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Example sentences for "declines"

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declination; declinations; declinature; decline; declined; declineth; declining; declivities; declivity; decoction
  1. Even when money wages remain the same their purchasing power declines at such times, and this serves soon to bring the high money wages into accord with the lower value of the services.

  2. The individual who declines to enter the union is denounced as a traitor to his fellow workers and is made to feel their scorn.

  3. Therefore, the total reserve for any group of insured increases year by year to a maximum and then declines until it reaches zero with the payment of the last claim.

  4. The ship was sent because the Bey "declines to sign a treaty of alliance with us.

  5. And now, Mr. Francis, I desire to know why my niece declines taking the breakfast with myself and my guest?

  6. It is still found occasionally in the garden of a peasant, who, we are told, resolutely declines to sell his treasure.

  7. Unfortunately the beautiful thing declines to live with us--as yet.

  8. It accumulates useless and aimless lives as a man accumulates fat and morbid products in his blood, it declines in its collective efficiency and vigour and secretes discomfort and misery.

  9. Then the plain declines anew, and we emerge upon the Sea of Sand, where the pulverized sandstone alternates with fields of rotted or broken pebbles, and mounds of porphyry and granite.

  10. Union declines to change policy; will duplicate the work of Assn.

  11. In spite of Burke's admiration for this act, it may be suggested that the assertion of a right by a party which at the same time declines to enforce it, is neither a dignified nor a wise proceeding.

  12. The surpassing stateliness of much of the coast declines to be expressed in ink or paint.

  13. But even in such dreamy conditions the city, beautiful from its verdure and striking from its position, declines to look like a mediaeval or even a historic town.

  14. But at this final question, he declines altogether to answer, or even to imply assent by a gesture.

  15. Protagoras declines to admit this, drawing a distinction somewhat confused:[98] upon which Sokrates approaches the same argument from a different point.

  16. Here we have expressed in the first sonnet the same mood as in some of the holiday rimes of the previous summer, the mood of ardent expectancy for an inspiration that declines (and no wonder considering the circumstances) to come.

  17. It is soon attacked by a disease which carries off great numbers of white-throats: the feathers falling off without being renewed, the bird declines and dies of atrophy[72].

  18. Amongst those to which maccaws are particularly subject, declines are the most frequent.

  19. He fancies his wife loves him dearly, and that his daughter is undutiful, because she declines to marry a young medical prig instead of Cleante, whom she loves.

  20. There is a good deal of meaning in his question, but Barbara declines to recognize it.

  21. If there was a deeper meaning in his refusal to grant her absolution she declines to acknowledge it.

  22. Though I speak of her as his aunt, I hope it will not be misunderstood for a moment that Tommy totally declines to regard her in any reverential light whatsoever.

  23. Weary at last, I rest again near the Herbaceous Ground, as the sun declines and the shadows lengthen.

  24. The furrows run to the ditch under the reeds, the ditch declines to a little streamlet which winds all hidden by willowherb and rush and flag, a mere trickle of water under brooklime, away at the feet of the corn.

  25. It is an unwise generation that declines to take all its inheritance.

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