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Example sentences for "controlled"

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control; controle; controling; controll; controllable; controller; controllers; controlling; controls; controuersie
  1. Insurrection itself is often controlled and rendered abortive by corruption.

  2. The guiding principle in the cart integrator is a little three-wheeled cart, whose front wheel is controlled by the machine.

  3. He not only deposed the three contesting popes and named another, but so long as he lived he controlled the papal elections.

  4. You must especially let all matters that pertain to the church be controlled by the law of the church.

  5. But though we have thus controlled his usurpations, his just and original power remains unimpaired.

  6. The Senate by its usurpation controlled both the Emperour and the people.

  7. They were the last things used here when the place closed down, and the two supervisors were probably controlled from a vehicle, and it's anybody's guess where that is now.

  8. Their two supervisors went up to the ceiling, one controlled by Conn and the other by Matsui.

  9. The imaginative force and expression conveyed by these designs--strictly formal and figurative, and controlled by the ornamental traditions of the time--is very remarkable.

  10. Mr. Robert Bateman, too, designed some charming little woodcuts, full of poetic feeling and controlled by unusual taste.

  11. From 1690, government policy was controlled by specific appropriations.

  12. So he controlled the burning of coal to burn out these impurities, which produced coke.

  13. That is, production was controlled by men with money and the means of manufacture.

  14. Taxation became regular and it was controlled by representatives of the taxpayers.

  15. Thus he drew upon himself the hostility of the Buchanan administration, which was controlled by the proslavery interest, but he saved his Northern following.

  16. But these are mere suggestions, which I desire to be controlled by the judgment of yourself and General Halleck.

  17. I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me.

  18. Yes, he furnished himself, and if you suppose he controlled the other Democrats that went with him, he furnished three votes; while the Republicans furnished twenty.

  19. What do they really want, other than that slavery, being in the Territories, shall be controlled as other property?

  20. The entire apparatus was controlled by electric signals from the dome of Machinery Hall, where the different lights were applied and the transmission from one to another controlled at will.

  21. Morally, human frailty was often subconsciously controlled by keeping ourselves fit for the society we expected ultimately to enter, that of saints and sages and perhaps of God Himself.

  22. Cray gave an unpleasant wink, and Lockwood with difficulty controlled an insane desire to spring at his throat.

  23. Miss Mystery controlled her voice, but her hands were clenched and her foot tapped the floor in her stifled excitement.

  24. Miss Mystery read it, with great difficulty controlled her agitation, as she quickly went to the blazing log fire and dropped the paper in.

  25. She controlled her rising emotion, and asked quietly how he was getting on.

  26. Her daughter clasped her hands in wonder and delight, but controlled herself at once and kept silence; Hans offered Endrid more to drink, which he declined; but this was on both sides only an excuse for exchanging a look.

  27. Are insurance companies controlled by the legislatures of the states?

  28. This privilege is controlled by the legislatures of the states.

  29. If there is any rule on the question, it probably is controlled by usage and custom.

  30. In this country, the matter is controlled by statutes of the different states.

  31. I do not contend that it is, or ought to be, controlled farther.

  32. She was very much excited, but she controlled her speech; and I went on to tell her that, in consequence of that betrayal, I had felt bound to make Virginia my wife.

  33. This was also a case of applying high technology and state controlled Rapid Dominance against a low-technology guerrilla warfare force.

  34. This knowledge, when applied rapidly under conditions of brilliance and in a controlled environment, is a centerpiece of Rapid Dominance.

  35. Borders are no defense for the penetration of information even in highly controlled or authoritarian societies.

  36. They are controlled by their sympathies, as he is by his.

  37. People's opinions are not generally formed or controlled by arguments or reasonings, as they fondly suppose.

  38. You might have been happier if you had not married him," said Eola, with a twinkle in her eye, as she controlled her lips.

  39. He was calm and self-controlled once more now that he was alone.

  40. He controlled his lips and strangled his ill-timed mirth.

  41. Pantulu controlled his excitement and continued more quietly.

  42. Satan controlled Tyrus as he will also control the coming, final Babylon.

  43. The land which was promised by Jehovah to Abraham and his descendants was settled by the nations which were Satan-controlled and were his willing instruments.

  44. There was no need, therefore, to discriminate between the right and its exercise, for both equally could be controlled by the State.

  45. With that pride of spirit--which always distinguished him, he controlled his feelings and maintained a serene countenance.

  46. Newstead, which probably once exerted a monastic sway over this region, and controlled the consciences of the rude foresters, was originally a priory, founded in the latter part of the twelfth century, by Henry II.

  47. If the fading of colors tended in one general way and to something like a uniform degree, the successful matching of colors might be controlled in due time by all painters interested in experimental work.

  48. Colors which are worked and controlled easily and dry reliably, are important aids to good striping.

  49. The priming coat, or first pigment coat, rather, should be controlled by whatever color the job is to be painted.

  50. Suddenly this silent, self-controlled woman threw both arms about his neck and sobbed aloud.

  51. He gradually concentrated in his own hands all the threads of the administration and controlled the generals in the field.

  52. He was not one of those men who are so uninterestingly self-controlled as to be always the same.

  53. Then, in an abrupt postscript to so fine a eulogy, this extraordinary Commissioner adds: "But the Reaper is of too great value to the public to be controlled by any individual, and the extension of his patent is refused.

  54. Thus far have we led ye In peace, and with counsel Of wisdom controlled ye.

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