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  1. Even the sea, this tideless, brackish sea, neither salt water nor fresh, is dead.

  2. The eighth day after our departure from Houidouk our fresh water was so sensibly diminished, that we were obliged to use brackish water in cooking.

  3. The soil is here unvaried; it is the Russian desert in all its uniformity, and the basin of the muddy and brackish Manitch, is perfectly in harmony with the regions it traverses.

  4. We could not satiate ourselves with the pleasure of beholding that brackish mud, and the forest of reeds that encompassed it.

  5. They were quite dry when we arrived at them, and all the vicinity, intercepted by small brackish lakes, displayed no kind of vegetation.

  6. Ocean of Time, whose waters of deep woe Are brackish with the salt of human tears!

  7. By night, after having eaten dinner beside a turbid, brackish pool, they had made more than twenty miles to northwestward.

  8. Though they could not drink the brackish waters, yet they laved their faces, arms and hands, and felt refreshed.

  9. Both are excellent food, and frequently abundant in brackish waters.

  10. But with a groan the brittle ice surrounding it gave way: the foremost rescuer's body was plunged too into the freezing, brackish water.

  11. You know our brackish ice is apt to be treacherous; the salt in the water softens it, so your father says, renders it more porous and unsafe.

  12. Each eddying dimple in the tidal river shone like a star sapphire, while the broad, brackish channel wound in and out between the marshes with as many wriggles as a lively trout.

  13. I anxiously awaited daylight, and then followed on the tracks and overtook the party, encamped on the main branch of the river, with abundance of brackish water in the pools.

  14. Fearing we should be without water, I pushed ahead, and after following a flat for about six miles, got to the main river, where there were large pools of brackish water.

  15. Travelled in an easterly direction towards Cape Arid, passing at five miles a large creek, and at ten miles camped on a running brackish stream, which I named the Alexander.

  16. The country for the last few miles is beautifully grassed, with numerous brackish streams running through.

  17. At their base was a large pool of clear though brackish water; and a little beyond a clump of rushes, indicating the existence of a spring.

  18. At twelve miles we came to a large rocky watercourse of brackish water, trending to the east-north-east, through a narrow valley bounded by dense scrub.

  19. Much fatigued with the walking over the sands, and sick with drinking the brackish water of Mislah.

  20. Fezzan water is brackish generally, and the wells are about fifteen of twenty feet deep.

  21. Streams rising in the Salt-range become brackish on reaching its skirts (G.

  22. Good water from river, but brackish from wells, of which there are three.

  23. There had been nothing else to break the dull, dead monotony of sand and swamp, not a sign of human life, and but one well (at Outhal) of rather brackish water.

  24. Water that is somewhat brackish will support mosquitoes, but water that is purely salt will destroy them.

  25. Dough half baked, and brackish water, which we had to draw up with the sweat of our brow, and to carry about with us during our journey.

  26. With excessive nastiness of very brackish and very fetid water was combined extreme scarcity of fuel.

  27. Yet we were anxious, at all events, to take the chill off the water, so as to disguise, by the warmth, its brackish flavour and its disagreeable smell.

  28. Next they bent over the edge of the lake, and inhaled long, insatiable draughts of the brackish water, which we could see ascending their long necks as up some flexible pump.

  29. Martens, Modiola striatula, Hanley, who found the same bivalve at Singapore, in brackish water, but considerably larger.

  30. Two or three scanty springs afford a muddy, brackish water, almost at the level of the sea, with which the indolent people are content so that they have just enough.

  31. Cyclades which occurs only in warm waters, and is extraordinarily abundant in the brackish waters of the Philippines.

  32. There is another small river of brackish water nearer the port.

  33. Then we would go forth with our kits and letting down biscuit tins would draw up a supply of the brackish fluid, which we would pour into little holes dug in the sand and covered with a waterproof sheet.

  34. Then a leisurely undressing and a hopeless effort to soap oneself--soap will not lather in brackish water--and a delicious coolness as a comrade poured a tinful down one's back.

  35. We made coffee with the water from these springs, which, however, gave it such a brackish taste that it was scarcely drinkable.

  36. The intolerable thirst with which the troops were tormented, even on this first march, was but ill allayed by brackish and unwholesome water.

  37. Our horses, who ran eagerly to the brackish springs of the desert, perished in numbers; after travelling about a quarter of a league from the spot where they drank the deleterious fluid.

  38. Because brackish water contains mineral salt, which makes a much larger deposit of furr, than that which contains only vegetable matter.

  39. It grows in swamps, or in swampy hollows on the rocky slopes of hills, where it seems to thrive equally well as when exposed to the influx of salt or brackish water.

  40. It was late at night when we reached the little village harbour, and we were all pretty well knocked up by hard work, and having had nothing but very brackish water to drink all day-the best we could find at our last stopping-place.

  41. The clayey lens seems to have been of fresh or brackish water origin.

  42. Associated with the new crustacean were specimens of Estheria only, but in the Voltzia sandstone itself land plants, fresh and brackish water animals, and occasionally, marine animals are found.

  43. The colour of the water, a light green, at once betrayed its quality; but fortunately for us, though brackish it was still tolerable, much better than the gritty water we had passed.

  44. We passed a brackish pool of water, and stopped at a small well, at which there were two native women.

  45. How then were we to account for their being where we found them, and for the no less singular phenomenon of brackish waters in the bed of a fresh water creek?

  46. We were very glad of a lift when he arrived, and even more glad to partake of a hearty lunch, and a long, long drink of water, which although brackish tasted quite delicious, from one of the skins.

  47. Brackish water is not pleasant to drink, but it is not necessarily unhealthy.

  48. It would take from twenty-two to twenty-six days to get across, and most of the journey would be waterless or with brackish water.

  49. There was only one well of brackish water, and very little of that, too.

  50. We stopped at Mahommed Raza-chah, where there are five wells, three of good water and two brackish ones.

  51. Brackish water, however, should not be confounded nor classified with dirty water.

  52. The caravan men said that it was impossible to go on, because, this being such a dry year, even the few brackish wells across the desert would be dry, and they refused to come on.

  53. There is no fresh water obtainable in the city, but brackish water is a little more plentiful.

  54. But to return to our specific case, brackish water is not necessarily dirty, and as I have said, is to my mind one of Nature's protections against fever of the desert.

  55. After marching eight miles from our last camp we came to a brackish well where the camel men replenished their water-skins.

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