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  1. Of the dreams presently to be cited only a part fall within the category of analogical reasoning.

  2. Of the recognizable plants a number were used somewhat cleverly for their analogical significance.

  3. Analogy is often of great value in indicating the direction in which to seek for a truth; but analogical evidence, unless where the resemblance is very striking, should be received with caution.

  4. The author has trusted almost entirely to analogical reasoning, which is in science always dangerous.

  5. Many of the most splendid and important discoveries in this science were the result of analogical reasonings.

  6. The corruption of human nature is therefore a phrase which may convey an intelligible meaning, if it is acknowledged to be merely analogical and inexact, but will mislead those who do not keep this in mind.

  7. This passage is an instance of Locke’s unfortunate fondness for analogical parallels, which, as far as I have observed, much more frequently obscure a philosophical theorem, than shed any light upon it.

  8. Zootomy has been suggested as a better name, but it is not quite analogical to anatomy; and on the whole it seems as if we must remain with the old word, protesting against its propriety.

  9. The argument is based upon analogy (and might be termed analogical as strictly as technological).

  10. Yet we may conceive an intelligence so extended as to admit that even analogical problems should become intuitive: with God every thing is intuitively known.

  11. Generic communion of Aristotle, distinguished by him from the feebler analogical communion 192 Primum Amabile of Plato, compared with the Prima Amicitia of Aristotle.

  12. Generic communion of Aristotle, distinguished by him from the feebler analogical communion.

  13. Each of them is head of an analogical aggregate, not member of a generic family 194 The Good and Beautiful, considered as objects of attachment ib.

  14. Each of them is head of an analogical aggregate, not member of a generic family.

  15. At least, it has come to pass that all forms of revelation must come under the examination of a psychological analysis and of an analogical judgment.

  16. These inferences may be said to be of two sorts, though fundamentally only two sides of one and the same process of thought; they are in part analogical inferences and in part inductive inferences in the narrower sense.

  17. These species are the antipodes of the Cottidæ and Hexagrammidæ; although lacking the bony stay of the latter, they show several analogical resemblances and have very similar habits.

  18. The resemblance of these fishes to some of the Blennioid group is very strongly marked, but these likenesses seem analogical only and not indicative of true affinity.

  19. But there are also adaptive and purely analogical homologies, such as the interdigital palmation of aquatic birds, amphibians and mammals.

  20. It is usually in the external parts, in the organs by which the animal adapts itself to its environment, that one meets with the greatest number of analogical resemblances.

  21. In general, then, homological characters are more valuable for classificatory purposes because they have a longer pedigree than analogical characters, which represent recent acquirements of the race.

  22. The natural system of classification is based upon a proper appreciation of the distinction between homological and analogical characters.

  23. And though less is known about the spread of sound changes as distinct from analogical substitutions, it cannot be assumed that their final boundaries were reached and fixed in a moment.

  24. Such analogical substitutions must be distinguished from phonetic developments.

  25. In the morphology the use of the 3rd singular for the 3rd plural also, the analogical participle in esto (tasesto, Ital.

  26. That in which he excelled all men we ever knew, was the analogical faculty--the power of detecting and demonstrating occult resemblances.

  27. In this essential unity of human imagination is grounded the essential unity of the data of anthology, and hence its marvellous and minute analogical resemblances.

  28. Analogical inference requires that one particular is similar to another, induction that a whole number or class is similar to its particular instances, deduction that each particular is similar to the whole number or class.

  29. Analogical inference in its turn is as closely allied with induction.

  30. Moreover, the study of analogical and inductive inference is necessary to that of the syllogism itself, because they discover the premises of syllogism.

  31. All we aspire to add is that, in order to attain to real truth, we must proceed gradually from sense, memory and experience through analogical particular inference, to inductive and deductive universal inference or reasoning.

  32. It is not the primary inference of its own premises, but constantly converts analogical and inductive conclusions into its particular and universal premises.

  33. In this case, analogical inference has led to induction, as induction to deduction.

  34. Further, analogical inference from particular to particular suggests inductive-deductive inference from particular through universal to particular.

  35. For knowledge of the minds of others we are dependent upon conjecture, on analogical inferences from ourselves.

  36. All the strictly analogical cases of religious ecstasy, not hysteria, point to a strong mental impression, such as that order and belief having preceded and occasioned the peculiar psycho-physical state.

  37. Goodness is not divided into these three as something univocal to be predicated equally of them all; but as something analogical to be predicated of them according to priority and posteriority.

  38. I answer that, In names predicated of many in an analogical sense, all are predicated because they have reference to some one thing; and this one thing must be placed in the definition of them all.

  39. The beginning of things must needs lie in obscurity, beyond the bounds of proof, though within those of conjecture or of analogical inference.

  40. Many of the reasonings of lawyers are of this analogical nature, and depend on very slight connexions of the imagination.

  41. It might be possible to put the argument into terms which would give an analogical meaning to "social utility" and "social cost.

  42. Social utility" can get only a vague, analogical meaning in our scheme.

  43. Now, no such continuity of substance exists between the members of any human group or society, and its absence constitutes a fatal flaw in the analogical argument.

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