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controling; controll; controllable; controlled; controller; controlling; controls; controuersie; controuersies; controul
  1. The state of affairs called for more than a merely temporary measure, but our controllers advanced no settlement--only they devised an expedient.

  2. Our controllers are anxious that their ruling of award and reward should suffer no comparison.

  3. As a tentative measure, our controllers advanced a scheme of insurance of effects--a business proposition, of which many took advantage.

  4. It is in their relation to the hero Cuchulainn that one can best study the People of the Goddess Dana in their role as controllers of human war.

  5. My mother was already there, making her distaff whirr between her two fingers as she sat in the light of a rosin candle, and my brother Yvon was finishing a wooden butter-spoon.

  6. Each comer reached on the run the comfortable bakehouse, wherein Alain Corre was at work kneading his batch of barley bread; and the father Le Scour was never the last to arrive, because he liked to get the best seat in front of the bake-oven.

  7. These controllers of the American wheat had in their hands the fate of nations.

  8. All manufacturers of automatic musical instruments or their controllers have vast interests involved.

  9. For any musical composition which has been largely reproduced by automatic players employing perforated roll controllers a largely increased demand immediately arises.

  10. The motors, resistance coils and controllers are so connected with each other that the amount of current used can be regulated.

  11. The feeble light which the illumined window shed was sufficient to enable us to see her hands being carefully held by the controllers on the right and on the left.

  12. Let us say that the two controllers on the right and on the left respectively were cheated by the dexterity of the medium.

  13. But, then, that the instrument might play, our heroine would have had to release her two hands and leave the two controllers at loggerheads with their own hands.

  14. The feet of one of the controllers are beneath, those of the other above, and those of the medium between the two.

  15. While the controllers believed that they were holding her two hands, they were only holding one of them: the other was free.

  16. The controllers declared that the medium had not stirred.

  17. But a host of experiments and data prove the interstitial glands to be the direct controllers of elementary sexuality and the specific sex traits of male and female.

  18. That lack is now supplied by the growing understanding of the chemical factors as the controllers and dictators of all the legion aspects of life.

  19. But with the internal secretions as the controllable controllers of mutations, the outlook changes.

  20. But in relation to the endocrine system as controllers of nerve function in health and disease, a valid criticism can be made.

  21. The Controllers had got the finances in good order, and were bound to look to the welfare of the people, which could only be done by the curtailment of Tewfik's power.

  22. One thing should certainly be done--the giving of concessions ought not to be in the power of Controllers, nor if Consul-Generals are amalgamated with Controllers as Residents should these Residents have this power.

  23. The Controllers are charged with the finances and the welfare of the country, but to whom are they responsible?

  24. The present arrangement of Controllers and Consul-Generals is defective.

  25. It is simply proposed to amalgamate Controllers with Consul-Generals, and to give these latter the position of Residents.

  26. This would be no innovation, for the supervision exists now, except under the Controllers and Consul-Generals.

  27. Will a manipulation of human beings on these lines really make ideal "democratic controllers of industry"?

  28. If that is one of its functions it will not be its chief function; were it so its work would be the centre of perpetual tempests of controversy, and its controllers would learn what lobbying means.

  29. The Council of State and the Ruling Senate were then dissolved, and the Executive passed automatically into the hands of the controllers of the Federation.

  30. The controllers of the union often make liberal advances in money for the purchase of books by the local clubs.

  31. The object of the controllers of the vestries that the Parish Meetings have superseded was to keep village administration in the hands of a privileged and comparatively leisured minority.

  32. Mahmoud Sami at once forced the Khedive to assent to the demands of the Chamber, and the English and French Controllers resigned, upon the ground that "the Khedive's power no longer exists.

  33. In order to keep all their efforts concentrated on the PD policeman, both Controllers had to refrain from putting too much attention on their bodily motions.

  34. He knew that megalomaniac Controllers were either captured or mobbed, and he had no wish to experience either.

  35. By the time that comes about, we'll no longer need the Penal Cluster, since Controllers will be born into a world where there is no fear of non-telepaths.

  36. And they were not the ones who had been turning the sane Controllers over to the Psychodeviant Police!

  37. Controllers were power-mad and criminal by definition.

  38. Somewhere, there was a Controller, or a group of Controllers who were megalomaniacs par excellence.

  39. The Normals feared losing their identities to Controllers, and the Controllers feared death at the hands of the Normals.

  40. When the hatred of the normal-minded people of Earth had been turned against the Controllers because of the actions of a few megalomaniacs, it had become obvious that legal steps had to be taken to prevent mob violence.

  41. Who was betraying non-criminal Controllers to the PD Police?

  42. Both Controllers were focusing their mental energies on Houston's brain, and during the brief respite, Houston made one vital mental adjustment.

  43. Controllers didn't like to give themselves away to anyone, so they kept a tight screen up most of the time.

  44. The Controllers will eventually become the rulers of Earth.

  45. At first, he had simply thought of it as a method to keep the Controllers alive until he could think of something better.

  46. There weren't very many Controllers on Earth, percentagewise.

  47. Let the Farmers look past the "Gentile fronts" in their villages or principal trading points, past them to the real controllers who are hidden.

  48. This first is this: all Jews are not rich controllers of wealth.

  49. While it may be true that the chief financial controllers of the country are Jews, it is not true that every Jew is one of the financial controllers of the country.

  50. Incidentally it is the only kind of article on the Jewish Question that the big magazines, whose mazes of financial controllers make most interesting rummaging, would care to print.

  51. The public was being compelled to supply the money by which the Jewish controllers were to buy the land.

  52. This brings another difficulty: in discussing this group of world-controllers under the name of Jews (and they are Jews), it is not always possible to stop and distinguish the group of Jews that is meant.

  53. It is not merely that there are a few Jews among international financial controllers; it is that these world controllers are exclusively Jews.

  54. Much attention has been devoted to the invention of controllers of the motive power supplied to sewing machines.

  55. Power sewing machinery was speedily devised and introduced by several of the first manufacturers, controllers of the speed of the machines followed, and two or three splendid systems of stitching by steam power were soon widely known.

  56. Not only is it that the latter are near, while the former are distant, but also that the latter can turn the London controllers of Indian affairs out of office, while the former have to run the risk of being turned out themselves.

  57. And while British administrators in India thus have less and less confidence placed in them, they on their part have little cause to be placing increasing confidence in their controllers and rulers.

  58. The children of large families, the birth controllers say, are more afflicted by infectious diseases than those of small families.

  59. The greed, juggling, and grafting practised by its officers and controllers have been fully exposed through the press.

  60. While one of the controllers was himself replacing the dead fire-chief, the Deputy-mayor called an emergency meeting of citizens on the morning of the disaster, and another at three in the afternoon to consider what to do.

  61. Their chief and deputy-chief had been instantly killed so they were leaderless, until one of the city controllers assumed command, and in spite of the wild exodus when the alarm of a second explosion spread, these men remained at their posts.

  62. One of these controllers publicly criticised the method of the Citizens' Committee as autocratic.

  63. Ordnance controllers and gunners are a breed apart, especially when they're taking care of their own, and even when working conditions are tight.

  64. Docking berths along the Conference Site's rim opened and controllers transmitted "Ready" signals to the visiting flagships.

  65. For when the inventor pushed Ned aside and tried to handle the controllers properly, he found them unmanageable.

  66. As a consequence of the installation of Constitutional government, with European Ministers in the Cabinet, the English and French Controllers were deemed unnecessary, and the Dual Control was declared suspended.

  67. After this it is not surprising that the Controllers resigned office.

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