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Example sentences for "disperses"

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dispeopled; dispersal; disperse; dispersed; dispersedly; dispersing; dispersion; dispersions; dispersive; disperst
  1. Capsicum disperses wind, and when properly used, cannot be unwholesome: it leaves a glow of warmth on the stomach, which is perceptible in drinking some beers.

  2. Knowing monsters and mists are mere delusions, Sir Guyon pays little heed to them, and the palmer soon disperses them by a touch from his magic staff.

  3. Enemy working hard on defences of New Gallwitz Trench, and our artillery disperses a working party in Crest Trench.

  4. The first is the spherical curve of this glass, which disperses a part of the rays in a space terminated by a curve.

  5. In the church of the Théatins, rented by the orthodox with all legal formality, a furious band disperses the priests and their assistants, upsets the altar and profanes the sacred vessels.

  6. Mounting his horse, along with his guests and domestics, he makes a charge on the insane wretches, and, with the aid of pistol and gun shots, disperses them.

  7. When street-pavements are torn up, the human stream disperses and flows out on either side till it discovers by experience the most convenient makeshift passage.

  8. Then the Sun of Truth, the Word of God, arises again, shines forth once more in the glory of its power and disperses the enveloping darkness.

  9. If he disperses the united flock, he is not the shepherd.

  10. The sun is said to shine with intellectual light, because it disperses the outer gloom of the world, as the other removes the darkness of the mind.

  11. All the troubles that you have to meet with, owing to your fostering the inborn desire of your heart; are all driven away by your want of desire, as the wind disperses the flaming conflagration of the forest.

  12. In vain do the municipal officers appeal to it, in vain do the gendarmes interpose themselves between it and the prisoner; it rushes in upon them and disperses them.

  13. Naturally, Santerre's paid guard disperses these young sparks; about a thousand are arrested, and henceforth the rest will be careful not to make any open demonstration on the public thoroughfares.

  14. On the other hand it may, if judiciously used, prove a marvelous benefit; "being daily drunk it wonderfully clears and enlightens each part of the Soul and disperses all the clouds of every Function.

  15. On opposite principles its action is still more rapid; it divides, distributes, and disperses both property and power.

  16. It is salutary when smoked, and even a necessity in these regions; it disperses phlegm, protects from the bad consequences of humidity and the morning dews, and is only injurious to health when used in excess.

  17. I do not know the particulars, but she pushes the affair vigorously at Genoa, and disperses a Memoire, which I hope to see.

  18. The World disperses and London grows a very pleasant retire[ment].

  19. The males of some of these plants, which are in separate flowers from the females, have an elastic membrane; which disperses their dust to a considerable distance, when the anthers burst open.

  20. When the match is inflamed, the powder takes fire, and disperses the fire-stone.

  21. By the present mode of firing, the greatest part of the charge disperses as soon as it leaves the muzzle of the gun, and cannot be directed.

  22. Western Egypt:--A British column disperses the Senussi Arabs and burns their camp.

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