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couple; coupled; coupler; couplers; couples; coupleth; couplets; coupling; couplings; coupon
  1. The aisles show a lancet in the lower story, with a blind couplet beneath a quatrefoil in the gable; the central compartment has a triplet in each story.

  2. Point out the best couplet in the extract.

  3. Point out a couplet which has passed into a proverb.

  4. I dart my thoughts towards all social evils, sprouted from the lust of money, egoism, and religious fanaticism, in the form of couplet quips, philosophy instilled and sarcasm anointed.

  5. The following couplet by pope immortalizes his fame.

  6. Barksdale, as before, renders the closing couplet thus: 'Is He the Christ?

  7. And further, he adds that one day he saw him listening to Monti while the latter was singing his first couplet in the "Mascheroniana.

  8. Fragments of the prediction have not been entirely falsified, though the last couplet intimates a hope.

  9. Another couplet in the second book of the Dunciad about "hapless Monsieur" and "Lady Maries," was also applied at the time to Lady M.

  10. It contained, amongst other things, the couplet which provoked his war with Lady Mary and Lord Hervey.

  11. By the addition of a new line rhyming with the last couplet this form was developed into the eight-lined stanza a b a b b c c5 c6 employed in Giles Fletcher's Christ's Victory and Triumph.

  12. This variety of the sonnet--which, we may note in passing, Surrey also extended into a special poetic form consisting of several such quatrains together with a final rhyming couplet (cf.

  13. Commonly the concluding couplet contains an independent thought which gives a conclusion to the poem.

  14. Crow, On the History of the Short Couplet in Middle English.

  15. Although the run-on line between the terzetti is perhaps open to a slight objection, the rhyme-arrangement is absolutely correct, the inadmissible rhyming couplet at the end of the poem being of course avoided.

  16. Four-lined stanzas of one rhyme extended by the addition of a couplet 310 III.

  17. In certain cases, however, the thought of the previous stanza is carried on in the closing couplet by means of a run-on line, as is the case in Nos.

  18. In most cases we see that identical or similar types of verse are connected here so as to form a couplet (printed by us as one long line).

  19. Or again the word 'writyng', in the following couplet of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (Prol.

  20. But the one emphatic point about this idiotic couplet is that Mrs. Hemans would never have written it.

  21. The classical couplet was a thing that anyone could do.

  22. Therefore, it may be submitted, there was a certain discipline in the old antithetical couplet of Pope and his followers.

  23. The final couplet in 1647 is: 'Who would keep another's heart, With her own must never part.

  24. The closing couplet of 1647 reads: 'Or let me not desire, or else possess!

  25. Adolphe read his part, and received honourable mention for his workmanship in the couplet de facture.

  26. No one nowadays has any knowledge of the couplet de facture, save the Nestors of art, who have pleasant memories of the his and ter [repeated encores] which almost always welcomed the couplet de facture.

  27. Footnote 1: "A couplet written for effect and especially notable for the wealth of its rhymes.

  28. My part was read, and was received with great applause--one couplet especially astonishing Rousseau.

  29. This is put with great clearness and brevity in a couplet prefixed to the above narrative: "He should obtain all his desires, Who offers more than he requires.

  30. FN#205] The first couplet is not in the Mac.

  31. FN#256] This couplet has occurred in Night xxi.

  32. In the second couplet we have "Istinjá"=washing the fundament after stool.

  33. FN#159] The second couplet is not in the Mac.

  34. The amputated piece belongs to the fourth Zarb of the third 'Aruz of Kámil, and its second couplet tallies with the second subdivision of the second class of Rajaz.

  35. As the Arabs ignore blank verse, when we come upon a rhymeless couplet we know that it is an extract from a longer composition in monorhyme.

  36. The latter alteration shows the couplet to be of the second Zarb of the first 'Arúz of the Tawíl.

  37. Both are built upon monorhyme, which appears twice in the first couplet and ends all the others, e g.

  38. Finally it remains for me to quote a couplet of each metre, showing how to scan them, and what relation they bear to the theoretical formulas exhibited on p.

  39. Dryden, in a couplet quoted by Guest, uses both forms in the same line: "What gain you by forbidding it to tease ye?

  40. I was more dead than alive, but my courage returned after a triple burst of applause for the couplet which I sang on waking in very much the same way as I should have murmured a series of Racine's lines.

  41. But think of their possessor repeating the admirable couplet of Charles Quint to the shade of Charlemagne!

  42. And it must be remembered that in human speech, as in the human mind, there are no absolute divisions: power shades off into feeling; and the driest logic may find the heroic couplet render it good service.

  43. Adolphe turned on his heels and went off to sing my couplet to Lafarge.

  44. This first couplet rouses Lord Ruthven's anger, who sees in it a warning addressed to Lovette, and who consequently fears to see his victim snatched away from him.

  45. The national couplet and Chauvinism were all the rage: provided you made Français rhyme with succès at the end of a couplet, and lauriers with guerriers, you were sure of applause.

  46. De la Ponce read the couplet too; it tickled his soldierly taste, remainding him of 1814, and he took an early opportunity to compliment me on it.

  47. Even here it may be noticed that though the last four lines could hardly be bettered, the second couplet is rather weak.

  48. Id Deus vult,-- though they do not contain anything so nice as that, or as its great author's more famous couplet respecting Africa and the men thereof.

  49. Six streaming lines amass the arrowy might In hers, one cataract couplet doth expend; Thine lake-wise widens, level in the light, And like to its beginning is its end.

  50. In the final couplet there is an allusion to Kor.

  51. Each couplet was composed of a number and a noun, object, verb, or movement.

  52. English word of any couplet in which an indirect association had occurred, and also his success in obtaining visual images if the series was a noun or a verb series.

  53. In learning, each couplet was exposed 3 secs.

  54. The verbs were similar to the verbs of the couplet series.

  55. A change had to be made in the length of exposure of each couplet in the movement series.

  56. During this time the subject read the couplet inaudibly as often as he wished, but usually in time with the metronome.

  57. The same kind of precautions were taken as in the couplet sets to avoid phonetic aids and the juxtaposition of words which suggest each other.

  58. The material was of the same kind as the words used in the couplet series, being mostly monosyllabic and seldom dissyllabic words.

  59. The apparatus employed in the couplet sets was used.

  60. The subjects were required to fill such intervals with repetitions of the preceding couplet only.

  61. The same subject might have in one noun or verb series no visual images and in another he might have one for every couplet of the series.

  62. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "couplet" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.