b, for keeping them open, as will be better understood by examining the following Figure.

  32. Towards the head a a the shank is strengthened by means of four feathers or brackets raised upon it, somewhat resembling the connecting gills of the vegetable mushroom.

  33. They are generally found in exposed situations at some elevation, as among the series of corbels (corbula a small basket) or brackets called the corbel-table, supporting a stone course or cornice.

  34. A favourite place for humourous figures was on the stone brackets or corbels which bear up timber roofs; examples are in the ape corbel in this article, and the responsible yet happy-looking saint at the end of the list of Contents.

  35. A few misprints in the above have been corrected in square brackets to agree with B.

  36. A few misprints in the above have been corrected in square brackets to agree with B.

  37. The type of stamp is indicated in brackets (Figs.

  38. The fixing of the cross-girder brackets also needs close attention to avoid after trouble, the bolt-holes in the brackets being preferably drilled on the site after fixing.

  39. Where brackets are used they must be wired entirely on the inside; fixture stem must come through to the back of the scenery and end of stem be properly bushed.

  40. Brackets are made up in any of the three ways shown in Figure 187.

  41. Any brackets used in theaters should be at least seven feet above the floor.

  42. Brackets used for emergency or exit lights must be fitted with keyless sockets.

  43. The rule which requires all wiring about brackets to be enclosed, naturally would apply here also.

  44. Fan motors should be provided with strong brackets located near the ceiling and close to the outlet from which the motor is to be run.

  45. One of the brackets selected should as a rule be the lowest point supplied in the house.

  46. The taps on these brackets are then closed, and the burners replaced.

  47. Burners are removed from two or more brackets at the farthest points in the system from the gasholder, and flexible connexions are temporarily attached to them, and led through a window or door into the open air well clear of the house.

  48. The taps of all other brackets are kept closed.

  49. Flexible tubing is then connected in place of the burners to all the other brackets in the house, and acetylene is similarly allowed to escape into the open air from each for a quarter of an hour.

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brackets" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.