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Example sentences for "fairing"

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faires; fairest; faireste; fairgrounds; fairies; fairings; fairish; fairly; fairness; fairs
  1. A dozen of divine points, and the godly garters: The fairing of good counsel, of an ell and three-quarters.

  2. I have gold left to give thee a fairing yet, as hard as the world goes.

  3. Since they could make no concrete plan of action, the cruiser captains agreed to wait for Tino-rau's report and to cruise well out of sight of the fairing harbor until it came.

  4. When the boat was asea there were still lights at the fairing hall, and they were not our lights, nor did the dead carry them," she said slowly.

  5. Approaching from this angle, the structures of the fairing were between him and the fire.

  6. And the whole of the fairing was ablaze with fire.

  7. Then they broke and ran back to the fairing which they had taken with such contemptuous ease.

  8. The Baldies began slowly, but they are speeding up now--those fairing attacks have all been recent.

  9. Torgul had been uncommunicative earlier; now he was looser of tongue, volunteering that they were almost to their port--the fairing of Kyn Add.

  10. The control wires are led aft inside the fairing of the fuselage to the extreme end, whence they pass to the elevators and rudders.

  11. The sides are covered with fabric and the flooring and fairing on the top of the car are composed of three-ply wood.

  12. He gave me like a fairing to my brother In Sherwood Forest; and I now must watch him, A happy bridegroom with the happy bride, Whose lips I meant for mine.

  13. Was it not you Who gave me like a fairing to my brother With lofty condescension in your eyes; And shall I call my mercenaries in And bid them burn your eyes out with hot irons?

  14. As the lengths of the thwarts are controlled by the fairing of the gunwales, the thwarts are not fitted until after the latter are in place.

  15. The fairing of the end sections into the end profiles appears to have controlled this matter.

  16. The distinctive profiles of bow and stern, which do not appear in the canoes of other tribes in so radical a form, were almost circular, fairing from the bottom around into the sheer in a series of curves.

  17. So, as Fairing presented an issue to her, she concentrated her thoughts as she had never done before on the man whom the world set apart for her, in a way the world has.

  18. This pique had grown until Captain Tom Fairing crossed her path.

  19. Fairing was the antithesis of Charley Steele.

  20. When I told him that Kathleen had sent Fairing away with a flea in his ear, he nearly fell off his chair.

  21. Return and tell Tom Fairing to go his way and show his face no more?

  22. It was Fairing himself who saw this deed which saved Kathleen's life.

  23. In her new life, blessed by a romantic devotion known and admired by all, Mrs. Fairing and her husband will be followed by the affectionate good wishes of the whole community.

  24. And the end of it was, that in so far as she had ever felt real sentiment for anybody, she felt it for Tom Fairing of the Royal Fusileers.

  25. Tom Fairing is a man that all the world trusts save you.

  26. I found that the last dive I had done the day before had flattened out the fairing on the belly of the ship.

  27. There'll be a bonny fairing for Eliza when the tide comes in!

  28. More than twenty years, she reminded herself,--and yet she still looked for the fairing that Geordie had brought her on Martinmas Day!

  29. Guess it'll do for a fairing for my old mother, that's about all.

  30. Princess Elizabeth's gift is a fairing from Cheltenham--a most elegant little box, containing a bottle of rose perfume which came to mama from India, in the great box from the Bengal Nabob.

  31. For all day she had been haunted by an apprehension that Ody meant to return with a fairing for Theresa, the presentation of which might bring about a crisis in his courtship very disastrous from her own point of view.

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