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Example sentences for "healthiness"

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healthfully; healthfulness; healthier; healthiest; healthily; healths; healthy; heap; heape; heaped
  1. A little above Isleworth is the half-lock that has added so greatly to the usefulness of the upper river as a highway of traffic, and also to the healthiness of the districts on either side by keeping the mud constantly under water.

  2. Comparative healthiness of the different coffee districts in Mysore.

  3. As regards the healthiness of Mysore, I can only say that everything depends on the discretion of the individual.

  4. We have, lastly, to consider the healthiness of the climate, the water supply, the facilities for procuring labour, and the proximity of the land to good roads.

  5. But you may perhaps be solicitous to ask, what becomes of that exuberancy of population which must arise from so much temperance, from healthiness of climate, and from early marriage?

  6. Particular attention ought to be paid to the health of the cook, not only for her own sake, but also because healthiness and cleanliness are essential to the duties of her office, and to the wholesomeness of the dishes prepared by her hand.

  7. This application will also improve the healthiness of plants, as well as destroy their numerous enemies.

  8. To form a just estimate of the comparative healthiness or unhealthiness of a great city like London is no easy matter.

  9. Indeed they are such as go far to destroy my confidence, which was once and far too long at the highest point, in the healthiness and soundness of his.

  10. Vigorous and lofty as are his conceptions, he is not, I think, less remarkable for soundness and healthiness of mind.

  11. The superb calmness and healthiness which she displayed still astonished him.

  12. I liked the good nature of the people, the healthiness of their outlook on life, their hopefulness in the future, their self-reliance and their sincerity of speech.

  13. I liked the social life of the American middle classes, because it is based, for the most part, on honesty, a kindly feeling toward mankind, and healthiness of mind and body.

  14. The whole class of zymotic diseases--diseases which constitute the true gauge of the healthiness or unhealthiness of a community--received a rapid and immense development.

  15. Such value as Wyoming has lies in its hardiness, productiveness, healthiness and earliness.

  16. Jefferson is the offspring of Concord crossed with Iona, resembling in vigor, productiveness and healthiness the Concord, though not equal to it; and in color and quality of fruit the Iona.

  17. The principal drawback to its healthiness is the prevalence of dust-storms in the late winter months.

  18. The humidity of the air is probably the most important factor in the healthiness or otherwise of a climate for many diseases, and this point must therefore be most carefully considered.

  19. For without these considerations, the healthiness of a dwelling cannot be assured.

  20. The healthiness of Louisville is everywhere a subject of remark.

  21. Healthiness of the town and its probable cause.

  22. Beauty of country and healthiness of climate.

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