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Example sentences for "dubiously"

Lexicographically close words:
dubia; dubiety; dubiis; dubio; dubious; dubito; dubium; duble; dubs; duc
  1. Frau Ceres smiled dubiously when the Professorin gave an account of the excellent people she had seen, the refreshing influence of the prospect of river and mountain, and the yet fairer one of such noble, genuine, domestic life.

  2. Of late, as he sniffed dubiously round the old familiar corners, the sense of desolation had forced itself upon him.

  3. I think that brandy is the worst thing for your head," remarked Dick, looking dubiously at the glass.

  4. I said, laughing, as he shook his head dubiously and looked meditatively into the fire.

  5. The English critic, he said, wrote in the Tintinum; and he looked dubiously at me when I confessed that I had never heard of the organ in question.

  6. Then he glanced dubiously at the dim, green water, which swirled in deep eddies and boiled in white confusion among the fangs of rock sixty or seventy feet below.

  7. Carroll glanced dubiously at the white turmoil, in the midst of which black fangs of rock appeared, before he turned to his companion.

  8. There Vane made friends with the wheelwright, who regarded him dubiously at first, and obtained a piece of larch board from him.

  9. Fritz fulfilled his commission with delight, but old Wenzel, the groom, shook his head dubiously when he heard that Soliman was to be saddled for the Herr Candidate.

  10. Herr von Osternau looked rather dubiously at her as she spoke, but he said nothing, only continued the reading of his letter: "I could scarcely credit this when I heard it this afternoon from an acquaintance.

  11. Flaxman listened dubiously at first, as he generally listened to Elsmere, and then was carried away, not by the beliefs, but by the man.

  12. The young man glanced at her dubiously and passed a finger over the tiny prong that dashingly composed the whole substance of his moustache.

  13. Gustavo dubiously accepted the edge of the indicated chair; he wished to humour the signore's mood, however incomprehensible that mood might be.

  14. The boy whirled into the court and dismounted; glancing dubiously from one to the other of the group, he finally presented his telegram to Gustavo, who passed it on to Nannie.

  15. Nine hundred of these will have attained their fulness of fame when they shall dubiously indicate with the point of a hatpin a blurred figure in a flashlight photograph of a stage tout ensemble with the proud commentary: "That's me.

  16. He had taken the hat from Hackett's head and was holding it in his hand, looking dubiously around at the shadows beyond the firelight where now absolute stillness reigned.

  17. One of them, an inspector, came forward, looking dubiously at Peggie Wynne.

  18. Close by----" He paused and looked dubiously at Peggie.

  19. She gazed half-dubiously into that woody depth.

  20. Suspiciously the duke's jester regarded the hunchback and then glanced dubiously toward the gate through which they had entered the town.

  21. The personification of Eastern Capital looked about him dubiously at the only hotel of Heart's Desire, before which the coach had pulled up as a matter of course.

  22. Miss Shellington did not supplement her brother's statement; but the tall stranger with the brilliant eyes gazed dubiously at the table and then down into Flea's face.

  23. Ann inclined her head gently, glancing dubiously over the yellow pup.

  24. There was no means of ascertaining how deep it was and the boys looked at each other dubiously for a moment or two.

  25. Jake fixed his eyes dubiously upon the animal, who trotted up a little nearer and growled at him.

  26. Frank answered rather dubiously that this was his intention.

  27. Harry was gazing dubiously into the gully.

  28. As we stood dubiously at the door there was a padding of bare feet in the roadway, and a very small boy with a red head, dressed in a long flannel frock of a rich madder shade fluttered past us into the shop.

  29. I lifted the trap in the floor, but for some moments gazed dubiously into the darkness of the lazarette beneath.

  30. He shakes his head dubiously over the outlook for the man Johnson, who is boat- puller in the same boat with him.

  31. At a deeper breath from Greta, the little lady put down her basket, and began to pace the lawn, followed dubiously by Scruff.

  32. He looked dubiously at Harz; then took a long pull at his flask.

  33. Plump Nell looked dubiously at the window, but decided that she could.

  34. They looked dubiously at various piles of boards not far from the partition.

  35. She looked dubiously from the package to Jenny Lind.

  36. She looked dubiously at George Washington and shook her head.

  37. Amusing, but--" And his glance turned dubiously toward the people.

  38. She withdrew, and presently surrounded him with an array of little plates, at which he glanced dubiously before he attacked the thin, hard steak with a nickeled knife which failed to make a mark on it.

  39. Grant pulled up and glanced dubiously at the deep ruts cut in the road.

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