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Example sentences for "declinations"

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declaryng; declension; declensions; declinable; declination; declinature; decline; declined; declines; declineth
  1. In the other hemisphere of the earth this would be reversed; the north declinations would be on the upper half.

  2. The divisions of RST are to correspond to the sun's declination, south declinations on RS and north declinations on ST.

  3. Such unbroken array of declinations heartened him in his quest, and he was reaping his halcyon harvest as rapidly as he could.

  4. Diagram of declinations of the magnetick needle, when excited, in the various positions of the sphere, and horizons of the earth, in which there is no variation of the declination.

  5. In the more elaborate diagram a circle of rotations and a circle of declinations are adjusted to the body of the earth or terrella, with a first, a last, and a middle arc of rotation and declination.

  6. Diagram of declinations of the magnetick needle, when excited, in the various portions of the sphere, and horizons of the earth, in which there is no variation of the declination.

  7. Variety in the declinations of iron spikes at various latitudes of a terrella.

  8. On them also the magnetick latitude is measured, and declinations are reckoned from them; and the fixed direction in them tends to the poles, unless it varies from some defect and the magnetick is disturbed from the right way.

  9. The third shall contain tables of latitudes and longitudes of fixed stars, declinations of the sun, and the longitudes of certain towns.

  10. It is given in the form of two tables; the first mentions forty-nine stars, with the degrees of the zodiac which south along with them, and their declinations from the equinoctial line.

  11. Tables of declinations of the sun, according to the day of the year.

  12. We did tosse our declinations and conjugations to and fro, as they doe, who by way of a certaine game at tables learne both Arithmetike and Geometrie.

  13. Consider we by the ordinary mutations, and daily declinations which we suffer, how Nature deprives us of the sight of our losse and empairing; what hath an aged man left him of his youths vigor, and of his forepast life?

  14. This seaventh edition being diligently corrected; in divers difficult places explained; new table of the starres' right ascentions and declinations added; and the whole worke very much enlarged by the author himselfe.

  15. The declinations also change slightly, but as they are only intended to help in finding the star on the star maps, their change may be ignored.

  16. The motion of the pole of course carries the equator and the equinoxes with it, and thus slowly changes the right ascensions and declinations of all the stars.

  17. Will the precession ever bring back the right ascensions and declinations to be again what they now are?

  18. This discovery, long since fully confirmed, gave a great impetus to observing with all possible accuracy the right ascensions and declinations of the stars, with a view to finding other cases of what was called proper motion--i.

  19. Declinations Contrary Name to Latitude" are used with south declinations of the moon, and the tables "Declinations Same Name as Latitude," with north declinations.

  20. A born observer, his observations of the declinations of some of the principal fixed stars showed that the instrument which Maskelyne was using at Greenwich--the quadrant by Bird--could no longer be trusted.

  21. And if I had made it like the small one, the majority would not have been able to use it, owing to their not knowing the declinations of the needle.

  22. Small transit instruments are employed for taking the time and for regulating the observatory clock, but large instruments are used for delicate and exact observations of Right Ascensions and Declinations of stars of different magnitudes.

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