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  1. A tradition mentioned by Tertullian and St. Jerome which may be of earlier and Jewish origin, states that these apostates in their wicked rage against the prophet stoned him to death (cf.

  2. Jeremiah would not be likely to warn inveterate apostates not to "accustom themselves" to idolatry.

  3. All who leave Thee blush for shame; Mine apostates are written in earth; For they have forsaken the Well of Living Water, even Iahvah!

  4. It is, therefore, superfluous to ask whether a great battle was actually fought afterwards in the valley of ben Hinnom, and whether the slain apostates of Judah were buried there in heaps, and whether the conquerors violated the tombs.

  5. All that leave Thee shall be ashamed; Mine apostates shall be written in earth; For they left the Well of Living Waters, even Iahvah.

  6. AS ALSO, An Appendix, containing a short historical Hint of the wicked Lives and miserable Deaths of some of the most remarkable apostates and bloody persecutors in Scotland from the Reformation to the Revolution.

  7. Strang and other apostates in an attempt to establish a church in the state of Wisconsin, but that failed as we shall see.

  8. Now after the death of Judas, the apostates showed themselves in all the territory of Israel, and all who practised injustice flourished.

  9. The apostates in Jerusalem found a leader in Jeshua, who had assumed the Greek name of Jason.

  10. The apostates were to be sentenced to everlasting shame and contempt.

  11. Later the Jewish colony was enlarged by the apostates who fled from Judea when the Maccabean rulers gained the ascendancy.

  12. Pitted against Judas and his followers were apostates of his own race, who knew the land, were able to spy out the movements of the Jews, and were inspired by the bitterest hatred.

  13. Clearly he is referring to the apostates of such time, who, because of sensual appetites and lustful desires, have separated themselves from the Church.

  14. Now seest thou what manner of perverse and pestilent apostates these are," said Saul.

  15. It hath come to my ears of late that there be many of these accursed apostates who have taken refuge in Damascus.

  16. The fat and the strong are the apostates of Israel.

  17. Judgment is to fall upon all the apostates in Jerusalem, but the men that sigh and cry on account of the abominations were to be marked by the angel with the inkhorn and escape the impending judgment.

  18. The apostates who worshipped the Beast will be punished.

  19. Not the least potent of the influences operating against the Christians was that pamphlets were written by apostates attributing the zeal of the foreign propagandists solely to political motives.

  20. The number of apostates from Christianity is on the increase, at least in the rising generation.

  21. There are other apostates besides Julian who will cry--"Galilaee, vicisti!

  22. The rebellious apostates consulted the demon as to what they should do; and in consequence resolved to put Father Francisco to death; and they proceeded to carry out this decision.

  23. They declare the charges to be horrible and impossible lies fabricated by apostates and fugitives expelled for crime from the Order, confirmed by torturing those who uphold the truth, and encouraging liars with recompenses and great promises.

  24. Apostates also were there who had fled from the Order and were liable to imprisonment if caught, besides the crowd of worthless ribalds whom the royal agents could always secure when evidence for any purpose was wanted.

  25. Therefore each new act of departure was of a darker hue of guilt, and drew on the apostates severer punishment, which also, rightly understood, was greater mercy.

  26. Rather, the language derives its darkest shade from being used by Hebrews, who are thereby declaring themselves apostates from God as well as oppressors of His people.

  27. Before we left Kirtland some of the leading apostates there had tried to discourage Brother Hale about going on his mission, telling him he never would baptize anyone, and had better remain at home.

  28. He declared that in five years the Saints would be rid of their old enemies, whether they were apostates or men who were never in the Church.

  29. This was a bold scheme by apostates to steal the book containing the revelations of God to the Church.

  30. Among those who plunder us, who are most active in this infamous business, & most loud in vociferating criminations equally absurd and untrue, are some unprincipled apostates who were born in America.

  31. In 383, he modified this law in respect to the apostate catechumens; but the general principle maintained all the apostates absque jure Romano.

  32. Theodosius began in 381 to punish the apostates by depriving them of the right to make wills.

  33. In the dispute that ensued, the apostates seized some Morrisite grain on the way to mill, and the Morrisites captured some apostates, and took them prisoners to Kington Fort.

  34. Having made a mistake in the date selected for Christ's appearance, the usual apostates sprang up, and, when they took their departure, they claimed the right to carry with them their share of the common effects.

  35. In the Seventeenth Protocol this passage occurs: "Even now our brothers are under obligation to denounce apostates of their own family or any person known to be opposed to the Kahal.

  36. Anyone who is acquainted with contemporary Jewish life knows what this denunciation of apostates means.

  37. It would give you a fever were I to name to you the apostates who have gone over to these heresies, men who were Samsons in the field and Solomons in council, but who have had their heads shorn by the harlot England.

  38. Apostates Attempt to Organize a Church An attempt was made by these apostates to organize a church of their own, patterned after the Church of Christ, with William Law at the head.

  39. Councils of Apostates It soon developed that some of these men were secretly plotting the death of the Prophet and the destruction of the Church, claiming that he had fallen from his high and holy calling.

  40. Enemies and bitter apostates lent their aid to defeat the project.

  41. Enemies abroad, aided by apostates within, united in various schemes to overthrow the Prophet as if he had been the sole cause of all the evils, not only in the communities of the Church, but throughout the entire land.

  42. Apostates had threatened to destroy him because he continued to proclaim publicly that Joseph Smith was a prophet of the Most High and had not transgressed and fallen, as the apostates declared.

  43. The apostates said: "The twelve are now scattered all over creation; let them come here if they dare; if they do, they will be murdered.

  44. Must I give all to the vengeance of God, who visiteth apostates for their iniquity?

  45. Boldness is the banner of strength; strength is the fruit of numbers; and numbers of apostates will be the ruin of Judea and the forgetting of God!

  46. If all the Regio Judaeorum were as we three, the apostates might come and go, strive their best and die of their own misdeeds, unincreased in number or in goods.

  47. The charioteer's part in the pursuit of the fugitive apostates assumed a brutality and an enormity many times greater than it had originally seemed.

  48. And, hear me, thou true son of Israel, the pastor of the apostates we heard this night declared at least one truth.

  49. From apostates the faithful have received the severest persecutions.

  50. While the apostates were neither convinced nor silenced by the remarks of Elder Taylor, the faithful Saints were strengthened, and saw in that fearless defender of the Prophet, a champion of innocence and truth.

  51. Wherein then, is your consistency in asking me to accept the testimony of those whose hands are imbrued in blood, apostates and bitter enemies of my people?

  52. There have been many apostates from the teachings of Joseph Smith in early days, but of all apostates, Bro.

  53. This sermon was construed as a declaration of war against the apostates and of reprisal against the citizens.

  54. The names of eleven out of the four and thirty[1428] nunneries of the diocese occur in connection with apostates during these years, six Benedictine, four Augustinian and one Cluniac.

  55. It is no wonder that the majority of these apostates returned.

  56. It was perhaps merciful to receive again apostates whose hearts failed them and who besought with tears to be reconciled to the Church.

  57. This list of apostates is, as has been said, necessarily incomplete and gives no details as to the state of the nunneries absolved.

  58. There were not many such; and the majority of apostates returned to their order, worn out by remorse or by persecution, or convinced at last that mortal love was but what the author of Hali Meidenhad named it, "a licking of honey off thorns.

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