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Example sentences for "incongruities"

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inconceivability; inconceivable; inconceivableness; inconceivably; inconclusive; incongruity; incongruous; incongruously; inconnu; inconsequence
  1. But why, it may be asked, should incongruities recommend Falstaff to the favour of the Prince?

  2. A dozen incongruities that she had noticed during the day crowded into her recollection until her head reeled.

  3. There was nothing that jarred artistically, the rich hangings all harmonised, there were no glaring incongruities such as she had seen in native palaces in India.

  4. There are incongruities much worse than a difference in age.

  5. He faced bravely the discrepancy in their ages, but he soon admitted to himself that there were other incongruities deeper and more significant than that.

  6. The basic incongruities of life yawned for him like bleeding eye-sockets, and never for one moment could he get out of his mind the appalling nothingness of the stellar spaces.

  7. He loved the incongruities and inconsistencies of such a world; its outrageous Rabelaisian jests, its monstrous changes and chances, its huge irrelevancy.

  8. The nation which had been reared upon the wit of Sidney Smith, the irony of Swift, the gros sel of Fielding, the extravagance of Dickens, was ripe for the colossal incongruities and daring contrasts of Mark Twain.

  9. In a degree no whit inferior to the variegated river life, the life of the West furnished contrasts and incongruities innumerable --vaster perhaps, and more significant.

  10. The jarring contrasts, the incongruities and surprises daily furnished by the picturesque river life unquestionably stimulated and fertilized the latent germs of humour in the young cub-pilot, Sam Clemens.

  11. The incongruities of human nature hurt is they are pressed too deep, because they are irreconcilable; they too quickly edge the tragic gulf.

  12. But the incongruities of the conventional life do not hurt when pressed.

  13. The incongruities were too obvious and glaring to admit of conjunction.

  14. The most interesting object in the crypts of St. Denis, and which comes upon the moral feeling with a force increased rather than diminished by the incongruities which surround it, is the door of the vault prepared by Napoleon for himself.

  15. There may perhaps have been some few legal incongruities in the manner of proceeding, arising very naturally from the difficulty of ascertaining exactly what the law is, in a country so often subjected to revolution as this has been.

  16. What are we to do with all the sudden incongruities which mock at our wisdom and destroy the symmetry of our ideas?

  17. The wise man sees the incongruities involved in the very nature of things.

  18. But fortunately these incongruities are not altogether tragical.

  19. They allow themselves to be worried by the incongruities which they cannot ignore.

  20. There are amazing incongruities between station and character.

  21. A thousand incongruities pass through our minds, but there is one thing which we cannot do.

  22. With fuller acquaintance the diversity of style appears in keeping with the spirit of the place, and seeming incongruities are softened, or redeemed, by originality of design or execution.

  23. In Shakspeare's case we can often account for similar incongruities by the constraint of the old plot which he was using; but Scott was making his own plots, or letting them make themselves.

  24. The soil must be rich too, the incongruities must swarm.

  25. A society has to be old before it becomes critical, and it has to become critical before it can take pleasure in the reproduction of its incongruities by an instrument as impertinent as the indefatigable crayon.

  26. Those who came to laugh, might remain to pray, and so a strange crop of incongruities germinated upon the sacred soil.

  27. They would resemble the incongruities in dreams which although strange are not generally laughable.

  28. Let us look at a few of the native incongruities and logical fallacies of this nationalistic position.

  29. In the little university town of Jena the incongruities of modern Germany are curiously conspicuous.

  30. But modern Germany is a land of incongruities and contradictions, a wild confusion of swirling cross-currents.

  31. As my clothes were new, I was neat in my appearance; and there were possibly some incongruities about the last, that might have struck eyes more penetrating than those of my companions.

  32. By no other writer besides Sterne, perhaps, since the days of the Spanish humourist, have the vast incongruities of human character been set forth with so masterly a hand.

  33. Hence the constant presence of incongruities with the frequent result of bringing about a bungling and incomplete development.

  34. Incongruities in the conception of his tales, as well as in their (p.

  35. We saw the wildest incongruities of demeanour and costume beside which the silk-hat-red-shirted combination was nothing.

  36. Among the usual incongruities we saw some that amused us more than ordinarily.

  37. Incongruities of this character were frequent.

  38. The ironic domination of temper and circumstance over the fitful exertions of men struggling with the partially realized difficulties of a false position led to many incongruities upon which it would be ungracious to dwell.

  39. By way of glozing over these incongruities Lenin's ukase proclaimed that the measures enacted were only provisional, and aimed at enabling Russia to realize the great transformation by degrees.

  40. The Queen Anne revival, viewed apart from the incongruities which have been engrafted upon it, is a movement of great interest to the architectural fraternity.

  41. We put up with its manifest incongruities and inconveniences, and for a time all goes well.

  42. From an outside standpoint he can see the incongruities of strongly marked religious profession with the common affairs of life and business.

  43. There was a moral fitness in its repeal, under the Premiership of Mr. Gladstone, for his was the great speech which exposed its mischief and its incongruities when it was passing through the House of Commons.

  44. For our part, we laughed when he clearly meant us to weep, and we failed to see anything ludicrous in the incongruities and weaknesses which he so painfully depicts.

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