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Example sentences for "dryness"

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  1. In ordinary cases the potting soil should be just so far removed from dryness that when a handful is gently pressed it may hang together, but may lose its cohesion when dropped.

  2. As dryness is favourable to an increase of heat, such walls should be either built hollow or packed behind to the thickness of 3 or 4 ft.

  3. The comparative dryness of the atmosphere in spring also causes a greater amount of transpiration then than in autumn and winter.

  4. Diurnal cumulus clouds, often absent because of the excessive dryness of the air, are replaced by clouds of blowing dust and sand.

  5. Since by expansion and shrinking of the timber produced by damp and dryness such floors often crack, and once cracked their divisions gradually produce dust and an ugly effect.

  6. The water of the ocean cannot make its way from the bases to the tops of the mountains which bound it, but only so much rises as the dryness of the mountain attracts.

  7. Should the water become frozen on the ball, this hygrometer will still act; for evaporation goes on from the surface of ice in proportion to the dryness of the air.

  8. The greatest degree of dryness ever noticed by Leslie was at Paris, in the month of September, when the hygrometer indicated 120 deg.

  9. On account of the cartilaginous stem and the dryness of their substance, some of the smaller species are apt to be taken for Marasmii.

  10. They are secretly weary of a certain conscious dryness of nature in themselves, and this weariness predisposes them to idolize the man who brings them this unknown gift.

  11. The young and gay were wearied by the dryness of metaphysical discussions which to them were as unintelligible as a statement of the last results of the mathematician to the child commencing the multiplication-table.

  12. The climate of the central region, if we except the mountainous portions of the Provinces of San Luis and Cordoba, is distinguished from the seaboard region by its greater dryness and its sudden variations of temperature.

  13. The climate of the Argentine, with a few exceptions, has the reputation of being extremely healthy, on account of the sudden changes of temperature and the dryness of the air predominant over the greater part of the country.

  14. Neyding[749] says that the dryness and induration called parchment skin depend mainly on the amount of excoriation of the skin, and this is greater in hanging.

  15. This dryness or condensation was found by Hackel in 52 per cent of hangings.

  16. Owing to dryness the Wet Bulb temperature is considerably lower than at Cairo in midsummer and the nights are always cool.

  17. At the height of summer the dryness and desiccation evidently prevent the breeding of flies, a fact to be borne in mind in Australia.

  18. This is usually determined by repeated extraction of an aqueous solution of the soap with petroleum ether; the ethereal solution, after washing with water to remove traces of soap, is evaporated to dryness and the residue weighed.

  19. The solution is then evaporated to dryness in a porcelain basin over a steam or water-bath, and the resultant soap dissolved in about 200 c.

  20. The Pacific air is so soft and warm after the keen dryness of the mountain atmosphere.

  21. There is this excuse, that the soil, owing to its light and porous nature, aided by the extreme dryness of many months of the year, easily shifts with the wind.

  22. Here the analogy with the alpine varieties is manifest, and the dryness of the soil evidently affects the plants in a similar way, as do the conditions of life in alpine regions.

  23. Rain and spraying, or on the other hand dryness of the soil, have still greater consequences.

  24. Organic matter capable of nourishing microbes is rare, and the dryness and cold prevent any manifestation of vitality or increase.

  25. But at times dryness may have contributed to the retreat of the ice even more than warmth, and then the climate would have been continental, harsh, and extreme.

  26. As the result of all the observations it was found that, as the dryness of the air increases, the limit of visibility also increases.

  27. The fact is, then, that whenever a cloud overhangs, rain is falling, though it may not reach the earth on account of the dryness of the stratum of air below the cloud, and the heat of the air over the earth.

  28. It follows from the above that a patient who is definitely under the influence of atropine will display rapid pulse, dilated pupils, a dry skin and a sense of discomfort, due to dryness of the mouth and throat.

  29. To this End, the Hardness and Dryness of the Edges of the Ulcer, and indeed of the whole Ulcer, must be diminished, and its Inflammation removed.

  30. One of the slightest Effects of much solar Heat upon the Head is, to cause a Defluxion from the Brain, a Swelling of the Glands of the Neck, and a Dryness of the Eyes, which sometimes continues for a considerable Term after it.

  31. Thus, the union of heat and moisture maintains health; heat and dryness cause acute diseases; cold and moisture cause chronic diseases; cold and dryness cause mental depression, and at death there are both dryness and coldness.

  32. Medicines were classified by him according to their qualities, by which he meant, not their therapeutic effects, but their inherent dryness or moistness, coldness or heat.

  33. Then perform them although with dryness and wish for nothing better than in this manner lovingly to serve Him.

  34. I have crossed that country and can testify to the purity, dryness and health invigorating quality of its air.

  35. A significant dryness had come into her eyes as she stared at the wall with profound abstraction.

  36. So intense was the prevailing sensation of icy dryness that it seemed as if the earth would never again know moisture.

  37. A dryness invaded his throat at the possibility, and on the top of this evening of almost apathetic resignation to the inevitable, the knowledge surged up in him that all he asked was to be allowed to see her just once more.

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