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Example sentences for "forks"

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forke; forked; forkful; forkfuls; forking; forky; forlorn; forlorne; forlornest; forlornly
  1. It was a robbery from the chief officer of the watch, from whom he stole a number of silver forks in broad daylight, and while actually engaged in conversation with his victim.

  2. The sticky mud accumulated under the brake and between the forks till, obliged to turn the machine around and push it backwards with the little wheel in the air, the big wheel finally stuck fast and slid along in the road.

  3. The sticky clay would accumulate under the forks and saddle, and drop off in such big chunks that at times I did not know but I had kept hold of the wrong chunk, and had left the machine back somewhere in the road.

  4. Therefore Vanderburgh and Drips cached all impedimenta that might hamper swift marching, smiled to themselves, and headed their horses for the Three Forks of the Missouri.

  5. If they went north, they would trap on the Three Forks of the Upper Missouri.

  6. The Missouri Company was formally organized,[10] and yearly expeditions were sent not only to the Bighorn, but to the Three Forks of the Missouri, among the ferocious Blackfeet.

  7. What do you want, girls, forks or spoons, or both?

  8. Seaton reached out over the table, seizing forks and spoons from the air and passing them to the others, while the natives stared in surprise.

  9. Firstly, therefore, he tied up the silver spoons and knives and forks from the dinner table in a napkin, and dropped the bundle into Toro's hat below.

  10. There was no one in the kitchen where she found herself, but the subdued noise of knives and forks in another apartment convinced her that they were at dinner or some other meal.

  11. Everything went back out of sight; small leavings in a special drawer, knives and forks held firmly by rubber fittings, nothing that shook or rattled.

  12. Jimmy showed all those tricks with forks and corks and matches and apples which are so deservedly popular.

  13. She'd have a fit if she saw bits of forks with bacon on them vanishing, and then the forks coming back out of vanishment, and the bacon lost for ever.

  14. There was a clink of forks and plates, the gurgle of beer from bottles, the hum of talk, and the smell of many good things to eat.

  15. Well, here are knives and forks for our banquets.

  16. I'll amble on down to where the road forks off into the woods.

  17. But he had set the forks of the road as his distance, and Lem wouldn't be expecting him before a certain time anyway.

  18. How they must look down on Marshy Hope and Addington Forks and Tracadie!

  19. The stream that originates in Hickory Nut Gap is the westernmost branch of several forks of the Broad, which unite to the southeast in Rutherford County, flow to Columbia, and reach the Atlantic through the channel of the Santee.

  20. Dinner, served at eleven in the early years of James, attained a degree of epicureanism rivaling dinners of the present day, although the guests ate with their fingers or their knives, forks not coming in till 1611.

  21. If insufficient, towards the middle of the river, to bear the weight of men crossing, a few stakes with the forks left near their heads, may be thrust down through the branches of the trees to support them.

  22. At a formal dinner the hostess should see that raw oyster forks should be placed alongside the plates.

  23. If she hasn't any raw oyster forks she may use cooked ones.

  24. Hereabout were the "Forks of the Don," where the west branch of that stream, seen at York Mills, enters.

  25. In the early part of the season, the Americans were mostly employed on the forks of the American, and on Bear, Uba, and Feather Rivers.

  26. For some reason or other, the going to the forks of the Penobscot was given up, and we decided to stop here, my companion intending to hunt down the stream at night.

  27. Breakfast finished, the men dropped their cups and plates into one of two big tubs as they passed by the tent, their knives and forks into another, and went quietly and promptly to work.

  28. Knives and forks ceased their clatter while the cowboys turned interested eyes upon the Easterner.

  29. They don't forget me here, you see," he said, when the sleek Italian waiter brought him extra knives and forks for the dual portion which was to serve for three.

  30. Some had very long forks pointed with iron, some spears; these in sudden emergencies they used against cavalry.

  31. The grand jury are to dine there, and already the knives and forks are laid out upon the long deal table.

  32. Presently the girl became conscious of the clatter of knives and forks on plates in the room beneath her, and of an accompaniment of cheerful voices and laughter.

  33. He travelled on horseback, accompanied by his secretary and interpreter, passing through the Indian villages at the forks of the Wabash and striking the towns of the Miamis at the mouth of the Mississinewa.

  34. No permanent military post was to be established, however, at the forks of the Maumee.

  35. Their food was bear's meat, venison, and wild game, which they roasted on long wooden forks over glowing coals.

  36. West of the Drive one sees the eastern section of the Shenandoah Valley and Massanutten Mountain which divides the Shenandoah River into two forks for fifty miles or more.

  37. Have some of the men cut posts that have several forks like the sketch shows.

  38. You may build a fence to hold them, and I suggest that you use the space in the forks of the river.

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