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conquerors; conquerour; conquerours; conquers; conquest; conquestum; conquete; conquista; conquistadores; conquistadors
  1. The book of Joshua has ascribed to one man conquests which are not confirmed by subsequent history.

  2. Instead of rejecting the older stories of Joshua's conquests it may be preferable to infer that there were radical divergences in the historical views of the past.

  3. On the other hand he speaks of the great anti-Teuton emperor Justinian, and of his reversal of the German conquests of the 5th century, in language which would certainly have grated on the ears of Totila and his heroes.

  4. From the kind anxiety expressed in your letter, as well as from other sources of information, we discover that our enemies have filled Europe with Thrasonic accounts of victories they had never won and conquests they were fated never to make.

  5. If this will not do, I hope the stroke is now hanging over them which will satisfy them that their views of Southern conquests are likely to be as visionary as those of Northern.

  6. Cîteaux, in the extent of its conquests and its centralized administration, has been compared with the Roman Empire.

  7. Northern men in an outpost of France facing the dangers of the sea, built the façade of Coutances, men who had won this province by the sword, who with the sword were seekers for new conquests to the north, to the south.

  8. It stands like the Pillars of Hercules, to mark how far the moral and intellectual conquests of mankind have advanced, only not like those pillars, fixed and immovable, but ever itself advancing with the progress of these.

  9. They were the conquests of Cardinal Ximenes.

  10. The conquests made by Philip in Picardy were to be exchanged for those gained by the French in Italy and the Netherlands.

  11. The blow was struck; and from this period little beyond its present conquests was to be gained for the cause of the Reformation.

  12. The conquests of the Mongols or the descendants of Chingis-khan were not confined, however, to these Turkish tribes.

  13. On reaching her side the gallant tried to enter into conversation with her by making one of those pretty propositions in use among those gentlemen who make love in the streets, and seek their conquests by lantern light.

  14. The conquests of Alexander the Great and of Genghis Khan have often been appealed to as proving how easy it would be for the tzars to follow in the footsteps of those great captains.

  15. Shortly after the accession of Alexander, Mingrelia shared the fate of Georgia; the conquests beyond the Caucasus were then regularised, and Tiflis became the centre of an exclusive Muscovite administration, civil and military.

  16. Thenceforth the trans-Caucasian provinces were considered only a point gained for intervention in the affairs of Persia and Turkey, and for ulterior conquests in the direction of Central Asia.

  17. No doubt the way would be considerably smoothed for Russia along both the Candahar and the Bokhara lines, if by gradually extending the circle of her conquests she had brought the inhabitants of Khorasan and Turkistan to obey her.

  18. We have there had for our portion neither the bootless strife of the Caucasus, though having most warlike tribes for adversaries, nor the easy conquests of the trans-Caucasian provinces.

  19. Other equally profitable conquests were subsequently made beyond the peninsula.

  20. The conquests of Peter the Great, and subsequently those of the celebrated Catherine II.

  21. He was living over again the fight of the afternoon, and forecasting fresh conquests for the future.

  22. Tawdry schemes of personal ambition, conquests for his own benefit, impossible crowns for his own wearing, were the motives which impelled, him, and the prizes which he sought.

  23. All that can be done here is to indicate briefly some of the more notable events in the history of the island after the British conquests and the relinquishment of the prize to the Spanish authorities upon the return of peace.

  24. The Roman empire was so feeble and tottering that it was this hitherto disregarded warrior who was obliged to oppose a bulwark to the conquests of the Persians on Roman territory.

  25. A great part of the conquests which Christianity gained in the Pagan world were due to the Jewish religion, whose fundamental truths and moral teachings had often facilitated the conversion of the heathens.

  26. But, as though it had been decreed by Providence that Judaea should not gain influence in such a manner, Aristobulus was forced by severe illness to abandon his conquests and to return to Jerusalem.

  27. While he was carrying on his conquests in France, part of the French fleet came over and blockaded the English ships collected at Portsmouth and Southampton, and made an attempt to land on the Isle of Wight.

