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Example sentences for "guesses"

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guess; guesse; guessed; guesser; guessers; guessing; guesswork; guest; guested; guestes
  1. Without a previous knowledge, any one would have given a thousand guesses before he could arrive at a tolerable divination of their rancorous insolence.

  2. The very guesses of Geology are precious.

  3. Where the two differ, she assumes that of course the inspired Oracles are wrong, and her own wild guesses right.

  4. Many of the guesses of twenty years ago have been certainties; and the guesses of to-day may hereafter become so.

  5. How precious are the guesses of Geology, as she tries to fathom the Ocean of unrecorded Time!

  6. Nobody could say, although all sorts of guesses ran the rounds, for the scouts were good hands at that sort of thing.

  7. But there's meat in a number of the guesses you've made, and perhaps we'll get the story after a while.

  8. The guesses that followed were legion, yet Paul, who listened patiently to the most astounding theories, shook his head in the end.

  9. The myths, however, may be merely early guesses about the unknown past of the race.

  10. Ideas, as we have seen, whether they be humble guesses or dignified theories, are anticipations of possible solutions.

  11. Guesses were hazarded, a narrow search was instituted, and especially the ranks of the Jewish students of theology at that time gathered in Breslau, mostly about Geiger, were sharply inspected.

  12. But by the side of its excellent features it contains many hazardous guesses and vague, even though ingenious hypotheses.

  13. Children of the lower mental age have also a tendency to venture wild guesses at words they do not know.

  14. He alone guesses that he may or should be something other; yet cannot guess what he may be.

  15. Indeed, I regard these labels as little more than exceedingly clever guesses at truth.

  16. He seems at home everywhere; talks politics, guesses your needs, cracks a joke, or condoles with you on your misfortunes with an elongated face.

  17. He guesses what I would say, and shrieks in my ear, "It's worse going back.

  18. This is delivered with exemplary sweetness by the Octopus, who then guesses with diabolical acumen at almost the exact wording of her son's speech.

  19. Sally is on the landing below; she hears the whispering, and half guesses its meaning.

  20. The speaker seems to guess at the right meanings, as one guesses in the jaws of the telephone, perhaps with more confidence.

  21. But such deep shadows are cast by our own thoughts rather than by the narrative; they are the random "guesses after truth," instead of the truth itself.

  22. Paganism closed the story of human life with an interrogation-point, and sought to fill up with guesses the blank she did not know.

  23. With confident hopes they return to the farmhouse, and are refused admittance, in spite of all weather, till some lucky wight guesses aright the peculiar roast the maidens are preparing for their comfort.

  24. The oldest of the two judges guesses at the person, by naming a name, then the younger judge, and lastly the oldest again.

  25. His private guesses at the reasons for the happiness failed in all instances, upon examination.

  26. That does look like the rational course, but one presently guesses from the diaries that the thing would have been wholly irrational--indeed, suicidal.

  27. In some cases the guesses had to remain in doubt, in the others they proved distinct errors.

  28. No other speculator has betrayed the vanity of dogmatism about the absolute more conclusively by the simultaneous presentation of lame guesses in the region of the relative.

  29. Pudd'nhead Wilson's Calendar The town sat up all night to discuss the amazing events of the day and swap guesses as to when Tom's trial would begin.

  30. When he guesses right he carries away on his back that bird, which is subjected to a blow from each of the rest.

  31. If he guesses right the ring changes sides.

  32. If the first girl guesses right she keeps her old place, and they begin again.

  33. If he guesses correctly, he takes that player on his side; if incorrectly, he stays on the namer's side.

  34. If he guesses correctly, the master of the game takes his place.

  35. If the last hand left on the table contains the object the sides change places, if not the same sides repeat, twelve successful guesses making "game," each failure counting one to the opposite side.

  36. If he guesses wrong he is in a wadd, if right he has found the thief.

  37. Pragmatism' thus seems to me less a definite way of thinking than a collective name for a series of 'guesses at truth'.

  38. Some of the guesses may be very lucky ones, but I, at least, can hardly take the claims of unmethodic guessing to be a philosophy very seriously.

  39. These are my guesses concerning the means whereby the understanding comes to have and retain simple ideas, and the modes of them, with some other operations about them.

  40. We are compelled to say that an exceeding weariness came over us on the second perusal of these Guesses at Truth.

  41. But we are in danger of forgetting that it is not the Aids to Reflection, but the Guesses at Truth, we are at present concerned with.

  42. Perhaps he guesses by the context," said Margaret.

  43. But first--three guesses where we were in the rain!

  44. Who guesses the riddle, him will I marry.

  45. There was no end of guesses and whispers, but the youngest sister said nothing and laughed in secret.

  46. There were innumerable guesses as to their identity, but they were guesses and nothing more.

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