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  1. Anaesthetics have justly been called the greatest boon ever conferred by science upon mankind.

  2. The resistance she had offered to the application of the anaesthetics had weakened her.

  3. Anaesthetics were applied, but she took them badly, fighting, struggling against their influence, crying and whimpering all the time.

  4. In conclusion, I may state that anaesthetics have the effect of blocking the spasmodic wave in any portion of tissue that is submitted to their influence.

  5. Anaesthetics likewise have the effect of slowing the rate of contraction-waves before blocking them.

  6. Anaesthetics assist the birth of a child, whereas contraceptives frustrate the act of procreation.

  7. Once more, careful distinction needs to be made between"--anaesthetics and contraceptives.

  8. And may not the action of so-called anaesthetics of all sorts involve simply a paralysis of action similar to that caused by the Indian arrow poison, together with a more complete lapse of memory than that ensuing upon the latter?

  9. This throws a flood of light on other obscure problems, and offers an explanation of the effect of anaesthetics upon the human body.

  10. Now, nerve particles are largely composed of fat, and anaesthetics dissolve fat.

  11. Hence anaesthetics produce the effect of positively electrified ions, preventing the nerve particles from coalescing and thus quiets the nerves.

  12. Many gaseous anaesthetics are known to have a marked effect in stimulating plant growth.

  13. As to the use of anaesthetics in annulling the agonies of mutilated animals, the audience ought to have asked Dr.

  14. Any experiment or operation whatever upon a living animal, during which by recognized anaesthetics it is made completely insensible to pain, should be permitted.

  15. The majority of these offences have been for using anaesthetics unnecessarily.

  16. In the same way, the obtunding of the nerve cells in the cortex by anaesthetics or of the conducting nerve apparatus on the way to the brain by local anaesthesia, will have a like effect.

  17. The awful carnage of the first six weeks of the war had not been anticipated and therefore there were not sufficient stores of anaesthetics available to permit of their use in every case.

  18. Unlike the other anaesthetics above mentioned, it causes a hyperaemic condition of the brain, and is, for this reason, a useful hypnotic in cases of aortic obstruction with an insufficient cerebral circulation and consequent wakefulness.

  19. The rate of geotropic up-movement will be found reduced, or even abolished by the local application of cold, anaesthetics like chloroform, and of poisonous potassium cyanide solution.

  20. What right had the physician or surgeon to use his skill to prolong life, at the same time that he conscientiously abstained from the use of anaesthetics on the ground that they obviated pain sent by the Deity?

  21. Again the statistics stood him in good stead; he flourished them triumphantly before his opponents, and proceeded to deal with those who asserted that the use of anaesthetics was accompanied by danger to life.

  22. In the month of January, 1847, he gained for the Edinburgh Medical School the proud honour of being the scene of the first use of anaesthetics in obstetric practice.

  23. The religious objections to the use of anaesthetics could scarcely be met with statistics.

  24. Simpson fearlessly collated statistics of this operation amongst the others, and proved that when performed under anaesthetics amputation of the thigh had its mortality reduced to 25 per cent.

  25. So satisfactory an agent is chloroform in Edinburgh hands, that other anaesthetics are in that city but rarely called into requisition.

  26. From the day on which he first used ether in midwifery until the end of his career he constantly used anaesthetics in his practice.

  27. He twitted the surgeons who opposed him with their sudden discovery, now that anaesthetics were introduced, that there was something really beneficial in the pain and agony caused by their dreaded knife.

  28. The revelation of anaesthesia, the discovery of chloroform, and the application of anaesthetics to surgery as well as to midwifery were attributed to him by all classes of the community, not even excepting many of his own profession.

  29. Simpson answered this by showing that the proper use of anaesthetics shortened parturition, and by diminishing the amount of pain led to more rapid and more perfect recoveries.

  30. Use of Anaesthetics the Great Step of Medical Progress of the Century.

  31. Quite a number of anaesthetics are known and used to-day.

  32. The greatest discovery, however, in anaesthetics is the application of ether for this purpose.

  33. For a long period America had no local anaesthetics for hospital surgical work, being compelled to use what were termed "Bulgarian Operations," that is, operations without anaesthetics.

  34. Professor Stieglitz claims that the lack of drugs and anaesthetics threw back American surgery some fifty to seventy years in civilisation.

  35. With anaesthetics this state of things at any rate was changed.

  36. About the middle of the 19th century the introduction of anaesthetics had relieved the patient of much of the horror of the knife, and the surgeon of the duty of speed in his work.

