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Example sentences for "declensions"

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  1. You 'll have to coach me through my declensions and subtractions.

  2. He thought, however, that his magnificent carriage and splendid horses would help him out of the blunders of declensions and genders, and that what he wanted in grammar he could make up in greatness.

  3. He was scarcely thirteen; and yet he was afraid that somebody might get ahead of him while he was being detained by the treacherous Pennewip with declensions and conjugations.

  4. For the declensions of adjectives the Slavic has two principal forms, according as they are definite or indefinite.

  5. For this very reason the declensions are more perfect in Slavic than in German and Greek; for the different cases, as in Latin, are distinguished by suffixed syllables or endings.

  6. All the nouns belonging to the {u-}declension went over into other declensions in MHG.

  7. Belle, there are ten declensions in Armenian!

  8. The conjugations of the Armenian verbs are neither so numerous nor so difficult as the declensions of the nouns; hear that, and rejoice.

  9. We have regular declensions of verbs in both the active voice and the passive voice and their form is accordingly changed.

  10. A decided singularity of this volume is the quaint device of the author for impressing his precepts on those who read his pages or attended his academy by arranging the cases and declensions on woodcuts in the shape of outstretched hands.

  11. Those which relate to the declensions of religion, which were to take place under the gospel dispensation, will now only be considered.

  12. Yea that the declensions will continue and increase, "till all flesh shall become corrupt, and the earth be filled with violence!

  13. IF the declensions which we witness, are foretold in scripture, they are no occasion of surprize.

  14. If we keep these things in mind, we will not wonder at the declensions of religion and prevalence of infidelity.

  15. To shew that these declensions are foretold, and that we may expect yet greater abominations, than have hitherto appeared, is attempted in the following discourse.

  16. There may be partial revivals of religion, but no general reformation is to be expected; and after every refreshing, the declensions will probably be greater than before.

  17. Then a more particular view of the great declensions which were to take place, with a special reference to the state of religion at the approach of the latter day glory.

  18. We may make the same remark respecting the declensions of Israel and Judah and the judgments which followed.

  19. The Declensions of Christianity, an Argument of its Truth.

  20. The Declensions of Christianity an argument of its truth.

  21. The Declensions of Christianity, an Argument of its Truth.

  22. And when we consider the assurances given us, that these declensions were to antecede the universal prevalence of true religion; they may also serve to increase our hope.

  23. It is very likely, however, that the gradual disappearance of irregular declensions and conjugations is due, in literary as well as in illiterate languages, to the dialect of children.

  24. Did declensions and conjugations bud forth like the blossoms of a tree?

  25. Declensions and conjugations cannot be made amusing, nor can I avail myself of the advantages possessed by most lecturers, who enliven their discussions by experiments and diagrams.

  26. Is he not as much to be believ’d as those Gentlemen, who have transcribed so plain an Evidence of the six Declensions to shew the positive Unreasonableness and unwarrantable Contradiction of their Disbelief?

  27. Many inflectional forms which the beginner who has not yet fully masterd the declensions and conjugations, is not likely to recognize in the texts, hav been givn as vocabulary words.

  28. The neuter of all declensions resembls in form very closely the masculin; a distinction occurs in the nom.

  29. Would you not prefer a little inaccuracy in his declensions to a total forgetfulness of the decalogue?

  30. In the formation of the plural the Prakrit declensions are very closely followed by Marathi.

  31. Another feature of Prakrit was the simplification of the complicated declensional system of Sanskrit by assimilating it in all cases to the declension of a-bases, corresponding to the first and second declensions in Latin.

  32. In the Anglo-Saxon grammar, nouns and adjectives had declensions as in German; and not very simple ones.

  33. The minor declensions are represented by man s.

  34. The minor declensions are represented by mon s.

  35. The minor declensions are represented by mann s.

  36. In the minor declensions ueonde 139 is s.

  37. The minor declensions are represented by fet (steppes) pl.

  38. The minor declensions are represented by fet pl.

  39. The minor declensions are represented by uet pl.

  40. The minor declensions are represented by fot s.

  41. The minor declensions are represented by vet s.

  42. Their Declensions are also very easy, of which this is an Example: Nom.

  43. In learning the first and second declensions we saw that the different cases were formed by adding the case terminations to the part of the word that did not change, which we called the «base».

  44. There are nine irregular adjectives of the first and second declensions which have a peculiar termination in the genitive and dative singular of all genders: MASC.

  45. By what declensions are Latin adjectives declined?

  46. For this purpose the various types of declensions are grouped according to the cases.

  47. The nouns of these declensions end either in a soft consonant or in a neutral one, which, however, has a soft quality.

  48. The declensions of holub, strom, ryba and slovo, are called hard.

  49. The types of masculine soft declensions are muž for the animate and meč for the inanimate.

  50. This exception consists in the want of number in the third person of the declensions of animate nouns, and the conjugation of animate verbs.

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "declensions" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.