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Example sentences for "clinked"

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clinicians; clinics; clinique; cliniques; clink; clinker; clinkers; clinking; clinks; clip
  1. George's spade clinked on rock, and at blade length he carefully dumped dirt and gravel into his pan.

  2. At every stroke the spades clinked against rock--a boulder or a ledge--and to chip away with a pick was about as bad.

  3. His chain clinked briskly as he felt about in the valises.

  4. He dangled an emptied fruit basket in one hand and clinked coins together in the palm of the other.

  5. In her course Mrs. Pilkins halted so suddenly that a double-stranded necklet of small wooden darning eggs of graduated sizes clinked together smartly.

  6. Once the cobbled road before its doors had clinked to the heel-taps of smart carriage horses.

  7. Their weapons clinked as they came: there the could be no doubt of it--they were the enemy!

  8. The waves lapped drowsily along the beach; tiny crabs crept out in scurrying, sidelong rushes to investigate the disturbers of their peace; the dying embers of the fire clinked and whispered in the silence.

  9. At his side Torps shifted his feet, and the ferrule of his scabbard clinked on the aisle.

  10. Quick as a flash the amount had clinked into the first division of the tray, both officers making mental calculations as to the coins required.

  11. Her bracelets and breast-plates clinked against the bars she grasped.

  12. The hoofs of the horses clinked on the rocky bridge, splashed through the shallows.

  13. Lace trimmings, diamond brooches, medallion bracelets trembled on bodices, gleamed on breasts, clinked on bare arms.

  14. Quietly in the room clinked the brick-mason's work.

  15. She shook her head till the emeralds pendent from the fillet on her forehead clinked together.

  16. But during one of her movements the coins clinked musically.

  17. But we clinked our glasses together, and the wine was very good; but there was witchcraft in it, or else the short and the long of the story would be--that I was intoxicated.

  18. His fingers slowly relaxed and the coin clinked into the plate.

  19. He lifted a handful of coin, clinked it musically in his hands and held it in his open palms before her.

  20. He clinked his glass against that of speechless Uncle Joe Fodder's--and they drank--Uncle Joe drinking his wine with a hand which trembled so that the liquid stained his withered claw like a scarlet wound.

  21. He clinked on a water-glass with his knife.

  22. A heavy thump with the back of the tool at an obstinate clod, which took several more strokes before it crumbled up; and all the time the fetters clinked and clanked loudly.

  23. The brandy-bottle inside clinked up against the plate which held the cold sausage.

  24. The old man also took a supply of ammunition, but his decanter clinked against the glass as he tried to fill it.

  25. Then all the town looked on while Judge Harlin strolled leisurely across the street, nodded to Colonel Whittaker and Sheriff Daniels, and the three men went into the White Horse saloon and clinked glasses together over the bar.

  26. From time to time the saucer clinked upon the tiled floor as she reached for a morsel on the rim; and at last the bread was all gone, and her purple tongue travelled over every unlicked spot until the saucer shone like polished marble.

  27. A lawn mower, drawn by a fat white horse, clinked across the green sward, and watering-carts poured showers of spray over the asphalt drives.

  28. They clinked glasses and pledged each other in French and English and broadest Scotch, with a "Hell to the Kaiser!

  29. Were they all liars, these smiling Germans who had clinked glasses with us?

  30. And our eyes shone, our hearts beat more quickly, we shook hands and clinked glasses with one another.

  31. We shook hands, clinked our glasses together and spoke of our undying friendship exactly as in the days gone by.

  32. Here we were, all met together for one hour from our several homes and occupations, to welcome in the year with clinked glasses and cries of Prosit Neujahr!

  33. More Prosits and clinked glasses follow; and with a fair good-morning to our hostess, we retire.

  34. The Archimandrite uttered pious wishes for my welfare, we clinked and drank together.

  35. All clinked glasses, took it in turns to eat little bits of ham off the fork, and were very festive.

  36. Holding out their arms, they clinked glasses in the midst of an immense uproar.

  37. They all three silently clinked glasses, and drank their drop of brandy.

  38. Before raising the lid Lantier took his glass and clinked it with the others.

  39. We'll take these back to where we left the Air Scout," and he clinked the files he held.

  40. It was something that clinked metallicly.

  41. She clinked his glass of Burgundy lightly with him in a quaint, old-fashioned way, and Sydney's eyes sparkled; he drained his glass.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "clinked" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.