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  1. Colonel Keightly was one of the largest dealers on 'Change this year and was advertised in all the papers as having made a cool million and a half in a single venture out West.

  2. Dealers had told him his collection was worth double what it had cost him.

  3. The accepted opium is sealed in proper receptacles and sold to a selected number of wholesale dealers (apothecaries) who in turn provide physicians and retail dealers with the drug for medicinal uses only.

  4. Dealers and brokers in the public funds, and in all kinds of joint-stock shares and debentures, meet and transact business here.

  5. The scent-dealers next claimed our attention, and their quarter is indeed a miniature embodiment of “Araby the Blest,” for the atmosphere is one cloud of perfume.

  6. Gold can be melted, ancient stones can be cut, a hundred dealers will be eager to run any risk to get them.

  7. I have known of dealers in antikas travelling for days without end, only to find .

  8. They had dared suppress the wheat and shameless dealers were making almost all the Host with the fecula of potatoes.

  9. Jerry; we must go when some gentlemen's stud is selling; and while the dealers are running down the cattle, we can get a prime good one for a song.

  10. In England specialized markets with specialized dealers have greatly assisted producers both in their buying and selling.

  11. Cotton dealers up to this time had regularly financed the spinners, who were frequently men of little capital, by allowing long credit, and had even employed them to spin on commission.

  12. Such specialists have appeared in the cotton brokers and dealers who make their living out of bearing the risks connected with anticipating demand and supply in relation to cotton.

  13. Some Manchester dealers imported themselves, and some spinners bought direct from Liverpool importers, but the rule was the arrangement first described.

  14. In order to protect dealers against the losses due to the insolvency of those with whom they have had transactions, weekly settlements on the exchange have been made compulsory; between brokers and their clients they are also usual.

  15. Dealers pass their debit and credit vouchers into the Cotton Bank and pay or receive the balances which they owe or are entitled to.

  16. Early in the 19th century it became customary for Manchester dealers and Liverpool importers to carry on business with one another through representatives known as "buying" and "selling" brokers.

  17. Bombay was the pioneer in the custom, followed now by Calcutta and Karachi, by which deliveries of goods from British merchants remained under the control of the banks until the native dealers took them up.

  18. Ultimately many of the old Manchester cotton dealers became brokers for their old customers.

  19. Germany imports the major part of her machinery from England, and German wholesale dealers in these machines have not been able, by placing large orders, to overcome the difference caused by freight and tariff.

  20. As men of substance increased among the ranks of the spinners, the Manchester cotton dealers found it impossible to retard a movement set on foot by the prospects of such appreciable advantages.

  21. Again, dealers sometimes try to create corners and form powerful syndicates for that purpose: the dealing syndicate of late years has become a force to be reckoned with.

  22. They pay about two sols a day to the king for this indulgence; live well and look jolly; and can afford to sell their goods and labour much cheaper than other dealers and tradesmen.

  23. Several dealers make blow-torches for oil or alcohol which are arranged to give a small well-defined flame, and they would doubtless be very satisfactory for glass-work.

  24. If he will take a walk down Holywell Street he may frequently meet with genuine Elzevirs which the dealers will be only too glad to dispose of for a shilling or two each.

  25. Foreign Exchanges, he tries to get light from Jamaica merchants and City bullion dealers (p.

  26. Neither ever loved truly; but Trelawny, for a time, felt violent physical passion for the woman whose head and shoulders remind us of what dealers call a Giorgione.

  27. On the outskirts of the crowd several Pathan dealers were taking advantage of the presence of so many lovers of horses to sell their ponies and country-bred steeds to the unwary.

  28. Some years before he had bought a large house and borrowed money to pay for it, and had further given his note at hand to various merchants and dealers in curios.

  29. But connoisseurs shook their heads, and dealers smiled at "the eccentricities of genius," and bought only conventional copies of masterpieces or studies of the nude.

  30. Some fishermen make their own rods, and there are dealers who supply materials for amateur rod-makers; but this is a difficult undertaking and can not be described here.

  31. In Maryland and neighboring states many dealers furnish all necessary machinery, cans and other requisites and contract for the crop delivered in cans.

  32. But very little special apparatus or machinery (more than some form of boiler for supplying steam) is needed, and this and the cans can be readily obtained of dealers in canners' supplies.

  33. Nearly half of the Jewish merchants in the Pale were dealers in these products.

  34. Four-fifths of all the dealers in furs and hides, three-fourths of all the dealers in cattle were Jews.

  35. Of the dealers in the principal grain products, Jews formed an overwhelming majority.

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