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  1. Pay each of the brokers with a thousand pound note; you will want the change out of it for working with.

  2. Get a list of the brokers on the stock exchange, and buy from separate men nine hundred pounds' worth of stock.

  3. Sales were made to brokers for cash (only) against orders on the receiving ships.

  4. The brokers nevertheless continued to sell bonds in London and pay the current interest with the proceeds.

  5. At all events, the loan contract was cancelled by the Dominican senate in 1870 on the ground of non-compliance of the brokers with its conditions and the government made no payments for interest or sinking fund.

  6. The next day Mr Carrados called on his brokers in the city.

  7. To-morrow I must call on my brokers and my time may be filled up.

  8. Mrs. Brentwood confessed that there had been; that a firm of Boston brokers had also written her.

  9. Loring had no direct evidence to sustain the stock deal theory; but it was morally certain that the Plantagould brokers were picking up Western Pacific by littles wherever they could find it.

  10. The stock is still flat on the market, with the stock-holders' pool holding a bare majority, and the Plantagould brokers buying in driblets wherever they can find a small holder who is willing to let go.

  11. In the meantime the clique have other brokers buying all the stock that is offered, and thus they get possession of a large amount of stock at low prices, which they can probably sell, a few days later, at a large profit.

  12. Nearly all of the financial operations of Wall street brokers are of a like character.

  13. Wall street brokers have the coin of the country cornered; the importer must buy it of them; he pays it to the government; government sells it to the broker, and he again sells it to the importer.

  14. The innocent third parties are generally the dupes of these brokers who are on the lookout for the unwary.

  15. It is noticeable in all cases of the sale of coin, that Wall street brokers are the purchasers, and usually at less than the quoted market value.

  16. The imagination cannot devise a more perfect system for the subjection of the best interests of the people to the control of railroad and monied corporations and companies, and Wall street brokers and gamblers.

  17. It cannot get into general use, because the brokers preserve so great a margin between gold and paper as to drive all coin from circulation.

  18. Most of the stocks and bonds of railroad companies are sold in Wall Street by the owners and managers, acting in their character of brokers and stock gamblers.

  19. Their brokers purchase and corner the coin sold, and prevent it going into circulation, and the margin between coin and currency is preserved.

  20. When these corporations and brokers desire a stringency in the market, they withdraw from the banks a few millions of dollars and lock it up.

  21. Add to this the fact that the Wall street brokers own or control most of what is in the country, and the truth is patent that resumption cannot be effected until the whole financial policy of the government is remodeled.

  22. All these brokers take a whack at them, but any man would starve that tried to deal in them exclusively.

  23. Shall we train and discipline our energies for the coming crisis, or shall we continue the tributary and dependent vassals of Northern brokers and money-changers?

  24. Evidently, the plan of the brokers did not carry through, and the mill corporation put its stock regularly up for subscription.

  25. A mill president of Augusta said that he frequently has inquiries for stock; he refers these applicants to brokers in the city.

  26. In a market like New York the number of exchange brokers is very large.

  27. These larger houses have no brokers or "outside" men in their employ.

  28. Before the business became overcrowded as it is now, exchange brokers made their quarter-cent in the pound commission, and could depend on a respectable income.

  29. Origin of security-selling on the Stock Exchange is by no means easy to trace, but there are times when the character of the brokers doing the selling and the very nature of the stocks being disposed of mean much to the experienced eye.

  30. The bankers, dealers and brokers who make it up.

  31. Yet so complete is the system of telephones and brokers that any exchange manager can tell just about what is taking place in any other part of the market.

  32. The manager knows very well that plenty of chance to do business, buying or selling, will be brought in to him by the brokers and that his wires keep him constantly in touch with his fellow bankers.

  33. But nowadays brokers swarm among the foreign exchange bankers and dealers, doing business on any commission they can get, which is not infrequently as little as 1/128 of one per cent.

  34. And the great number of brokers continually circulating around and trying to "get in between" for five points is in itself a powerful influence toward keeping rates exactly the same in all parts of the market at once.

  35. Bankers looked anxiously to the accounts of their customers; bill brokers scrutinised their securities; and every man was suspicious of his neighbour.

  36. Bill brokers would only allow one-and-a-half per cent.

  37. Punch drew a harrowing picture, of the brokers being put into Windsor Castle, and of a paragraph which might appear in the Court Circular: “Yesterday, Her Gracious Majesty visited Prince Albert at her own Bench.

