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Example sentences for "appeasing"

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appease; appeased; appeasement; appeases; appeaseth; appeere; appeir; appelait; appele; appeler
  1. He succeeded in appeasing a feud which had cost oceans of blood, and in knitting together elements which had been in conflict for thirty years.

  2. Every Frenchman had felt the benefit of Henry's appeasing wisdom, and a season of prosperity had ensued.

  3. In case her alarm should appear justified, what mediator could be so persuasive in appeasing the angrier passions, as one whom courtship and betrothal sanctified to the gentlest?

  4. With considerable difficulty he succeeded in conveying this explanation to the squire, and somewhat appeasing his wrath against Randal.

  5. I had seen enough of countries where within a few years they had been undoubtedly offered, to know that such things did occasionally happen among ignorant people, where appeasing evil spirits is a common custom.

  6. Montalivet and Savary also acted on this occasion in the most praiseworthy manner, and succeeded in appeasing the first transports of the Emperor's rage.

  7. Thousands of peasants were instigated to rise under the pretext of appeasing the troubles of Bergamo and Brescia.

  8. The act of appeasing the wrath and conciliating the favor of an offended person; the act of making propitious.

  9. Defn: That which propitiates; atonement or atoning sacrifice; specifically, the influence or effects of the death of Christ in appeasing the divine justice, and conciliating the divine favor.

  10. No change or innovation was contemplated, but the appeasing of the troubles incident upon diversity of religious sentiment, and the restoration to the right path of such as had erred.

  11. God is represented as self-propitiated: "Christianity is distinguished from paganism by representing God as appeasing his own wrath and satisfying his own justice by the forth-putting of his own love.

  12. Take this away, and propitiation becomes nothing but the inferior and unworthy idea of appeasing the wrath of an incensed deity.

  13. Some left their country and retired into Wales, or fled beyond sea; others submitted to the conquerors, in hopes of appeasing their fury by a servile obedience.

  14. THERE were various practices in vogue amongst the orientalists, which originated with the design of appeasing the anger, and propitiating the favor of a presumed to be irascible deity.

  15. It was started, like animal sacrifices, for the purpose of appeasing the wrath or propitiating the favor of the angry Gods.

  16. Another stroke of policy was the return to their habitations of the images of the gods which Nabonidus had transferred to other places, thus appeasing the priests.

  17. Many more would have been butchered, but for the efforts of Montcalm, who by unstinted promises succeeded in appeasing his ferocious allies, whom he dared not offend.

  18. Man's sense of sin is universal, so also is his belief in the justice of God; and therefore in all ages man has longed for some means of appeasing the Deity.

  19. Propitiatory offerings were brought with the object of appeasing the anger of the gods.

  20. The same process is repeated, in order to find out the proper remedy for appeasing them.

  21. The Diasia was a ritual of placation, that is, of casting away various elements of pollution or danger and appeasing the unknown wraths of the surrounding darkness.

  22. Scotland, and in appeasing the troubles of the country of Wales.

  23. Their prayers and threats at first had no effect in appeasing this horrible tumult, which was prolonged to the middle of the night.

  24. I have had an opportunity of appeasing that hungry vanity, which is continually craving after unwholesome food.

  25. Whose eyes should flash lightning to rouse the chilled sensations, and shed appeasing dews to quench the fire of rage.

  26. The compassion excited by the fate of these unfortunate men was so general, that the people rose against the Inquisition; but some persons of high rank, and who were devoted to the public good, succeeded in appeasing the tumult.

  27. I had a motive for learning Chinese," said the old man, "the hope of appeasing the misery in my head.

  28. He be's a good friend to the Romanies," said the girl in an appeasing tone.

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