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Example sentences for "dallied"

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dalesman; dalla; dalle; dalli; dalliance; dallies; dally; dallying; dalmatic; dalmatica
  1. Like all little girls, she was very "ticklish," and when he dallied with his fingers about her plump neck, she dropped to the ground and kicked and rolled over to get away from him.

  2. Had Bruin been hungry, he would not have dallied so long; but he did not seem to see anything specially tempting in the group, and lumbered off among the trees.

  3. When the Jewish Pharisees dallied with the gospel, Christ threatened to take it from them, and to give it to the barbarous heathens and idolaters.

  4. Is God indeed to be dallied with, and will the end be pleasant unto you?

  5. Folk dine late in the tropics, and we dallied over coffee and cigars, so that it was going on for ten o'clock when Yerkes and I started upstairs again.

  6. We were not left in doubt another second as to whether our friend Hassan had dallied on the way, and held his tongue or not.

  7. Lament it as one of thy greatest sins, that thou hast thus provokingly dallied with God; and admire his mercy, that he will yet vouchsafe to enter into covenant with one, that hath hypocritically profaned his covenant.

  8. For a long time she dallied with the idea of meeting Mary with a view to a settlement as to the ratification of the Edinburgh treaty and her recognition as heir presumptive; and Catholic hopes ran high.

  9. Now and again, for political purposes, Henry dallied with the Lutheran League; but in this direction he made no concession.

  10. They dallied with pink ices and French pastries, and he loudly requested the best cigar in the place.

  11. God knows he has had enough of them since, poor fellow; and it should be remembered that if he thus dallied with his good fortune, his benevolence to others was boundless.

  12. I dallied with the precious time rather than used it.

  13. The wealthy Romans wintered at Nice and Cannes and St Raphael; took the waters at Baden-Baden and Aix in Savoy; made sporting centres of Treves on the Moselle and Ronda in Andalusia; dallied by the marble baths of Nîmes.

  14. You dallied for a day or two at Arles, getting this woman to write a lying letter to your wife saying that you were down with fever.

  15. By Monseigneur Of a goldsmith of Paris who made a waggoner sleep with him and his wife, and how the waggoner dallied with her from behind, which the goldsmith perceived and discovered, and of the words which he spake to the waggoner.

  16. Of a goldsmith of Paris who made a waggoner sleep with him and his wife, and how the waggoner dallied with her from behind, which the goldsmith perceived and discovered, and of the words which he spake to the waggoner.

  17. Well, Arthur dallied a bit and didn't throw himself into it exactly; but none the less, before I left him he promised to do his part and make Mr. Sweet jealous if he could without casting any reflections upon himself.

  18. So time passed and near a year was spent, but Chawner dallied to say the word and let 'em wed; and the crash came on a night in October, when the policeman suddenly found himself called to night duty by Inspector Chowne.

  19. He was uneasy every minute he dallied among the tricky inhabitants of Minotaur Island.

  20. He dallied with the situation no longer and now took up the jar fearlessly.

  21. I dallied a few minutes with her cunt, and fancied that if the other woman was out of the way the big-bellied one would be complaisant.

  22. Do that afterwards," would she say if I dallied long in the preliminaries, then quietly, "Oh!

  23. She dallied for some time, wondering whatever could have happened to Thomas, and then returned, full of grave apprehensions, to the house.

  24. Both hands were smouched with ink and behind his left ear a fountain pen dallied daringly.

  25. And once she dallied to straighten out a snarled spray of red and brown woodbine.

  26. At three o'clock he dallied for an instant to close a window.

  27. On the day of departure, at breakfast, after a final summary of the lines of resistance, the trio dallied about the table, the trail foreman seemingly reluctant to leave.

  28. And it may well be that Douglas dallied with the hope that a great Constitutional Union party might be formed.

  29. Oh, not he Like dolts who dallied with their scruples, fenced With subterfuge, nor gave out frank and free Something decisive!

  30. That Charles dallied before Edinburgh Castle till October 21st was no fault of his.

  31. He dallied at Stirling, besieging the castle without proper artillery, and Hawley was sent to attack him.

  32. But the Dauphin of France still dallied with light women in his castle, and treated Joan with coldness and suspicion.

  33. I'll not deny but I have dallied with her.

  34. Augustine had dallied a little with the sect of the Manichees, which appears to have grieved his mother more than his wild life.

  35. Two weeks had passed over their heads, and the three little kings had for several days dallied with temptation on the brink before one set foot outside the nest.

  36. Then she was away for six minutes, dallied about the tree for two minutes longer, and again flew into the nest.

  37. He dallied with it in the beginning, and was half ready to throw it up in the middle; but now the fever is on him, and he cannot drive the pen fast enough.

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