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  1. A more distressing case stands next on the criminal records--the failure and subsequent sentence of the bankers Messrs.

  2. But that passed from bad to worse; the firm's paper went down further and further; an application to the Committee of Bankers for assistance was peremptorily refused; then came a run on the bank, and it was compelled to stop payment.

  3. There is only a certain amount of money in the world, Monsieur le Ministre, and we bankers usually know where it is.

  4. There is no doubt some explanation of the fact that bankers and other financiers seem to fail, and even become bankrupt, without tangible effect upon their daily comfort, but the unfinancial cannot expect to understand it.

  5. The American bankers all agreed to open subscriptions the next day at their banking houses.

  6. If the future policy of the banks and bankers of Johnstown is to be followed by the merchants and manufacturers of the city the prospects of a magnificent city rising from the present ruins are of the brightest.

  7. In fear of such an injury to German trade and commerce, the bankers of Berlin and Frankfort would have denounced war; the merchants of Hamburg and Bremen would have been the strongest advocates of peace.

  8. A more serious question is the effect which these amalgamations may have on the relations between bankers and those who are engaged in manufacturing business.

  9. But what the bankers will do I cannot tell.

  10. People of all descriptions and parties flocked in crowds to the bankers to demand their money, and drew their notes with an express condition to be paid in gold and silver.

  11. Thus, bankers would inclose in their correspondence from Pittsburgh an earnest recommendation of Sunday and a suggestion that the bankers of Scranton stand squarely to his support.

  12. No, but I'll authorise my bankers to give you a full statement of my receipts for the last five years--longer, if you like.

  13. My solicitors and bankers will give you every information.

  14. A man who owed them so much would naturally say he owned nothing, but would he refer them to his solicitors and bankers unless he were telling the truth?

  15. The money for this apparently municipal venture was borrowed from the Gentlemen of the Seminary, the only bankers of the time.

  16. There are but few bankers in the city who have not that pleasure," replied he with an answering look of regard.

  17. They, daily, gave magnificent play dinners; cards of invitation for which were sent to the clerks of merchants, bankers and brokers in the city.

  18. Faro Bankers at Brookes’s, till which there was no Faro Bank of male celebrity, except at the Cocoa Tree.

  19. Bankers looked anxiously to the accounts of their customers; bill brokers scrutinised their securities; and every man was suspicious of his neighbour.

  20. He declares that the only interests affected will be those of bankers and capitalists, but that manufacturers will see prosperity restored to them.

  21. Mirabeau, in his speech which decided the second great issue of paper, had insisted that, though bankers might suffer, this issue would be of great service to manufacturers and restore prosperity to them and their workmen.

  22. In financial ability he was acknowledged as among the great bankers of Europe, but his was something more than financial ability: he had a deep feeling of patriotism and a high sense of personal honor.

  23. Bankers and goldsmiths (then often doing a banking business) absconded daily.

  24. I have myself the documents with her own signature authorizing the transaction, for I have had to let the bankers see them in order to get a little time on my own payments.

  25. I will make the English bankers pay the other four bills; but, you brute, did you think that I would let you off with a poor five thousand pounds?

  26. Even then the telegraph was clicking away a message to Johnstone's lawyer and bankers in Calcutta, and to his young relative, Douglas Fraser, of the great P.

  27. In the Middle Ages, while the science of finance was in its infancy, and men had not yet learned to associate together for purposes of trade, the Jews were the principal, if not the only, bankers of Christendom.

  28. The Lombard bankers were next exposed to the rage of the people; and though, by taking sanctuary in the churches, they escaped with their lives, all their money and goods became a prey to the multitude.

  29. I knew you women would spend all your money, so I gave myself a heavy credit with my bankers here, and of course you can have all the money you want.

  30. There is a ten-florin piece of gold which is intended to be equal to the twenty-franc piece, but is just a trifle short of it, and is consequently refused by bankers and others, except at a discount.

  31. Then, under the information given by the old deacon, the transactions of the bankers of Panjim were examined by the civil and ecclesiastical authorities in conjunction.

  32. Bankers are always true, and I see no difficulty whatever.

  33. I observed: "Your department seems to require only bankers and mechanics.

  34. Already he seemed to have lived with bankers and financial specialists, but he felt it was only the beginning of that which he had yet to do.

  35. Just now he was writing to a number of important people, bankers and financial men, re-arranging appointments to suit his change of plans.

  36. In this way the bank notes will be continually re-issued, and redeemed, in the greatest amounts that can be kept in circulation long enough to earn such an amount of interest as will make it an object for the bankers to issue them.

  37. The bankers readily find how many are wanted for circulation, by the time those issued remain in circulation, before coming back for redemption.

  38. Transcontinent & Overseas was represented; there were people from Alpha-Interplanetary, and bankers and financiers, and people from the companies building the two ships at the spaceport.

  39. People like Jethro Sastraman and some of these Storisende bankers aren't going to be satisfied with promises and long-term prospects; they'll want dividends.

  40. It once fell to the lot of a young official to escort over his road some of its directors, bankers from New York.

  41. General counsel sends cipher telegram to president stating indelicacy of state officials is almost unbearable; that bankers and business men should petition governor to stop destroying credit of railways.

  42. By and by the bankers will learn these lessons and bargaining will be scientific and altruistic as well as collective and coercive.

  43. When the big bankers have time to think out these propositions for themselves they will permit the railways to get closer to the people and hostile legislation will diminish if not disappear.

  44. When he spoke of sugar planting, or of cotton growing, of blooded stock and dairy yield, the bankers asked, "How much does it cost to raise an acre?

  45. It is a step forward that the overlords of transportation are bankers who have won their way rather than hereditary descendants of once reigning families.

  46. Bankers are too prone to judge a man by his appearance, so that the very men who need the money most have the hardest work to get it.

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