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Example sentences for "deadness"

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  1. For some weeks Conscience followed the colorless monotony of her life with a stunned and bruised deadness about her heart.

  2. After doubt came certainty under which the sunken eyes of the paralyzed man smouldered fiercely and his face blanched to the deadness of parchment.

  3. Then he wheeled eastward and the light paled into the deadness of despair.

  4. What struck me at once was the deadness of everything I looked upon.

  5. Or, as I sometimes think, would it not be a new and worse chagrin to become acquainted with the extreme deadness of our community to spiritual influences of the higher kind?

  6. Mere physical disgust was his first violent recoil from what had seemed a curious deadness of his whole nature, and the awakening of the senses preceded by many months the final resurrection of the more spiritual emotions.

  7. Do you not often complain of coldness and deadness in your religious feelings?

  8. You become worn out--your feelings exhausted--deadness and depression ensue.

  9. Peter, now that he had grown accustomed to the deadness of it, liked this change from Indian Tom's cabin.

  10. He set out over the rocks, his boots making hollow sounds in the deadness of the world about them.

  11. As such an one he had received Isaac, some twenty years ago, not considering his own body now dead, neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb; and as such an one he now offers him on the altar at the word of the Lord.

  12. Looking into the human spirit, and seeing how dead it is towards God and the future, must we not say, that if this deadness to eternity lasts until the death of the body, it will certainly be the death of the soul?

  13. For one thing is certain, that this apathy and deadness will never of itself generate sensibility and life.

  14. The day was a cold leaden one, that would have rained if it could, to get rid of the deadness at its heart, but no tears came.

  15. No sooner was she at liberty than again she sought her room, not consciously from love to her brother who had died there, but because the deadness of her heart chose a fitting loneliness: and again she seated herself at the window.

  16. Long periods of deadness of spirit are a heavy price to pay for an occasional and questionable exhibition of arbitrary activity.

  17. Here, with a supposed spiritual power, there is only deadness of spirit, even with those who have the faith.

  18. She called to mind a fancy that she had looked at Tresten out of her deadness earnestly for just one instant: more than an instant she could not, beneath her father's vigilant watch and into those repellant cold blue butcher eyes.

  19. We soon learned to admire her deadness to the world, and her unaffected humility.

  20. Our deadness toward all but one particular kind of joy would thus be the price we inevitably have to pay for being practical creatures.

  21. For to conquer the harshness and deadness of tones laid upon stone or on gesso, needs the management and discretion of a true painter; and on this co-operation we must not calculate in laying down rules for general practice.

  22. The latter is imperfection only; the former deadness or discordance.

  23. Night and the deadness of slumber seemed falling softly, yet heavily, about it.

  24. A sort of deadness and strange weariness seemed to brood in the air, as if the great monster were in a sinister and heavy mood, full of an almost malign lethargy.

  25. The deadness of rehearsal began to creep upon her, almost like moss creeping over a building.

  26. How great deadness and indisposition creepeth in!

  27. Nobody awaketh themselves out of their deadness and security, to lay hold on thee.

  28. You have both in that word darkness and deadness want of that shining light of God in the mind, so that it cannot discern spiritual things that make to our eternal peace.

  29. The most sure and infallible token of the Lord’s hiding his face, is security, and a spirit of deadness and laziness, when folk go about duties dreaming, and do all as it were through their sleep.

  30. A spirit of slumber and deadness from the Lord upon the land, there are multitudes he will never show his face unto, it is still vailed from them, and they know him not.

  31. There is not only an universal deadness of spirit on the land, but a profane spirit,—iniquities, abominable sins, abound.

  32. It is of great use to us, because the Lord would have believers in the last age of the world come to some great pitch of mortification and deadness to the world, and hope of immortality, than has been come to before.

  33. Winter was around the earth; the snow, which had been falling towards eve, lay deep upon the ground; and the Frost seemed to lock the Universal Nature into the same calm and deadness which had taken possession of my soul.

  34. At first we may be disposed to say that livingness consists in the power of motion and deadness in its absence; but a little enquiry into the most recent researches of science will soon show us that this distinction does not go deep enough.

  35. Let us then commence by enquiring what we really mean by the livingness which we attribute to spirit and the deadness which we attribute to matter.

  36. On the other hand, when we look for evidence of his faith, that is, his practical sense of things unseen, we discover 30 instead a deadness to all considerations not connected with the present world.

  37. You become worn out--your feelings exhausted--deadness and depression ensues.

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