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  1. There was a marked difference between Isaac and his companions in controversial views.

  2. These convictions are the keynote of Father Hecker's controversial discourses and writings, notably of two books, Aspirations of Nature and Questions of the Soul.

  3. This book appeared in 1887, and contains his views of the religious problems in Europe and America, and also some controversial writings against orthodox Protestantism and Unitarianism.

  4. There seems nothing like a new discovery, as we have already said, in Father Hecker's controversial matter, or even in the method of its treatment.

  5. Hence controversial sermons were sometimes preached during the missions, lectures of the same sort given after them, and during their continuance many converts received into the church.

  6. Between missions, it is true, he seized every favorable opportunity to address audiences on controversial topics, often doing so in public halls, as well as in churches.

  7. The issue of replacement troops during the battle remains controversial even half a century later.

  8. It is addressed to Flacius Illyricus, the classical alias of Mathias Flach, who was one of the writers of the centuries of Magdeburg, and author of a vast number of controversial works.

  9. No controversial subject was introduced for debate or discussion; conversation was desultory, without being frivolous, and was sustained without being prosy, or degenerating into dry common-place.

  10. Very true; but Friends have not the advantage of such training; and therefore, when a controversial spirit does spring up amongst them, it becomes as a wolf in the sheepfold.

  11. The Kirk's Alarm, to which this letter alludes, has little of the spirit of malice and drollery, so rife in his earlier controversial compositions.

  12. This song in other days was a controversial one, and continued some sarcastic allusions to Mother Rome and her brood of seven sacraments, five of whom were illegitimate.

  13. His controversial sallies were accompanied, or followed, by a series of poems which showed that national character and manners, as Lockhart has truly and happily said, were once more in the hands of a national poet.

  14. Footnote 353: "The controversial Letter on the great controversie concerning the pretended temporal authority of Popes over the whole earth.

  15. Yet he himself was allowed to escape; and the condemnation had no other effect than to drive him from Oxford to his rectory at Lutterworth, where until his death he occupied himself in literary and controversial writings.

  16. It was argued, not unreasonably, that men who had never been trained or accustomed to take part in public discussions might find themselves at a disadvantage in controversial encounters with the quick-witted Hindu politician.

  17. The spirit which is occasionally shown in his controversial writing is to be deplored but it may be said in extenuation that all controversies of that time were disfigured in the same way.

  18. This list has been omitted as it contributes nothing of value to the general discussion and is only useful for the particular controversial matter in hand.

  19. The book is controversial and I have an idea that it is unfair to my antagonist for me to alter anything when he cannot do so.

  20. It is his duty to seek after truth, to read and listen to controversial books and sermons.

  21. Chillingworth, William, an able English controversial divine; suffered at the hands of the Puritans as an adherent of Charles I.

  22. Soon after this, the young man fell in with Bossuet's controversial writings, and was speedily converted by them to the Roman Catholic faith.

  23. As regards Wales and Scotland, no great controversial questions are likely to arise.

  24. Many of the social and economic subjects of which the historian has now to treat are of an extremely controversial character.

  25. On the contrary, although dealing with a subject which bristles with points of a highly controversial nature, he states his conclusions with an assurance which is little short of oracular.

  26. The works of controversial writers are seldom free from this fallacy.

  27. Several criticisms, of a more or less controversial character, on this work, have appeared since the publication of the second edition; and Dr.

  28. The controversial spirit observable in many parts of the poem, especially in God's speeches, is immediately attributable to the great controversy of that age, the origination of evil.

  29. The sincerest friends of Milton may here agree with Johnson, who speaks of 'his controversial merriment as disgusting'.

  30. Controversial ardour is rather the death than the life of piety.

  31. Only in the face of continued opposition to open housing by landlords who dealt with servicemen, and then not until 1967, did McNamara decide to use the powerful and controversial weapon of off-limits sanctions.

  32. More important, the inclination to postpone the more controversial aspects of the equal opportunity directive received support from the White House itself.

