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Example sentences for "eloquence"

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  1. It may be well to preface these observations by borrowing a passage of equal aptness and eloquence from an able review of Passavant's work.

  2. Many had crossed, some were in the water, and the rest were preparing to follow, when a sudden splash warned me that MacGregor's eloquence had prevailed on Ewan to give him freedom and a chance for life.

  3. It is indeed mere metaphor to talk of the eloquence of mute nature, or the language of winds and waves.

  4. Bishop was thought a prophet; a mere figure of eloquence having become metamorphosed into a prediction.

  5. Orators who display their eloquence in the pulpit are more like gypsies who stray on the farm to pick up chickens, than honest laborers who work to bring forth a crop for their master.

  6. Eloquence and earnestness at their highest pitch can neither break nor heal a heart.

  7. It was a result wholly unprecedented, and on all hands was regarded with amazement, and as a most wonderful testimony to the eloquence and energy with which he had advocated the cause.

  8. He has found a nobler theme and a higher inspiration for that eloquence which has moulded his labours in the pulpit.

  9. In urging his views at a public meeting in Edinburgh, he rose to a height of eloquence that carried his audience by storm.

  10. It reminds me more of what one reads of as the effect of the eloquence of Demosthenes than anything I ever heard.

  11. It has been remarked, that never was the eloquence of Chalmers more Demosthenic than in his orations for the freedom of the church.

  12. It was thought to be a remarkable triumph of platform eloquence that King could make such themes fascinating to Massachusetts farmers and Cape Cod fishermen.

  13. Little wonder that the "boy preacher" made good in the pulpit from which his honored Father had passed into the Silence, and wherein the eloquence of Chapin had charmed a congregation of devoted followers.

  14. Moreover oratory today is at its ebb, as it has been a hundred times before, and with us the man of eloquence passes to quick oblivion.

  15. Yet as the contest deepened, his majestic eloquence was beyond question a force for freedom in a community where the love of oratory amounted to a passion.

  16. And the pair of them explained to her, with all the eloquence at their command, how greatly her patronage would be appreciated by all.

  17. No, thank you, I don't think my special brand of eloquence is suited to the telephone service.

  18. From childhood she had thrilled to the creed and the music and the eloquence of her Sundays.

  19. The eloquence of her thoughts had seemed incompatible somehow with the witness-stand.

  20. His superior eloquence and judgment would have given him an ascendant, even had he been born in a private station; and his personal bravery would have procured him respect, though it had been less supported by art and policy.

  21. The candour of their eloquence assuredly proves that Davie Deans is not overdrawn; indeed, he is much less truculent than those who actually were testifying even after his decease.

  22. His speech fell upon ears hardened against such eloquence and produced no effect.

  23. She could feel the pressure of each finger growing firmer in its power, while a certain eloquence possessed him in defiance of his apprehensions.

  24. A certain magnetic eloquence that went well with his handsome face and sturdy bearing had been his most successful asset in making him chief of staff.

  25. Mr. Leckler closed his lips and clenched his fist with an eloquence that laughed at words.

  26. In this splendid sanctuary it must have been inspiring to listen to the known eloquence of its most famous pastor as he preached the gospel or, with his fine musical voice, chanted the liturgy before the altar.

  27. The poetical language and forceful eloquence of his sermons remind one of the best of his spiritual songs.

  28. His fiery, forceful eloquence made him known as an exceptionally able and earnest pastor, and his literary work established his fame as one of the foremost Danish poets of his day.

  29. The eloquence of Douglass differed from that of Washington as does the power of a gifted orator differ from the force of a finished public speaker.

  30. Again and again, in some remote community, with true eloquence has an untutored preacher brought comfort and inspiration to a struggling people.

  31. I have no eloquence to charm or please you with; I only speak right on.

  32. His eyes were raised toward heaven, with an expression of meek resignation; he spread out both hands with the eloquence of Mr. Pecksniff; and presented the appearance of a virtuous citizen accepting meekly the most trying misfortunes.

  33. But there were several of the judges who made a strong impression on his mind; nor did he ever cease to remember the vivacious eloquence of Erskine or the commanding oratory of Pitt.

  34. In this cause are inspirations to eloquence higher than any you have yet confessed.

  35. It is proper that Boston should confess her obligations to the generous eloquence of Chatham, by vindicating his arguments of policy, humanity, and justice, in their application to the citizens of a sister Republic.

  36. Vain are eloquence and poetry, compared with this heaven-descended truth.

  37. His eloquence had not the character and fashion of forensic effort or parliamentary debate.

  38. Eloquence has been called action; but it is something more.

  39. The statesmen were the greatest masters of political wisdom and eloquence that England has given to the world.

  40. It inspired the eloquence of Chatham to those strains of undying fame.

  41. By the vigor, argumentation, and eloquence with which you upheld the Union, and that interpretation of the Constitution which makes us a Nation, you have justly earned the title of Defender of the Constitution.

  42. His eloquence was gentleness and persuasion, reasoning for religion, humanity, and justice.

  43. Having exhausted all her eloquence in an appeal to the nobler feelings of the man, she finally promised to leave her husband and become his wife, if he, the marshal, would spare her lord and chief.

  44. Pearls of eloquence were sown broadcast, and brought forth a generous harvest of applause.

  45. There would have been no 'pros and cons,' and his irresistible eloquence would have carried all before it.

  46. Thy battles have improved thy eloquence much, Messire Godree," said the Norman, condescendingly.

  47. His eloquence as a pleader, and the stately majesty of his thinking, place Bacon high among "the starry lights of genius.

  48. The statesman, whose eloquence has electrified a nation, does not disdain in the intervals of the public service to handle the axe and the hoe.

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