  38. State Association of Real Estate Boards; the organization of brokers and operators.

  39. Operators and buyers prefer that brokers should not be in competition with them as operators and buyers themselves, but attend to their clients' interests only.

  40. Some of the brokers are demanding ten dollars Confederate notes for one in gold!

  41. When the enemy's fleet threatened Wilmington, the brokers here (who have bribed the conscript officers) bought up all the coffee and sugar in the city.

  42. The brokers are offering $50 Confederate States notes for $1 of gold.

  43. Many fear the high members of the government have turned brokers and speculators, and are robbing the country--making friends of the mammon of unrighteousness, against the day of wrath which they see approaching.

  44. The brokers find more bills offered to them than are sufficient to cover those which they are required to grant.

  45. The process would be visible enough if you could only see the books of the bill-brokers and the bankers.

  46. In this manner these brokers take upon themselves the whole settlement of the pecuniary transactions between distant places, being remunerated by a small commission or percentage on the amount of each bill which they either sell or buy.

  47. To make a small, quick profit by slight fluctuations of the market; -- said of brokers who operate in this way on their own account.

  48. A place where brokers and others meet to buy and sell stocks and bonds.

  49. As a rule, the buying and selling of stocks through brokers is a hazardous form of speculation, which has in it all the elements of gambling, and we cannot advise too strongly against it.

  50. The newspapers, voicing Benham public opinion, cast vituperation at the bankers and brokers of Wall street, whose unholy jugglings with fortune had brought this commercial blight on the community.

  51. Some stock-brokers are gamblers; but the occupation of buying and selling stocks for a commission is a well recognized and fashionable business.

  52. That he should have connections with a firm of New York brokers was one more proof to her of his common sense and capacity to take advantage of opportunities.

  53. There was private wailing and gnashing of teeth also, for in the panic a few of these bankers and brokers had been submerged, and the collateral of Benham's leading citizens had been swept away.

  54. Much conversation with the bankers, brokers and money holders, gave me insight into the state of national credit there, which I had never before been able satisfactorily to get.

  55. It was signed by twenty-four brokers for the sale of public stocks.

  56. Here they met and transacted business something like our curb brokers of to-day, but in a much more leisurely way.

  57. For some time the brokers do not appear to have had a settled place of meeting.

  58. The weavers are independent of advances by brokers and sell their product to Filipinos or to the representatives of Chinese merchants in Pagsanjan and Manila.

  59. A few weavers take their mats to Lukban, whence they are distributed over Tayabas Province, but many more are gathered up by these brokers and sold in the market at Pagsanjan.

  60. Of late, however, persons have appeared who are taking up the industry more thoroughly as brokers and it is to be hoped that the workers will be organized into some better system for production than now exists.

  61. The mat industry there needs but the introduction of some system of supervision by brokers to regulate the size, quality, design and color scheme of the mats, and a foreign market to become a much more extended industry.

  62. As yet there is little supervision by brokers in Basey.

  63. Legitimate brokers do not resort to sensational advertising; they do not guarantee profits; nor do they solicit funds to invest on their judgment.

  64. The commissions charged by the bucket shopkeepers are odds in its favor, and necessary in order to maintain their pretense of being legitimate brokers making the transaction on an exchange.

  65. Nor should they be confounded with the offices of legitimate brokers which they endeavor to imitate in appearance.

  66. American millionaires were said to be too shrewd and level-headed to enter into deals with marriage brokers when the life happiness of their fair and independent daughters is concerned.

  67. Persons desiring to speculate or invest can avoid "bucket shops" and "fake" brokers by making a preliminary and independent investigation into the character of the broker and the merits of the enterprise.

  68. The brokers would then take the men seeking the underwriting to the offices of the guarantee companies and arrange for guaranteeing the bonds on payment of a fee of 1 per cent of the amount of underwriting.

  69. Old John MacBride, one fatal day, Became the unresisting prey Of fortune's undertakers; And staking all on a single die, His foundered bark went high and dry Among the brokers and breakers!

  70. Love is blind, and even marriage-brokers may be myopic.

  71. Those who kneaded the toothsome "bolas" lie with those who ate them; and the marriage-brokers repose with those they mated.

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