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Example sentences for "banked"

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banjoist; banjos; bank; banka; banke; banker; bankers; banket; bankets; banketting
  1. Ah, he could scent the very flowers banked along the drive!

  2. Between their pillars little breezes came to him and brought to him the fragrance of the flowers that banked the drive on either hand.

  3. The flowers, of which so many had been sent, were banked around him; but on the casket itself lay a single laurel wreath which Dan Beard and his wife had woven from the laurel which grows on Stormfield hill.

  4. Fortunately the sun had shone forth before the church bells summoned the worshippers to kneel in front of the marble altars, banked high with scentless white flowers.

  5. The atmosphere was heavy with the perfume of flowers, which were banked up high on the mantel-pieces and the tables, while thick festoons of smilax were pendent from all the gas-fixtures and over all the mirrors.

  6. I banked a matter of seven hundred last year.

  7. In a few moments it banked sharply behind the lab building, straightened out, and cut the gun.

  8. Snow was tightly banked up against it to the top.

  9. A few strips are nailed across the bed to prevent the sides from coming in by the pressure of the manure or soil that is banked on the outside, and the sash simply rest on the sides without any guide or supporting strips between them.

  10. Lie near me in dim forests where the croon Of wood-doves sounds and moss-banked water flows, Or musing late till the midsummer moon Breaks through some ruined abbey's empty rose.

  11. In fact the snow was banked to the eaves on both sides, the front only having been cleared.

  12. The snow is banked clear to the roof here at the back and it will be no trick at all for one of you to steal down there to the chimney.

  13. First it was a mineral claim; then he banked the future on timber, and when he got tired waiting for stumpage to soar, he put up a dinky sawmill to cut his own trees.

  14. That's why we banked on Foster's new train to hurry us through.

  15. The candles have cherry shades and in the center of the snowy cloth have a square of cherry velvet, on which snow-drops and ferns are banked with dainty effect.

  16. The walls may be entirely covered with branches of autumn leaves, and mantels and over doorways banked with pine boughs and greenery of all sorts.

  17. The banked cannon-smoke came driving back into our faces; all was a choking blank for a moment.

  18. II That night the sun went down in angry crimson that ate like fire through the sullen heart of clouds banked low along the horizon.

  19. Instead, the flight of four ships banked slightly and started circling around in the air as though they were riding escort on a flight of their own bombers.

  20. He banked slightly and glanced back to see if any of his pals had the same hunch.

  21. They banked the loose dirt at the lower edge to catch flying firebrands.

  22. Was she fanning to flame banked fires better dormant?

  23. Flattening off the climb, he banked around for the last time and went roaring between two mountain peaks to the north.

  24. Then he banked around toward the south again.

  25. Another long burst from Freddy Farmer's guns, as Dave banked off and gave his pal an aim, and that was that.

  26. There he leveled off, banked around to the left and headed directly for a broadside shot at the leading Japanese cruiser.

  27. The five other planes banked around, and as the turn was made Dave glued his eyes on the other planes and half held his breath in expectation.

  28. Dave shouted, and banked the Devastator around toward the north.

  29. But their plans were frustrated and possibly also their entire cause lost, so heavily had Ja-don banked upon the success of their venture.

  30. Behind them were banked a score of lesser priests who chanted in unison: "This is Jad-ben-Otho.

  31. The bucket in the well was filled, and the snow was banked up against the sides of the curb, till at last the crest of the drift began to curl over at the top, as if seeking to bury up the well entirely.

  32. The panes of glass were half covered with the snow, which was banked up upon the sash on the outside.

  33. Then on impulse he leveled off his climb, and banked around toward the northeast.

  34. Dawson nodded silently, licked his lips, shuddered a little, and banked the Flying Fortress around on a course toward the English Channel, and Britain beyond.

  35. Jaspar banked the grave with turf, shouldered his spade, and returned to the hovel.

  36. Before her, under the casement, lay the palace garden, a pool of perfume, banked with tall cypresses, red with the fire of a myriad roses.

  37. Fulviac's rebels, toiling from evening until dawn, banked and staked a rampart to close the headland.

  38. Simultaneously with his jump he detected a movement in the shadows that banked the wall at his elbow and saw the flaming spurt of a revolver-shot.

  39. This was not some solitary, snow-banked road-house.

  40. The house itself was a quaint structure, rambling and amorphous, from whose sod roof sprang blooming flowers, and whose high-banked walls were pierced here and there with sleepy windows.

  41. Gaze yonder,' I says, 'upon that great yellow orb with all them fleecy white clouds banked up behind it.

  42. So engrossed was he that he seemed to have no eyes even for Ophelia, who perched high aloft, the brightest flower in the hanging garden of color that banked the tiers of the choir division terracing up behind the platform.

  43. Mike skimmed low over the burning trash cans, banked out to sea, and was gone.

  44. Scotty banked around and headed over the clump of birches.

  45. The total cut has got to come out right--the scaler knows all the time how many feet is banked on the rollways.

  46. Trees were felled, the larger ones to be banked on the skidways and later hauled to the rollways to await the spring break-up, and the smaller ones to be collected and hauled to the new camp for building material.

  47. I was flying quite leisurely, and banked so that they might get another good view of the rings on my planes.

  48. We stood watching Eastwell as he banked first on one side, then on the other, until at last he made a graceful tour of the aerodrome and, swooping down suddenly, landed quite close to us.

  49. Blinded by the glare, I had banked a little too steeply, and nearly had another bad nose-dive.

  50. I wonder you didn't look back when you banked over the railway line at Wheathampstead.

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