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  1. All the early aeroplanes which mounted their elevators in front of the machine may, without much doubt, be affiliated to the Wrights.

  2. A proper installation of green coffee machinery requires various bins of ample capacity, and bucket elevators by which the coffee can be sent without manual labor from one operation to another.

  3. In modern plants, all the bins and elevators are constructed of metal.

  4. And then the talk I hearn--22 miles of river frontage sweepin' up from the lake into the heart of the city, where the giant elevators unload their huge traffic.

  5. Miss Franks, who when interviewed was still hysterical, stood by the elevators pressing the buttons.

  6. She had moved out into the hall when the steps stopped, and rounding the corner by the elevators she saw Mr. Harland standing at the door of the Azalea Woods Estates offices.

  7. This is of little consequence in grain elevators, but for elevators intended to handle coal or any material of varying size the ordinary tightening gear is unsuitable.

  8. On account of their lower speed, elevators for specifically heavy material require much larger buckets and chains than grain elevators of the same bulk capacity.

  9. The only objection to pneumatic elevators appears to be that of expense.

  10. Grain elevators are invariably cased in wooden or iron trunks, and the head and foot are also of wood or iron, iron trunks being particularly used in so-called fire-proof buildings.

  11. The reason why grain elevators are set vertically, whereas elevators intended to carry heavy bodies such as coal and ore are generally inclined at an angle, is that the former can be run at a much greater velocity than the latter.

  12. On the other hand, elevators handling heavy material must be set at an angle in order to give a clear delivery at a much lower speed of 50 to 60 ft.

  13. Elevators erected at an incline are best fed at a point several feet above the well into the chain of ascending buckets, as under such conditions little will miss the buckets and drop into the well.

  14. In this system two furnaces are connected at the top by a gantry or bridge, against which, between the furnaces, two inclined elevators are set, so that each can serve either furnace.

  15. The material so handled may be conveyed in a practically uninterrupted stream, as in the case of worms, bands and pushplate conveyors, or elevators carrying grain or coal, &c.

  16. I think of American cities as enormous agglomerations in whose inmost dark recesses innumerable elevators are constantly ascending and descending, like the angels of the ladder.

  17. At first hydraulic elevators were installed, but these have been replaced by automatic electric lifts.

  18. At the west end of the structure are two commodious elevators running in separate shafts of granite from basement to roof.

  19. Great railway lines converge upon Rosario, and along the front of the River Parana there are miles of goods sheds and wharves, with ships lying alongside into which the elevators pour their streams of wheat.

  20. High-shouldered elevators stick out long tongues, and streams of wheat, grown on the plains of the interior, pour food for Europe into the holds.

  21. Are owners of buildings operating elevators common carriers of passengers?

  22. Owners of buildings operating elevators are in the position of public carriers of passengers.

  23. The liability for injury to passengers of owners of buildings in which elevators are operated is the same as that of public carriers of passengers.

  24. He came down in one of the elevators with a small package in his hand-- a package, so the elevator man said, that looked like some legal documents.

  25. He got into one of the narrow elevators and soon reached the fourth floor.

  26. The Elevators in the State Capitol, Albany, New York, were built by us, and many others in some of the finest buildings in the country.

  27. I took an escalator up to the second floor, which was one big room, with the escalators and elevators in the rear.

  28. Finally, the call bell for the meeting began clanging, and the crowd began sliding over toward the elevators and escalators.

  29. Then we all rushed Joe into one of the elevators and crowded in behind him, and as I turned to start it down I could hear police sirens from the street and also from the landing stage above.

  30. While an American gives these elevators scant attention, being used to them, not so the foreigner, who regards them with the greatest curiosity.

  31. Elevators gliding up and down between decks the same as in a modern office building.

  32. Elevators are such slow things when one is on an errand that must be done in haste!

  33. The railroad throws out branches, elevators are built, small towns spring up, and while you improve your holding comfort and often prosperity comes to you.

  34. Settlers looking for land filled the hotel, and now elevators were to be built, farmers hired extra labor and broke new soil.

  35. When she turned east she saw a plume of black smoke roll across the sky and the tops of three elevators above the edge of the plain.

  36. For the most part, their means and tools were inadequate, the haul to the elevators was long, and many would fall an easy prey to the mortgage robber.

  37. Docks and freight-elevators were included in the work, and if the tracks were not in fit condition for the trains to run by the date specified, every penny of the very large pay would be forfeited by the builders.

  38. A derrick was used for hoisting and lowering men and tools during the sinking, elevators being put in later.

  39. Plate XXII, the muck in the tunnel cars being hoisted by elevators to a platform at the top from which it was dumped into standard-gauge cars supplied by the Erie Railroad, as shown by Fig.

  40. Now the first time when you left the sixth floor with these other men to take the two elevators down, did you at any time look over to the southeast corner of the sixth floor?

  41. Did anyone else use any of the elevators while you were up on the sixth floor getting your cigarettes?

  42. You notice the two freight elevators toward the rear.

  43. I don't know in yards or paces even, but there are three elevators there.

  44. There is the stairway down to the basement, and there are the elevators and the back stairway.

  45. Were you facing any of the elevators back there?

  46. There are two types of elevators in general use, one lifting the car by cables from the top, and the other with a hydraulic plunger acting directly upon the bottom of the car.

  47. The express elevators do not stop until about the tenth floor is reached.

  48. The rudder and elevators have formed a pocket in the tail plane, which is like the spoon on a trolling-hook.

  49. In a vertical bank the elevators of a machine act as the rudder and the rudder as an elevator.

  50. Push the joy-stick forward, the elevators are turned down, and the machine goes into a dive for the ground.

  51. The Officer who is in charge of the Labour Bureau informed me that hundreds of men apply there for work every week, of whom a great many are sent into the various Elevators and Shelters.

  52. He saw the elevators constantly rising to and returning from the huge admission offices.

  53. The lobby was a mill of activity: the elevators and interbuilding jitneys terminated here; people moved briskly, carrying with them the familiar air of hurry and vast pressure that infected the whole world outside.

  54. We did this, but the attendants of the three elevators all denied having brought anyone up to Mr. Gately's offices since the old man and the elderly lady who had been mentioned by Jenny.

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