  28. In Asia all her conquests made from France were restored, with the restriction that France was not to erect fortifications in the province of Bengal, and the fortifications of Dunkirk were to be demolished.

  29. During that period when the Danes were making their conquests and settlements in the North of England, art and literature did not hold any high position in Europe.

  30. Lancashire was the southern portion of Deira, which was one of the two kingdoms, Bernicia being the other, into which the conquests of Ida, king of Northumbria, were on his death divided.

  31. And the fascination is not far to seek, for Philippe d'Orléans was of the men who find easy conquests in the field of love.

  32. He was a spoilt child of fortune, this Italian poet and soldier, a man who had drunk deep of the cup of life, and to whom all conquests came with such fatal ease that already he had drained life dry of its pleasures.

  33. Probably, like the Assyrians, they made their conquests with armies composed entirely of native soldiers, or of those combined with such forces as were sent to their aid by princes in alliance with them.

  34. According to traditions current among its people, it had been established more than seven hundred years at the time when Cyaxares pushed his conquests to its borders.

  35. The Median conquests were accompanied by the worst atrocities which lust and hate combined are wont to commit when they obtain their full swing.

  36. But we see that, during these two hundred and fifty years, Protestantism has made no conquests worth speaking of.

  37. He was believed to have carried his conquests into the family of Orleans; and some suspected that he was not unconcerned in the mysterious remorse which embittered the last hours of the charming mother of Louis the Fifteenth.

  38. Unbelief made extensive conquests in all the Catholic countries of Europe, and in some countries obtained a complete ascendency.

  39. Happily nowadays, the wandering is done for the benefit of humanity and the conquests are those of peace and not of the “Swan Path.

  40. LV The Blind Yacht Designer Attributes His Conquests to His Mother’s Early Cares.

  41. The feeble garrisons which he had left behind him were swept away, and the fortress of Charleston alone remained of all the conquests which he had made (October, 1781).

  42. Driven back by the floods, the French had to evacuate their Dutch conquests (1672).

  43. Eadwine's conquests roused all his neighbours against him, and in their common fear of the Northumbrian sword, English and Welsh princes were for the first time found joining in alliance.

  44. The other garrisons yielded one after another, and nothing remained of all the mighty conquests of Henry V.

  45. The thriftless and ostentatious Khedive Ismail, by his extravagance and oppression at home and his unwise conquests in the Soudan, had reduced Egypt to a state of misery, and seemed not far from bankruptcy.

  46. Free from danger from the north, the French king turned upon him, and drove him out of his ephemeral conquests in Poitou, so that he had to return to England completely foiled and beaten.

  47. Nothing is more astonishing than the obstinate way in which the English government clung to the last remnants of the conquests of Henry V.

  48. And what filled up the measure of his aspirations,—all the conquests were to be made at the expense, not of Greeks, but of the Persians.

  49. He was thus just now not only at a high pitch of actual glory and ascendency, but nourishing yet brighter hopes of farther conquests for the future.

  50. New cities were taken, new provinces overrun, and new plans for future conquests were formed.

  51. The various campaigns and conquests by which Cyrus obtained possession of his extended dominions occupied an interval of about thirty years.

  52. In the mean time, Cyrus went on with his conquests in the heart of Asia, and at length, in the course of a few years, he had completed his arrangements and preparations for the attack on Babylon.

  53. Thirty years before his election Constantinople had been taken by the infidels; but the conquests made in the West brought a compensation for the losses sustained on the shores of the Bosphorus.

  54. The populace, impressed by the conquests made by the gospel among all classes of citizens, was only too ready to believe the calumny.

  55. Other evidence of the conquests made by the gospel among the patricians is given by an inscription discovered in March, 1866, in the Catacombs of Prætextatus, near the monument of Quirinus the martyr.

  56. In the antique and exaggerated language of the day, he relates that his general, the famous Albuquerque, after surprising conquests in India, had sailed to the Aurea Chersonesus, called by its inhabitants Malacca.

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