  37. Morton, an American, belongs the credit for the practical introduction of anaesthetics into modern surgery.

  38. Although the ancients had knowledge of anaesthetics of one kind or other, the practice of anaesthesia never became general, and surgeons of the ancient world appear to have looked upon it with disfavor.

  39. At least something of anaesthetics was known to the ancients.

  40. Morton's discovery of anaesthetics and its application to surgery is entitled to a high place among the world's discoveries and inventions.

  41. Moreover, if hypodermic injections are permitted for the relief of intense pain, why may not antiseptics be allowed for protection against germs, anaesthetics to deaden sensation, and antidotes to counteract poisons?

  42. He had never employed anaesthetics himself, though he had performed over 100 amputations.

  43. In discussing amputations he mentions the use of anaesthetics by the older surgeons, and quotes from Guy de Chauliac the method of anaesthesia employed by him, but he thinks that better results are obtained without the use of such material.

  44. The refusal to use anaesthetics is very interesting at this time, for the practice gradually disappeared and was forgotten.

  45. The discovery of anaesthetics and their application in surgery and the practice of medicine, no doubt constitutes the leading invention of the century in this field.

  46. It is to be used as a great alleviator of human suffering in lowering and regulating the temperature of hospitals in hot weather, and in surgical operations as a substitute for anaesthetics and cauterising agents.

  47. The exquisite pain and suffering endured previous to the use of anaesthetics often caused death by exhaustion.

  48. We hereby certify that, in our opinion, insensibility in the animal on which any such experiment may be performed cannot be produced by anaesthetics without necessarily frustrating the object of such experiment.

  49. Anaesthetics must be reckoned among the drugs that have been studied on animals: but, for the discovery of them, men experimented on themselves.

  50. Experiments may be performed without anaesthetics on such certificate being given as in this Act mentioned, that insensibility cannot be produced without necessarily frustrating the object of such experiments; and (3.

  51. Now, I affirm that serious experiments in which anaesthetics are wholly or partially dispensed with mean torture pure and simple.

  52. In the event of pain ensuing as the result of an inoculation, a condition attached to the licence requires that the animal shall be killed under anaesthetics as soon as the main result of the experiment has been attained.

  53. Finally, with the rise of anaesthetics and of the antiseptic method, came the work of Ollier, of Lyon, whose good influence on the treatment of these cases can hardly be over-estimated.

  54. I have taken the trouble to collect all the experiments in which cutting operations are described as having been performed by English scientists, and in which I knew anaesthetics to have been employed.

  55. In no instance has a certificate dispensing with the use of anaesthetics been allowed for an experiment involving a serious operation.

  56. The introduction of anaesthetics has been mentioned in an earlier chapter; the present year, 1897, is the jubilee anniversary of that blessed event.

  57. No painful experiment is justifiable for the mere purpose of illustrating a law or fact already determined; in other words, experimentation without the employment of anaesthetics is not a fitting exhibition for teaching purposes.

  58. It is the gratuitous assumption put forth in defence, that if anaesthetics had only been known to physiologists before 1846, they would invariably have been used.

  59. And that vivisector of to-day, who suggests that if anaesthetics had been known to Magendie or Brachet, they would invariably have been used, is either ignorant or insincere.

  60. There are vivisectors who would declare that "anaesthetics are always used" when ether or chloroform has been given in quantity and in time absolutely insufficient to secure for the vivisected animal immunity from pain.

  61. Johnson's time the use of anaesthetics was unknown.

  62. Johnson's argument is invalidated because anaesthetics were unknown--when the disagreement is infinitely deeper!

  63. In other words, it enables him to say, "Anaesthetics are always used.

  64. I am inclined to look upon anaesthetics as the greatest curse to vivisectible animals.

  65. I am told he openly professed the most entire indifference to animal suffering, and he only gave anaesthetics to keep the animals quiet!

  66. Narcotics also, and, in our day, most of the anaesthetics can produce visions and hallucinations, but the result is in all such cases much less interesting than when they are produced spontaneously.

  67. It is produced by anaesthetics like chloroform and ether, by utter exhaustion in consequence of long suffering, as was the case with martyrs and prisoners subjected to torture, and by excessive loss of blood.

  68. Now local anaesthetics even in minor troubles have made dentistry almost painless.

  69. Now ether and other anaesthetics have eliminated the chief pains of major operations.

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