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Example sentences for "defeats"

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defaute; defeat; defeated; defeating; defeatist; defecate; defecated; defecation; defect; defected
  1. The defeats which had been sustained were bad enough; but the defection was worse.

  2. But their selfishness defeats its own purpose, as it weakens that affection and tender pity which excites the most assiduous services, and affords the most healing balm to the heart of the sufferer.

  3. In this important class of cases of causation, one cause never, properly speaking, defeats or frustrates another; both have their full effect.

  4. I was reported to have said: "The Republican defeats do not bother me at all, I have seen many such revulsions before and we get around all right again.

  5. This he held during the summer, and inflicted several defeats upon the allies, who had been joined by Austria in August.

  6. The most humiliating, however, of the defeats which Charles encountered came from an unexpected quarter.

  7. Every day the remembrance of their defeats grows dimmer and at the same time the prestige of our victories pales.

  8. Sidenote: Austria defeats the king of Sardinia at Novara, March, 1849.

  9. Christian met with two serious defeats in northern Germany; even his peninsula was invaded by the imperial forces, and in 1629 he agreed to retire from the conflict.

  10. He defeats and routs their army, pursues it when routed, kills and despoils their king in battle, and having slain their general takes the city at the first assault.

  11. Posthumius the dictator defeats at the lake Regillus Tarquin the Proud, making war upon the Romans with an army of Latins.

  12. That they should not estimate the valour of the Samnites by the defeats of the Sidicinians and Campanians.

  13. None of these so-called defeats ought to discourage us in the slightest degree.

  14. Suffragists know how to bear defeats with fortitude, for each one is only a milestone showing the progress made on a journey, but a defeat by the defection of a friend is a new thing in the history of our movement.

  15. She then summarized briefly the causes of the defeats in the various States, and continued: Now here is all we ask of you, gentlemen, to save us women from any more tramps over the States, such as we have made now fifteen times.

  16. Huascar's resources were, however, by no means exhausted by the crushing defeats he had suffered during the last four years.

  17. Only a few fragments of the Peruvian regular army had survived the defeats in the south, but the population rallied en masse to resist the invaders.

  18. Consequences of Caesar's Defeats But, even as it was, these days were fraught with mischief.

  19. The scarcely- armed gangs of slaves were the terror of the legions; the series of defeats recalled the first years of the Hannibalic war.

  20. To these painful consequences of the defeats endured were added the injurious influences of the emigration.

  21. Alternate victories and defeats had made them sensible that neither of them could stand alone.

  22. Daun, an Austrian general, defeats Frederic the Great at Kolin, iii.

  23. It goes without saying that when sport absorbs the whole man it defeats its own aim, since it is intended merely to supplement by artifice what has been lost by the changes in man's environment.

  24. Times are mightily altered, when such defeats and such scrapes produce no effect upon Government, and when they can go on upon two majorities of 4 and 8 and one defeat.

  25. Then, from the relative constitution of the two parties, he must be in continual danger of defeats upon minor and collateral questions, or suddenly started points.

  26. Nothing ever was like the outrageous indecency of the attacks upon the House of Lords in the Ministerial papers, and it is not clear that they won't overdo the thing; this kind of fury generally defeats its own object.

  27. The 1890 tour, though Murdoch reappeared as captain, proved disappointing, both the test matches being lost and defeats for the first time exceeding victories, though the two bowlers again performed marvellously well.

  28. Their record of thirteen wins to four defeats offered little evidence of inferiority, while the large number of twenty-one drawn matches was accounted for by the cold wet weather that largely prevailed throughout the summer.

  29. In 1904 more decided success was achieved, for on a more ambitious programme ten victories could be set against two defeats by Worcestershire and Kent, with a tie with Middlesex.

  30. Jefferson Davis became furiously angry with Beauregard for his defeats at Shiloh and Corinth, and removed him from command, putting Bragg in his place.

  31. Their respective triumphs and defeats were the subjects of undue taunts, ridicule or criticism.

  32. Although recovering from two successive defeats the association found itself in 1914 able to carry on more systematic work than had ever been attempted.

  33. Our Eastern Allies have already inflicted a series of crushing defeats on the Austro-German forces, and are now rapidly advancing on East Prussia and Silesia in great strength.

  34. After briefly noticing the principal victories and defeats on sea, we shall take up again the characters in our story.

  35. For if he now defeats me by force of numbers that will not be his doing, but will be due to the larger army that he has at his command.

  36. They had allowed three defeats to remain unavenged.

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