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Example sentences for "clink"

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clinician; clinicians; clinics; clinique; cliniques; clinked; clinker; clinkers; clinking; clinks
  1. As the clink of the iron bolt is heard falling into the staples, a shrill cry of agony rises in the air.

  2. Three times did he actually pass the door of Raby's dungeon (and the prisoner could hear the clink of his spurs overhead), yet did not discover the one he sought.

  3. Immense masses of black cloud were piled in the west, and from a long opening in that sombre screen, near the horizon, the expiring light glared like the red fire at night, through the clink of a smithy.

  4. Didn't I hear another key clink as you put your hand in?

  5. When the storm lifted, we started again, and through sun and storm arrived in a heavy shower in sight of Dulcigno just as that most melancholy sound, the clink of a loose shoe, caught my ear.

  6. The time flew, and when I heard the clink of spurs on the marble floor, and the pandur saluting said, "Are you hungry?

  7. It was very still, and the plash of the tiny fountain and the clink of the pandur's spurs as he hovered about me were the only sounds.

  8. Then came more wine, fortunately not much, for we all four had to clink with each other and utter polite wishes, and this occupied time and made a little go a long way.

  9. Justice is blind we see, and deaf and old, But in her scales can hear the clink of gold.

  10. The clink of the blacksmith’s shop penetrated the open windows of the schoolroom as the Princess read with her tutor.

  11. We could hear the clink of bits and the stamp of the waiting horses.

  12. Usually on birthdays and anniversaries of various kinds it is a custom at court to stand up and clink glasses together before drinking, but this is not often done when the Emperor is present.

  13. Ah, those marvellous, unforgettable aromas that come to me out of the long ago with all the reminders they bring of clink of glass and touch of elbow, of happy boys and girls and sweet old faces.

  14. The clink of the dollar was music to him; but it was perfectly clear that he could hold his own, on occasion, with a very tenacious hand.

  15. Saunders listened with great contentment to the ringing of the axes and the sharp clink of the drills.

  16. Weary as he was he plied the shovel savagely, flinging out the mould in showers, but he was knee-deep in the hole before there was a clink as the blade struck stones.

  17. Clink--clink--clink sounded the new shells as Mukoki and Wabigoon thrust them into their magazines.

  18. In the trees there sounded the metallic clink of loading shells.

  19. But on the twang of the bow there followed a metallic clink instead of the softer thud of the first missile.

  20. The sun had left them, and the grey dead silence of the savage defile seemed to echo back the tones of their voices and the clink of the horses' hoofs, with abnormal clearness.

  21. A single clink as each struck the bottom.

  22. The speaker paused and I heard the clink of glass.

  23. Again there was the faint clink of glass and then the voices drifted into other topics, to which, having re-enveloped myself in my paper, I became oblivious.

  24. Whither will those poor lads in the Clink go when they are hanged?

  25. The ground floor of the Clink we found to be a large room, at least forty feet each side in bigness.

  26. On the right-hand side of the yard was the Clink itself; on the left hand were houses for the warders or officers of the prison.

  27. But even as he wrote there was a cheering sound heard through the whistling of the wind--a sharp, clear clink as of hammer and chisel upon stone.

  28. But as the boy spoke there was a loud clink from far below, as if an iron bar had struck against a stone, and the lad's heart began to beat hard with excitement.

  29. The occasional clink of a hammer, and the voices of the men drifted across the water, softened by distance.

  30. Every clink of hammer, every rasp of saw, every voice, exuberant or subdued, was speaking of the triumph of one man, the possible disgrace of another.

  31. I have not heard clink of steel this month or more.

  32. Then came the sharp clink of clashing steel, and a roar like that of an angry lion--"Notre Dame Du Guesclin!

  33. We'll clink and we'll drink, Nor stop to sigh or think-- Come on with me who love delight.

  34. Faint pop of a cork and clink of glass, and tap of high heels: "Callie, come on now!

  35. Involves a doubtful affair still deeper in doubt, through the attempts made to clear it up; and at the same time finds Colin Clink a reputable father, in a quarter the least expected.

  36. The benevolent Mr. Longstaff lost no time after his return home in acquainting Mrs. Clink with the great and innumerable advantages of the situation at Snitterton Lodge, which he had been endeavouring to procure for her son.

  37. Explains the last-recorded occurrence, and introduces Mistress Clink to an individual whom she little expected to see.

  38. He began to feel some misgivings as to the legal consequences of his own act, and eventually even went so far as to request that Mrs. Clink would remain in the house until the morrow, when something more could be seen about it.

  39. Colin Clink was a native of the village of Bramleigh, about twenty miles west of that city of law and divinity, of sermons and proctors' parchment, the silent city of York.

  40. The bolt was undrawn, and Mrs. Clink walked in.

  41. Then, from the direction of the battery, there suddenly came to the ears of the eagerly listening party the sounds of subdued scuffling, the faint clink of steel, and a shout which suddenly ended in a choking gurgle.

  42. The chips of brittle limestone fell with a metallic clink on the hard stone floor.

  43. She heard distinctly the faint clink of the charm on his watch-chain, then came utter stillness.

  44. He drew it forth, and there was the clink of glasses.

  45. In the other room Mary Cahill winked at the major, but that officer pretended to be both deaf to the clink of the glasses and blind to the wink.

  46. With her hand on the swing door that led into the dining-room, she paused in a delicious ecstasy of terror, as the imagined clink of glass and silver, the normal clatter of a cheerful meal, seemed to echo in the air.

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