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  1. Special couplings ensure that the path taken by the tractor shall be faithfully followed by all its followers.

  2. Four-wheeled would therefore be replaced by two-wheeled trucks, provided with special couplings to prevent the cars tilting, while allowing them to turn.

  3. These matings are as follows: Possible couplings Matings of gametes Product 1.

  4. The primitive way of tying hounds together was by passing such a small flexible branch through the couplings which bent back on itself, both ends being held.

  5. Also I will describe of what fashion a hunter's horn should be driven, and how the couplings should be made for the raches and of what length.

  6. The collars to which these couplings were attached were often wonderful gems of the goldsmith's and silversmith's art.

  7. Weight with couplings and cover when complete 535 grammes.

  8. The same difficulties experienced in mounting the couplings on the shafts were met with in connection with the gears, both on the propeller and transmission shafts, and were finally obviated in a manner similar to that described above.

  9. On time, the bell clanged its warning; the guards bawled theirs; doors were hastily opened and slammed; the trucks began to groan, couplings jolting as the engine chafed in constraint.

  10. The ten minutes seemed interminable that elapsed ere the grinding couplings advertised the imminence of their start.

  11. The couplings had snapped as they strained round the bend and the truck would run down the incline until it smashed through the sheds that held the grinding and mixing plant at the bottom.

  12. When she reversed, the couplings held the car and the block slipped off.

  13. The pistons banged alarmingly as they compressed the water that spurted from the drain-cocks, and his progress was marked by violent jerks that jarred the couplings of the bogie truck.

  14. The year 1900 is to witness the compulsory adoption of automatic car couplings on all cars.

  15. Couplings in these pipes serve to quickly disconnect the engine when the run to the fire is to be made.

  16. This air passing through a train pipe connected by hose couplings between cars charges an auxiliary reservoir under each car.

  17. The cars banged and rattled, slowing with jarred couplings and rolling on when the driving wheels gripped.

  18. Charnock talked to him carelessly until the couplings tightened and the locomotive began to snort, but his mouth was firm and his face set as he went back to his work.

  19. At Des Jardines the couplings were too strong; at Port Jervis and at Helmshere they were not strong enough; at Carr's Rock they gave way not a moment too soon.

  20. These two cars were then dragged along, swaying fearfully from side to side, for a distance of some four hundred feet, when the couplings at last snapped and they went over the embankment, which was there some thirty feet in height.

  21. The couplings of the cars built on the new model were higher than those of the old.

  22. The couplings did not snap until a distance had been traversed in which the modern train-brake would have reduced the speed to a point at which they would have been subjected to no dangerous strain.

  23. The three links in the couplings of the cars were stretched to their utmost tension, a rail, from a fence in the neighborhood, was placed between each pair of cars and made fast by means of the packing yarn from the cylinders.

  24. In this case, had the couplings held, the derailed cars would not have gone over the embankment and but slight injuries would have been sustained.

  25. They at once met, and, as they thought, no less ingeniously then successfully overcame this difficulty, by placing the couplings and draw-heads of their new cars below the line of the sills.

  26. The station was already in sight when, the transference of men having been quickly effected, Wang Shih broke the couplings and left the saloon solitary upon the line.

  27. Half-lap couplings are not used for shafts above 5 inches in diameter.

  28. As shafts are weakened by cutting key ways in them, very often the ends which carry couplings are enlarged in diameter, as shown in fig.

  29. Select one of the couplings from the above table, and make the necessary working drawings for it to a suitable scale.

  30. The following table gives the dimensions of a few marine couplings taken from actual practice.

  31. Looking backward, I saw that the couplings had parted or had been severed by a shell, and that the trucks still lay on the wrong side of the obstruction, separated by it from the engine.

  32. The three links in the couplings of the cars were stretched to their utmost tension, a rail from a fence in the neighbourhood was placed between each pair of cars and made fast by means of the packing yarn from the cylinders.

  33. The Janney couplings corrected this, since these couplings in their improved form hold the ends of the cars as in a vice.

  34. This old form of couplings consisted of two buffers--one on each car--joined together by an iron link about fifteen inches long, a movable pin inserted at either end holding the link in place and thus joining the cars.

  35. The freight brakeman has to make scores of couplings on every trip.

  36. There were few old-time trainmen, indeed, who could show a complete set of full length digits, the buffers of the old-fashioned couplings being responsible for the lost and shortened members.

  37. The couplings for connecting the ends of line shafts should accomplish the following objects:-- 1.

  38. As a result, the transverse strains on the shaft will cause the couplings to come loose in time.

  39. The couplings for line shafting are usually placed as near to the bearings or hangers as will leave room for the removal of the couplings by sliding them along the shaft.

  40. Oil-well pipe couplings are tapped taper from both ends, and there is just enough difference in the taper on the pipe and that in the socket to show a bearing mark at the end only when the pipe and socket are tested with red marking.

  41. The pipes or casings for oil wells are given a taper of 3/8 inch per foot, and their couplings are tapped taper from both ends.

  42. When plate couplings are constructed as in Fig.

  43. Ordinary pipe couplings are, however, tapped straight and stretch to fit when screwed home on the pipe.

  44. An end-cutting rest is fitted to the tailstock, which is adapted for operating on flanged couplings and similar work.

  45. What four objects should the couplings for line shafts accomplish?

  46. The room thought-of, namely, has many thought-of couplings with many thought-of things.

  47. Some of these couplings are inconstant, others are stable.

  48. Yes; a few such à priori couplings must be admitted.

  49. In the last chapter of a recent work[2] I have sought to prove in a general way the existence, in our thought, of relations which do not merely repeat the couplings of experience.

  50. Save the remark about the final explosion, these three accounts accord well enough, and give an exact idea of one of the couplings most difficult to get sight of.

  51. Buck rabbits have still other aberrations, hunters pretend that they pursue doe-hares, tire them and wear them out by their lustiness; it is certain that these couplings give no result.

  52. For the various parts of the absorber system we have relied upon the original type of couplings used in the earlier apparatus.

  53. In order to allow the absorber system to be removed, added to, or repaired at any time, it is necessary to insert couplings at several points.

  54. At the forge, wheels and couplings of gun-carriages are repaired.

  55. The couplings rattle, the buffers are out of joint, and the brakes squeak.

  56. The long couplings were finally adopted, and a set of rods was put in each line, that is, six sets in all, so that when coupled up they remained in the line until it was finished.

  57. Iron pipe with ordinary couplings was next tried, but the couplings broke quite often, as the threads became worn in uncoupling the sections to move the rods from one line to another, and the break was generally inside a duct line.

  58. Rather loose----" I tightened the couplings before she saw what I was about.

  59. After losing it once a day for a fortnight, I had it fitted with ingenious couplings so designed that when I caught it in a glove the couplings drew tight and clamped the ring to the finger.

  60. When last I found myself in Egypt, my Arab goldsmith had been gathered to his fathers, and the secret of those couplings is vested in myself.

  61. Ask the old-timer about the hand-couplings and the terrific record of maimed arms and bodies that they left.

  62. When a train breaks in two or three parts on a grade, the pulling out of the air-couplings automatically sets the brakes on every part, and if you do not know what that means ask one of the old-timers.

  63. The modern automatic couplings have been worth far more than their cost to the railroads.

  64. It was a practical necessity from the first to draw more than one small coach at a time, so the couplings and the bumper devices came as a matter of development.

  65. He said, "These fellows know your couplings are in bad shape and will have to be fixed before you're taken away.

  66. He said both our couplings were rusted out and no good and one of them would have to be fixed before we could be taken on.

  67. We should worry," I told him; "scouts stick together, even if couplings part.

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