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Example sentences for "fairgrounds"

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fairely; fairer; faires; fairest; faireste; fairies; fairing; fairings; fairish; fairly
  1. And darting from one tower to the other over these cables, like veritable rockets which they were made to represent, were cars of steel and glass from which one might view the magnificent spectacle of the fairgrounds at night.

  2. Who is going over to patrol the fairgrounds this year beside me?

  3. Certainly if the Wolf had it, it had gone off for a little airing, because as the boys came out of the Colonel's office they saw Captain DuChassis being driven out of the fairgrounds in an automobile.

  4. But now the old fairgrounds fire is at its height and firebrands are blowing across the road and dropping on Crabby's house like hailstones.

  5. Looks like the whole fairgrounds is going!

  6. Minnewaukan, the Benson County seat, during its early years stood on the western shore of Devils Lake, and there was a steamboat landing on the eastern edge of town, where the Benson County fairgrounds now stand.

  7. On these occasions the fairgrounds present an unusual sight.

  8. At the fairgrounds in Belcourt an Indian fair is conducted (Oct.

  9. The next morning all three boys, filled with new confidence and energy, met at the fairgrounds as soon as they had had their breakfasts.

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