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Example sentences for "fairness"

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  1. Her jet black hair serves to bring out in more prominent relief the ivory fairness of her skin.

  2. Hence his volume is characterized not only by breadth of information, but by fairness of judgment.

  3. The people may well trust the Commission to execute the law with perfect fairness and with as little irritation as is possible.

  4. Nor can the presentation made of such considerations be with any degree of fairness regarded as evidence of unfriendliness toward our manufacturing interests or of any lack of appreciation of their value and importance.

  5. Others of our citizens, whose comforts and expenditures are measured by moderate salaries and fixed incomes, will insist upon the fairness and justice of cheapening the cost of necessaries for themselves and their families.

  6. In spite of the taunts and jeers of his brethren, he publicly proclaimed that he would treat Infidels with fairness and respect; that he would endeavor to convince them by argument and win them with love.

  7. Perfect fairness is regarded by many as weakness.

  8. It supposed a liability in justice, in fairness and equity, on the part of this government, to make the indemnity.

  9. My feelings towards Mr. Calhoun continued of the most friendly character until my suspicions of his fairness were awakened by the following incident.

  10. Fairness and justice in suits and litigations were provided for.

  11. Parts of it at least, in all fairness to Jefferson, have to be quoted here as a contrast to the dryness and objectiveness of the notes on travel.

  12. In all fairness to Jefferson a preliminary remark is here necessary.

  13. Justice and fairness say that an open enemy to whom dishonorable conduct is imputed has a right to demand a trial.

  14. In the first place it is a model of judicial fairness and honesty.

  15. True fairness and goodwill show themselves precisely where his are conspicuously absent.

  16. What or how much reduction may be made, none of us, I believe, can with any fairness pretend to say; very little, I am convinced.

  17. How will this great politician preserve the rights of electors, the fairness of returns, and the privilege of the House of Commons, as the sole judge of such contests?

  18. Colonel Dodge was in familiar contact with Indians for more than thirty years, and writes with fairness and discrimination.

  19. The Natives can in fairness demand no more, the whites can in fairness yield no less.

  20. The difficulties in the way are many and serious, but if we of the power-holding race remain true to the great principles of justice and fairness which have guided our forefathers in their upward path we shall not go astray.

  21. When he saw them and noted the fairness of their favour, he rose to his feet after returning their salute, and said, "O my lords, perchance ye have a wish which we may have the honour of satisfying?

  22. In performing this duty, one of his leading characteristics, impartial honesty and absolute fairness to political friends and foes alike, stands out with noteworthy clearness.

  23. And in this way, you will be able to reach your own final conclusions with a greater degree of fairness than would otherwise be possible.

  24. We both saw the fairness of this, and did not complain in the least at our rather bad failures in the Lower Third afterwards.

  25. This absolute and impartial fairness to friend and foe alike was one of his strongest traits, governing every action of his life.

  26. Recognizing the long established custom of therapeutic exaggeration, it has been most difficult to determine the degree of conservatism which might with fairness be required of a manufacturer.

  27. Therapeutic Notes, in quoting other journals, puts into its readers’ hands the means of investigating the fairness of its quotations.

  28. Can it be contended with the slightest shadow of right and fairness that these grievances afford a reason for intervention?

  29. And as for me, said Sir Launcelot, I promise you upon this book that and I may meet with him, either by fairness or foulness I shall bring him to this court, or else I shall die therefore.

  30. Sir, said Merlin, as of her beauty and fairness she is one of the fairest on live.

  31. Amid the varying and contradictory impressions of the hour, Lord Lyons had reported events as they occurred, with singular fairness and accuracy.

  32. It is due to fairness to add that probably not another man in the country, with the disabilities surrounding his position, could have maintained himself so ably, so fearlessly, so effectively, as Douglas.

  33. There was never the slightest lack of candor or fairness in his methods.

  34. The idea he now communicated had all the freshness, the flushed fairness of the conception untouched and untried: it was Venus rising from the sea, before the airs had blown upon her.

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