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Example sentences for "floorboards"

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  1. Dikabra ray makaukab sa mga salug nga ilisánan, Only a crowbar can pry the floorboards loose.

  2. Gustu na lang kung muuk-uk sa kaúlaw, I wanted to shrink into the floorboards with shame.

  3. Only occasional floorboards survived and the channels left by decayed sleepers did not extend across the full width of the excavated cellar.

  4. The height of the underlying timbers could not be determined as the weight of the cellar fill might be assumed to have pressed the floorboards down as the wood of the sleepers decayed.

  5. The legs held the revetment against the sides, the floorboards rested on the cross-piece, and the space between the cross-piece and the flat top formed a good drain.

  6. Hitherto floorboards had been supported on piles and crossbars, while further and longer stakes were driven in to carry the rivetment.

  7. He strode across the room, the floorboards squeaking under his boots, and stood facing her.

  8. Now Sophia remembered that Sordello had brought two Venetians with him, and she remembered the barks and growls that had come up through the floorboards while she was alone with Sordello.

  9. He dropped the starting handle on to the floorboards and stepped briskly across to his levers.

  10. Major sharply, and at the word Jim jerked his levers some few notches higher, till the engine buzzed more loudly than before, while the floorboards took on a trembling vibration to which, as a general rule, they were unaccustomed.

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