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Example sentences for "apoplectic"

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  1. Ignorant people or those of the lower classes who have not heard this axiom often survive their third stroke and I have seen a man who had suffered from seven apoplectic seizures.

  2. Certain people have what is called the apoplectic habitus, that is, they are short in stature, rather stout, with short necks and florid complexions.

  3. A devoted daughter seems to be able to do more for an apoplectic father than anyone else.

  4. Hence the necessity for finding new interests for the apoplectic after their attack.

  5. People with an apoplectic heredity should not take up such professions as that of the actor, the broker, the speculator of any kind, the lawyer absorbed by the strain of trial work, perhaps not even that of the surgeon.

  6. I understood that he was seized with an apoplectic stroke, and called out to the gondoliers to land me at once, in order to procure a surgeon to bleed the patient.

  7. She will die of convulsions or of an apoplectic fit to-night if you do not call a doctor, who may possibly restore her to life with a dose of castor oil.

  8. I said nothing till we heard mass together, but I believe that if I had not then told him the whole story I should have had an apoplectic fit.

  9. You can hear the stertorous breathing of an apoplectic stockbroker, the short panting respiration of some eager speculator--the rest is silence.

  10. The second stroke of apoplexy was soon followed by the last: it is strange that Death, like criminal courts, cites the apoplectic thrice.

  11. Accordingly, at two hours and a half after sunset, an apoplectic stroke threw him on the ground.

  12. After twenty-three years' marriage, God was pleased to call the king to himself by an apoplectic fit, in 936.

  13. I, too, thought death was the result of an apoplectic stroke.

  14. He had an apoplectic stroke last night which proved fatal.

  15. Because Doctor Rogers had often told me that Mr. Tracy was in danger of an apoplectic stroke, and that I must do anything I could to make him eat less and take more exercise.

  16. That he knew the Earl of Elton by sight was evident, and that he also knew me his apoplectic stare confessed.

  17. Lord Elton flushed an apoplectic red, and swallowed a gulp of champagne hastily.

  18. The old apoplectic asks for more licker in a dazed way, an' sends for Peets.

  19. It is believed that he first had a very light apoplectic stroke in 1937.

  20. Since that time, his physical condition has also deteriorated, and several apoplectic fits have occurred as a consequence of multiple softenings of the brain with heart symptoms and striary syndroms.

  21. In the spring of 1942, the patient suffered an apoplectic stroke on the left side, with facialisparosis and a distinct increase of reflexes on the entire right side.

  22. When the symptoms of compression follow other acute diseases of the brain, apoplectic fits, etc.

  23. Medical interference with sedatives or stimulants is more liable to be harmful than of benefit, and blood-letting in an apoplectic fit is extremely hazardous.

  24. At last Toine had an apoplectic fit, and was paralyzed in consequence.

  25. He died within a few days, probably from an apoplectic seizure, and not from any foul play.

  26. To show that something terrible is agitating the fevered brain of the composer, an apoplectic stroke of the big drum shakes to shivers the efforts of the whole orchestra, as also the auditory nerves of the assembled audience.

  27. In the afternoon another apoplectic stroke, depriving him of all consciousness.

  28. Yesterday, while sitting in the office of his solicitor, the Earl of Dreddlington experienced an apoplectic seizure of a most serious nature, and which, but for prompt and decisive medical treatment, must have proved immediately fatal.

  29. My Greek has all evaporated; if I had to construe a verse on a sudden, I should get an apoplectic fit.

  30. I should think he has fallen into the pool or had an apoplectic fit.

  31. The erudite for the most part are rapt in an impervious and apoplectic complacency, from which only a denial of their erudition can rouse them.

  32. Coupled with that was a queer sensation in the head, an apoplectic effect almost, and a thumping of blood vessels at the ears.

  33. His head sunk between the shoulders, his staring prominent eyes and a florid colour, gave him a rather apoplectic appearance.

  34. In so far you will perceive he was to a certain extent prepared for the apoplectic and sensitive Franklin's lamentations about his captain.

  35. The woes of the apoplectic mate had begun to bore him long before.

  36. The apoplectic mate, already half-way down, went up again three steps of the poop ladder.

  37. He would not dance; but, seizing one of the bigotphones, he blew into it until I was in some anxiety lest he should have an apoplectic fit I need scarcely say he failed to produce a single note.

  38. Ye cannot cut the entail," he reminded his almost apoplectic sire, and took snuff delicately, sauntering windowwards.

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