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Example sentences for "dashboard"

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  1. Not handicapped, the squire's horse forged ahead, and as his nose pushed up to the dashboard of the deacon's sleigh, that good man groaned in agonized disappointment and bitterness of spirit.

  2. The back of the horse came into view, the dashboard became visible, and the bodies and the spirits of the two men rapidly rose.

  3. They did not enjoy the disturbance behind them, and their driver, having wrapped the reins about his arms to give him greater purchase, was pulling sturdily, his feet braced against the dashboard of the carry-all.

  4. The Meadow-Brook Girls were piled in a heap at the forward end of the vehicle, then hurled straight over the dashboard and on over the horses, amid shouts and screams.

  5. A few seconds later a knob on the dashboard seemed to rivet my attention; it was a small knob exactly like an electric-light switch.

  6. Later I pressed a button on the dashboard and looked out at my starboard engine; a small dial was lit up.

  7. Davy leaning over the dashboard grabbing at the pony's tail and Marilla jerking him back.

  8. It was beyond Marilla's power to make him sit still and she had been in an agony the whole way lest he fall over the back of the wagon and break his neck, or tumble over the dashboard under the pony's heels.

  9. Leaning over the dashboard of the car, Mrs. Dane watched for an opportunity, and snatched from Harlberg's hand the pistol reserved for his own use.

  10. The dashboard was a lovely wilderness of dials, plugs, indicators, lights, scales and switches.

  11. Against the case that I should need a handlight, I carried besides a so-called dashboard coal-oil lantern with me.

  12. By bending over towards the dashboard and looking into the soon arrested glare I could make out the component parts of the fog.

  13. With lightning quickness I reached over the dashboard down to the whiffletrees and unhooked one each of the horses' traces.

  14. It eddied through the sulky between the dashboard and the curtained sides.

  15. The panting and alarmed teacher stooped and peered into the dark shadow between the dashboard and the back curtain.

  16. I could stand it no longer, and seizing the whip, I cut the horses a lash and crouched down by the dashboard just as I had been instructing the young man to do.

  17. I also told him if they overtook us he must get down by the dashboard and drive for dear life, that he might get shot in the back, but that would be cow boy's luck.

  18. Holding the control-wheel in both hands, his feet resting upon the rudder-bar, his eyes rove constantly among the instruments on the dashboard before him.

  19. Quite soon, still driven smoothly by your motor, you hover above the alighting point; and then moving over a little switch upon the dashboard before him, the airman cuts off his power.

  20. The dashboard E is nailed to the bottom piece D, and D is nailed to the lower ends of side pieces A.

  21. Draw this out upon a piece of cardboard, cut it out and fold along the dotted lines, then turn in the flaps and glue them to the dashboard and to the back.

  22. Indeed, at that moment Mr. Ditmar himself was stepping off the end of the bridge and about to start the engine when, dropping the crank, he walked to the dashboard and apparently became absorbed in some mechanisms there.

  23. One hand was on the dashboard of the cutter, the other had seized the seat.

  24. When the ship was settled on course, Harold took off the rest of the spacesuit, pulled some paper from the glove compartment of the dashboard and began writing.

  25. Harold was twiddling with some knobs mounted on the dashboard of the junked car.

  26. The girl had flicked on the dashboard lights; the radio started humming the tune of the Cephalon sound-beam, a deft turn of the wheel set the jetticopter upon its course.

  27. Lee gripped the holding straps; his every nerve was on edge and those edges were sharpened by the ominous fact that all the instruments on the dashboard had stopped functioning so that he couldn't even read the speed.

  28. So, switching on the little dashboard electric lights to illuminate his instruments, he turned the Sky-Bird upward again.

  29. Wrong," said Jack, glancing at the barograph on the dashboard in front of him.

  30. Jack glanced at the barograph on the dashboard in front of him.

  31. He was dragging his feet, and when he got to the side of his big black buggy, he had to catch one hand on the dashboard and the other on the armrest so he could pull himself up to the seat.

  32. Eventually I tied their lines to the dashboard so that I could give full attention to searching the Scriptures.

  33. He seemed to enjoy the conversation immensely, for he was comfortably stretched out with his feet up over the dashboard and his arms resting along the top of the back of his seat.

  34. I have known Mr. Dashboard long enough to know that he is invariably courteous to strangers and a gentleman.

  35. Dashboard was, I admit, a little staggered at this.

  36. A glance at the instruments on the dashboard facing us made it obvious that we were not flying level.

  37. He is a wheel-hoss; he dressed as fine as a fiddle, with a plug-hat and dashboard shoes, and had a long jimswinger coat that come to his knees.

  38. Henley could see him lashing the air over the dashboard with his whip in a most reckless manner.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dashboard" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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