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Example sentences for "coups"

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  1. Encensoir Casser le nez à quelqu’un à coups d’encensoir = To flatter some one fulsomely to his face.

  2. Sourdine Il fait ses coups à la sourdine = He acts secretly, in an underhand manner.

  3. Fouet Il ne marche qu’à coups de fouet = He works only when he is compelled.

  4. Lumsden, the commandant of the Guides, and I want something sensible for the protection of our heads from sun and blows, from coups de soleil equally with coups d'epee.

  5. The evolutions are: Commencing in a ring, they mingle together for a few minutes and conclude with a general shout, after which coups are counted by those who wish, or who are able, as in the preceding.

  6. This is also accompanied by taps on the drum denoting the number and value of the coups and the speech, honored with a general shout of approbation.

  7. Also these coups are recounted publicly by the performer on occasions appointed for the purpose, which we shall notice hereafter, and moreover, are talked of often enough around their firesides.

  8. After the first rush was over, coups were counted as usual on the bodies of the slain.

  9. New coups d'etat would precipitate us into fresh revolutions more and more terrible.

  10. Courtiers, submissive in the presence of their sovereign, are only the more ready to caricature him; with little good breeding, they called those answers they so much dreaded, Les coups de boutoir du Roi.

  11. A long series of coups resulted in the suspension of the constitution in 1981 and the banning of political parties.

  12. Never were opportunities better chosen, coups de main better supported, errors of the besieged taken better advantage of.

  13. I could read English and French, but Latin and Greek were only to be construed à coups de dictionnaire.

  14. His appearance on the scene was at once signalized by one of the boldest and most fortunate -coups de main- that are known in history.

  15. But, at any rate, they would be certain to result in the wheel at the table where Monsieur Charles Edouard Montoyer made his colossal coups being changed for another.

  16. If he liked, the official did not press it at all, monsieur should have the opportunity of playing three coups against the bank.

  17. His gestures were commands; his movements coups d'état.

  18. He distinguished five ossiferous levels and picked up some flints of the Mousterien type, and even some Chelleen hatchets, to which he gave the name of coups DE POING.

  19. These implements are found not only in the alluvium as are the Chelleen COUPS DE POING, but also in the cave or rock-shelter deposits.

  20. But that is only part of the coup, the part that will give us the money to turn the much larger coups we have in the future.

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