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Example sentences for "bettered"

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betta; bettah; betted; betteh; better; bettering; betterment; betterments; bettermost; betters
  1. Greely's mark was 83° 24´, which bettered the British by four miles.

  2. Idleness has held me fettered, But at last the times are bettered And once more I wet my whistle Here, in France beside the sea.

  3. I assured him that I could not have bettered it myself.

  4. It therefore behoves a man whose heart has been bettered by much meditation, and by the reproofs of the wise, to take both crooked and straight, both evil and good, from the hand of God, and to trust in Him whatever may befall.

  5. Any good man will be bettered by meeting her.

  6. That reminds me that the old house can be bettered in many ways.

  7. It was evident that the old widow was both pitied and envied by her friends on account of her bettered fortunes, and they came up to speak to her with more or less seriousness, as befitted the occasion.

  8. And their fortunes were bettered from that day.

  9. The said Latinus reigned thirty-two years, and was very wise; and he much bettered the Latin tongue.

  10. Yet he qualified for the finals, for Harding of Hopevale was the only man who bettered his mark to any extent.

  11. This feeling did I experience in all its fulness as I ruminated upon my bettered fortunes, and felt within myself that secret instinct that tells of happiness to come.

  12. Still my bettered fortunes shone only brightly by reflected light; for in my own heart I was sad, spiritless, and oppressed.

  13. Bains surrendered, and Long Mike raised it ten, having bettered his hand with a six spot that made a small straight.

  14. I don’t remember that I ever see anything just like it afore, but each man of the six drawed one card an’ not one of ’em bettered his hand.

  15. All that can be said for that is that it is vivacious, and that it has helped Mr. Shaw, who has certainly bettered the instruction.

  16. Taking the months seriatim, beginning, as he should, in September, he runs through the whole round of work with an exhaustiveness and accuracy which could hardly be bettered to-day.

  17. In short, like the woman in the New Testament, she had spent much on many physicians, and was nothing bettered by it, but rather made worse.

  18. He coöperated with Orry to increase the revenues, and reorganized and bettered the administration of the army.

  19. He took steps to reduce their power, at the cost of civil war, and in many other respects bettered the administration of his kingdom.

  20. Then he bettered his pace, and in a minute or two came so near that he could see the men clearly, that they were clad in knightly war-gear, and were laying on great strokes so that the still place rang with the clatter.

  21. Is there an intelligent man in this nation, who has reflected on the subject, that really believes that the condition of the African race in the United States, would be bettered or improved in any respect, by immediate emancipation?

  22. We have no doubt, that the condition of the Mexican Republic would be greatly bettered at this time, by placing over them, a humane and politic king.

  23. She went away feeling bettered by that handclasp.

  24. Having none of the humility of a true learner, she only felt annoyed at her own ignorance, not raised and bettered and stimulated by a glimpse of the infinite greatness of science.

  25. Indeed, if the actors, both two-legged and four-hoofed had intended to make a grand-stand play to the galleries they could hardly have bettered the conditions.

  26. Can a farmer get pay in the price of his grain for the original fertility of his field, which neither he nor his fathers nor his neighbors have bettered or made more available?

  27. Let the condition of things be bettered also at Lundy and at Ilfracombe.

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