  33. He soft-pedaled the committee's controversial provision for the use of economic sanctions against recalcitrant businessmen, stressing instead the duty of commanders to press for changes through voluntary compliance.

  34. The radical change in the civil rights orientation of the Department of Defense demanded by the administration's civil rights supporters was obviously a task too controversial for the department to assume in 1963 on its own initiative.

  35. A second, related to the first, revolved around the personnel shortages in black tactical units that necessitated an immediate reorganization of those units, a reorganization both controversial and managerially inefficient.

  36. Despite the evidence of science and at risk of demoralizing the black community, the Army's Surgeon General defended the controversial practice as necessary to insure the acceptance of a potentially unpopular program.

  37. Finally in December, McNamara issued a directive spelling out his department's obligations under the act's controversial Title VI, Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted Programs.

  38. Intimately concerned with racial matters in the early years of the war, Patterson later became involved in war procurement, a specialty far removed from the complex and controversial racial situation that faced the Army.

  39. At the same time, Johnson made no move to order a common enlistment standard; he told Fahy that the matter was extremely controversial and setting such standards would involve rescinding previous interdepartmental agreements.

  40. Mindful of the controversial aspects of his plan, Paul had a draft circulated among the major commands and services.

  41. The most controversial recommendation, however, was that the armed forces should, when necessary, exercise economic sanctions against recalcitrant businesses.

  42. The matter of race played only a small part in the debate on this highly controversial legislation, but during congressional hearings on the bill black spokesmen testified on discrimination against Negroes in the services.

  43. The controversial commander of the 51st Defense Battalion, Col.

  44. The controversial practice would drag on into the next decade before the Department of Defense finally ruled that there would be no lines drawn by rank or race in national cemeteries.

  45. My controversial labours have occupied too much of my time and attention.

  46. His controversial pamphlets are numerous, and mostly relate to current events with which he was in some way associated.

  47. For several days past I have been altogether engaged in writing a controversial pamphlet, and have attended little to the duty of self-examination.

  48. During the past year my principal attention has been called to controversial labours.

  49. Ryerson, early in his controversial career, adopted Lord Macaulay's motto: No misrepresentation should be suffered to pass unrefuted.

  50. Yet, as I before intimated, the assertion and maintenance of it, in the simplest and least controversial manner, must ever provoke hostility.

  51. Ryerson's controversial style in 1826, when he wrote the Review of Archdeacon Strachan's sermon (to which he refers above) I quote a paragraph from it.

  52. I have been employed in controversial writing, and sorely tempted to desist from preaching.

  53. On this extensive and labourious Circuit I am not aware that I missed a single appointment, notwithstanding my controversial engagements[16] and visits to the Indians of Rice Lake and Mud Lake.

  54. Bishop Berkeley's 'Alciphron, or the Minute Philosopher,' is one of the few exceptions to the general dreariness and unreadableness of controversial writings in the dialogistic form.

  55. Christian feeling got the better of controversial bitterness on both sides.

  56. It is written in the wearisome form of dialogue, and the writer falls into that error to which all controversial writers in dialogue are peculiarly liable.

  57. Both were divines of great theological learning; but while Bull's great talents were chiefly conspicuous in his controversial and argumentative works, Beveridge was chiefly eminent as a student and devotional writer.

  58. Waterland concludes this work, which is rather a practical than a controversial treatise, with some wise words of caution to those persons of 'more warmth than wisdom,' who from a mistaken liberality would make light of heresy.

  59. It is only fair to notice these facts, because his controversial writings might convey a very different impression of the character of the man.

  60. He, on the other hand, shunned everything controversial as much as possible, and filled his letters with the most useful and least offensive instructions.

  61. My Lords, I do not think the reason is to be found in anything so far removed from the common feelings of mankind as the abstruse and controversial questions of the policy of the day.

  62. During the year he entered on a controversial article with his old friend Erasmus Darwin upon the subject of spontaneous combustion, and subsequently communicated to the Medical Repository an account of the conversion of salt into nitre.

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