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Example sentences for "cots"

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  1. A third man, similarly habited, lay stretched out, apparently sleeping on one of the cots that were arranged around the room.

  2. The horses cared for, and supper over, Yorke and Redmond lay back on their cots and blaguè'd each other wearily anent their mutual ill-luck.

  3. I will look into that," he said, and then walked over to one of the cots and also to one of the beds and inspected the thin coverings.

  4. As was the custom during the school term, the cadets had put the beds and the cots in order, and also arranged the chairs and other furniture.

  5. There is a shop where cots and flower-stands are the main articles for sale; but such cots and such flower-stands!

  6. The cots are for Princes and the flower-stands for Empresses.

  7. They even slept there on cots that he had sent to the station for this purpose.

  8. In the early days of the Orange laboratory some of the upper rooms contained cots for the benefit of the night-workers.

  9. Children, apparently near to death, lay in cots by the side of their prostrate mothers, whose feebleness rendered them unable to give the necessary aid to their infants.

  10. A guard gestured toward the piles of cots and blankets.

  11. A couple of men in Supply can move cots and blankets over there now.

  12. Dalton took one of the cots and two of the blankets, moved to Square Number Ten on this side of the building and began making up his bed.

  13. A reorganized supply room had disgorged more than enough cots and blankets to convert The Cage into a temporary dormitory.

  14. The men opened their army cots on the forward deck, where the big sail cut them off from the rest of the ship.

  15. Owing to the fact that I was appointed a sort of matron to the women's dormitory, and had to be on hand to assign the ladies to their cots and to register them, I did not go down to the Anda Monument to see the disembarkation.

  16. And in an instant there appeared a most beautiful hospital all fitted with cots and medicine bottles and nurses'--Ah!

  17. But you can't keep falling off cots and sticking infected pins into you.

  18. Two of the firing squad were so ill and shaken that they could only lie on their cots with eyes hidden, and moan.

  19. A candle was sputtering in its socket, and the cold, misty, white dawn stared in at the eastern window upon rows of cots and unquiet, muttering sleepers.

  20. Polly's face was beautiful in its joy; "does this mean that you're going to give me three hundred dollars to buy some new cots with?

  21. The convalescent ward was in such an ecstasy of excitement that dinner went poorly; but finally it was cleared away, and the cots moved to make room for those were coming.

  22. The occupants of the little white cots had slept unusually long, and the few that had awakened from their afternoon naps were still too drowsy to be astir.

  23. The dormitory consists of one large room covering the entire top of the house and filled with cots for every boarder.

  24. For every two cots there is also provided a washstand which contains places where they may keep their personal articles.

  25. There was a window in one wall, and two cots at each side.

  26. Matt, Ferral and Carl went into the small room at the back of the balloon house, and two of them took possession of the cots and the third had a bed made for him on the floor.

  27. Later he could see the white cots all about and the unceiled roof over his head and the same motherly face, and he was asked who his friends were and whom he would like to send for, and from that time on he began to hope.

  28. All the village, and shepherds from distant cots among the hills, were bidden to the funeral.

  29. The story of Barbara Lynn's life, outwardly so uneventful, but inwardly so full of passion, is still a tale often told by the winter fire in the lonely farmhouses and shepherds' cots of her own land.

  30. There was some discussion at first as to where they could put their unexpected guest, for all the rooms were full and a couple of unused emergency cots seemed to be all the extra accommodations they could find.

  31. That's where the two extra cots will come in good.

  32. She had made all the night-preparations herself, placing the pillows on both cots and turning back the sun-sweetened blankets.

  33. She sat motionless until Adam came out with one of the cots in his arms.

  34. They had piled canvas cots against the bars of the windows, and though these afforded them no protection, they prevented our seeing anything at which to shoot.

  35. We tore the cots away from the windows and waved at the men behind the barricade, and they stood up and cheered us, and the men on the roof, looking very tall against the blue sky, stood up and waved their hats and cheered too.

  36. Scattered all around were seen, White cots on the meadows green.

  37. There was room for a dozen men, if necessary, and whenever stranded Americans arrived and could find no hotel accommodations we simply rigged up emergency cots for their temporary use.

  38. As we moved among the patients, doing what little we could to ease the pain and quiet the fears of those dear, noble boys, a hand from one of the cots seized oars in a clinging firm embrace and we recognized the voice of Lieut.

  39. Always there was that smile of appreciation as we moved among the numerous cots of the suffering and dying.

  40. As we moved about among the cots of Ward E, the cheerful voice of Lieutenant Hanley came to us as he clasped our hands for the last time, while he said "I shall never forget you.

  41. Lights began to glitter now in the cots of the thralls, and brighter still in the stithies where already you might hear the hammers clinking on the anvils, as men fell to looking to their battle gear.

  42. Of the four canvas cots two were blood-stained, and all hideously dirty.

  43. I sat on one of the canvas cots with an arm around my husband and holding Colonel Rhodes' hand.

  44. In our own war with Spain she went to Cuba, and though then past sixty years of age, she stood among the cots of our wounded and sick soldiers, soothing their sufferings and cheering their hearts.

  45. He took them two by two to shelter, gave them food, and cots on which to sleep, and then returned to his princely home.

  46. Nearly as fast as the cots were ready they were occupied.

  47. These cots were simply canvas shelves, five feet and a half long, two wide, and less than two feet apart, perpendicularly.

  48. After the first night I preferred to sleep on the trunks in the social hall [the lobby which contained the passengers' baggage] rather than among the cots in the crowded cabin, and several others did the same.

  49. There were, in fact, not cots enough for all the passengers excluded from the state-rooms.

  50. It was near nine o'clock before the tables were cleared away, and immediately afterwards the waiters began to rig a framework for sleeping-cots in their place.

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