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Example sentences for "impresses"

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impress; impressa; impressario; impresse; impressed; impressibility; impressible; impressing; impression; impressionability
  1. I think the keynote to the attractiveness of the Cotswold houses, large or little, is that they are first of all homes; this is what impresses you about them.

  2. That, however, which impresses on the Yajurveda the stamp of a new epoch is the character of the worship which it represents.

  3. For though a single family, that of the Kanvas, at least predominates among its authors, the prevalence in it of the strophic form of composition impresses upon it a character of its own.

  4. To Sue the cathedral was not unsympathetic merely by force of that clear-cut regularity which impresses most beholders with a sense of a splendid, but cold, perfection.

  5. His minatory and uncouth appearance—for the relation of his head to his body is that of a pea to a melon—perhaps even more than his size, impresses the beholder.

  6. This is partly because he impresses different people in widely different ways, and partly because his expression varies greatly.

  7. Withal they have an undeniable look of good breeding that strongly impresses us, notwithstanding the intrinsic differences of race and acquired notions.

  8. These intonations in her little voice are unknown to me; her long-drawn call in the echoing darkness of midnight has so strange an accent, something so unexpected and wild, that it impresses me with a dismal feeling of far-off exile.

  9. Theodora is mortally wounded, and dying, impresses a chaste kiss upon the lips of Lothair, and exacts the promise never to conform to the Church of Rome.

  10. But it is not only as a living body, with a vitality unknown to any other society, that it impresses our intellects; in its wonderful life it has been the guardian of morals, and the author of every high virtue.

  11. As the medium of knowledge, the idea may be regarded as the image it impresses on the mimetic, or the individual and the sensible, as the seal on the wax.

  12. Another thing which this book impresses upon us is very important, and it is a truth which we have had occasion to know from long acquaintance with Protestantism.

  13. It is the effect of anything completely and consummately artificial, in human shape, that the person impresses us as an unreality and as having hardly pith enough to cast a shadow upon the floor.

  14. It is here that she impresses the world of her real worth.

  15. One thing that sometimes impresses the close observer who is visiting in the country and in farm homes is that there exists in some rural localities a kind of "leveling down" process.

  16. Every person is educated by what impresses him.

  17. The state university is abroad in the land; it has, as a rule, an extension department by which it impresses itself upon the people of the state, outside its walls.

  18. Then, though a man particularly averse to sentiment in ordinary life, his speeches to the boys seem to reveal a deep and poetic feelings for nature, and a solemn consciousness of God, which impresses children deeply.

  19. The more I study history, the more the significance of my present surroundings impresses me.

  20. The absolutely good is an eternal truth which God does not create by an act of his will, but which he finds present in his reason, and which, like the other ideas, he impresses on created spirits.

  21. The philosophy of the Illumination impresses him, on the other hand, by the formal strictness of its inquiry; he agrees with it that philosophy must be science from concepts.

  22. The natural or created ideas which God impresses on us are copies of the eternal ideas which he himself perceives, not, indeed, by passive sensation, but through his creative reason.

  23. It now impresses me that, if I erred at all in regard to Hollingsworth, Zenobia, and Priscilla, it was through too much sympathy, rather than too little.

  24. Every increase of public business brings us nearer to thorough civil-service reform, because it enhances the importance of that reform, impresses the need of it more strongly upon the people, and deepens their sentiment in its favor.

  25. Boston impresses one as possessing innate respect and enthusiasm for intellectual supremacy, and reverence for the pure sentiments of religion as continuous forces in human life.

  26. One impresses by its wildness, the other by its extent.

  27. Something prodigious out of the lumber-room of the theatres impresses him far more.

  28. Geraldine Farrar impresses one forcibly with this fact.

  29. The classic purity of Madame Eames's beauty impresses itself in these moments perhaps more than any other, and the nobility of her voice reveals itself, in the succeeding dramatic climax of the opera, to the fullest.

  30. But altho she impresses you as unpretentious, you also feel at once her great force and energy.

  31. Rossini's music is always beautiful but conveys little meaning, and it impresses the modern musical taste like a meal of bonbons.

  32. It must be understood that this Hindu thirst for vengeance is a matter of religious belief, and the music plainly impresses this fact.

  33. It impresses us like a wonder of nature rather than as the work of man,--a great work of engineering as well as a marvel of majesty and beauty.

  34. But, to say the truth, a prodigiously fat man always impresses me as a kind of hobgoblin; in the very extravagance of his mortal system I find something akin to the immateriality of a ghost.

  35. It is for that reason, perhaps, that what is going on here in the West does not impress you in the same way in which it impresses me.

  36. Nothing impresses the stamp of truth upon an hypothesis more than the fact that its light renders intelligible not only those facts for the explanation of which it has been framed, but also other and more distantly related groups of phenomena.

  37. On the other hand, the ground-floor, with its central door flanked on each side by three windows, and the seven windowed story above, impresses one with the sense of spaciousness.

  38. There is something gigantic in the work which, although it does not elevate and ennoble, being for the most part a purposeless fuming, impresses one powerfully.

  39. Even on a fine sunlit day I was conscious of that heavy atmosphere within the enclosure which impresses itself upon me when I am on the scene of ancient violence.

  40. I had also the pleasure of meeting Mr. Massey, the Premier, a bluff, strong, downright man who impresses one with his force and sincerity.

  41. Sir Matthew impresses one as a man of character, and as he is a financial authority he is in a position to help by his advice in restoring the credit of Queensland.

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