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Example sentences for "appeasement"

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appeareth; appearing; appears; appease; appeased; appeases; appeaseth; appeasing; appeere; appeir
  1. Then, publicly, one member of the BAC after another roasted the Eisenhower Administration for its McCarthy-appeasement policy.

  2. Claiming to believe in the high destiny of America as a world-leader, our invisible government urges timid policies of appeasement and surrender which make America a world whipping-boy rather than a world leader.

  3. Wang was ruined by the long, agonizing appeasement of which Chiang was the leader, in the six years between the Japanese invasion of China's Manchurian provinces and the outbreak of undeclared war in July 1937.

  4. Since the government's appeasement policy had accustomed many to think of resistance in terms of the Left, there was an enormous inflation of Leftist sentiment, not deflated for about eighteen months.

  5. The movement began in 1935 with the organization of a number of professors, students, and young intellectuals who were influenced by the student anti-appeasement movement in North China.

  6. The Professors' Clique is reputedly led by the group of young professors who were eminent in their fields before the outbreak of war, opposed to the government's appeasement policy, but tactful enough not to rebel.

  7. The frustration was serious; involving much loss of popular sympathy for the government, this and appeasement rather demoralized the Party in the years preceding the invasion.

  8. The ten years of armament, modernization, and Japan-appeasement built an area into a nation, changing one more government into an elementary national state.

  9. A war-time addition to the Party, it became politically possible when the abandonment of appeasement re-aligned government and youth.

  10. Wang provided a counter-balance to the Hu Han-min group, undermined his own popularity, and helped shield Chiang from anti-appeasement criticism.

  11. Even conservative Kuomintang leaders, who had gone to lengths of appeasement at which Neville Chamberlain would have blanched, tried to talk like Negrin or Alvarez del Vayo.

  12. If they are clamorous and restless, it is for food or for appeasement of some other physical need.

  13. It pleased the Christian church to enshroud the most vital of these God-given desires in the mantle of sin, save when its appeasement was done in conformity with the restrictions laid upon it by the church.

  14. We have orders to talk appeasement with him!

  15. An appeasement team, that's what you are, when you ought to be a combat team to lick hell out of George.

  16. Shortly afterwards he went from St. Petersburg to Rome, then to Jerusalem, then to Paris, everywhere seeking appeasement for his lacerated soul.

  17. At that time the policy of appeasement was tried, and it failed.

  18. In Europe appeasement was looked upon as the way to peace.

  19. If history teaches anything, appeasement would make it more likely that we would have to fight a major war.

  20. Yet the fault was not theirs if the Land Conference did not end in wreckage and such a glorious chance of national reconciliation and appeasement was not lost to Ireland.

  21. Somewhere within him was a higher appeasement of love than mere possession.

  22. A man said he had so much, and even in a poker game his appeasement was accepted.

  23. Even this occupation of nurses caused them to forget, and afforded them an appeasement that encouraged them to double in zeal.

  24. It was a rapture that he had never known--a voluptuous joy that yet brought with it complete appeasement to nerves and pulses.

  25. But this blow was nothing, purely automatic, like his first blow, not bringing with it that faint sense of something refreshing, the momentary appeasement of his agony.

  26. The thought that would engage the entire attention of the penitent would be the appeasement of his god.

  27. It describes the appeasement of the dreadful war-god.

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "appeasement" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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