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Example sentences for "bettering"

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bettah; betted; betteh; better; bettered; betterment; betterments; bettermost; betters; betther
  1. Then came that peaceful meeting on the raft at Tilsit--worse for Russia than any warlike meeting; for thereby Napoleon seduced Alexander, for years, from plans of bettering his empire into dreams of extending it.

  2. Thou wilt put up with all this for the bettering of thy case.

  3. The most recent experiment was the employment, the past summer, of an inspector provided by the Women's Municipal League of Boston, to inspect and devise means for bettering conditions in a district of small shops where food is sold.

  4. Just as soon as the individual fully realizes that he himself is to blame for his suffering or his poverty in human energy, he will apply his intelligence to the bettering of his condition.

  5. Not with the "ax and gun" went they, as will be seen, but with the ax, and with the hope of bettering their condition.

  6. Upon one or the other of these principles almost every scheme for bettering the condition of society is based.

  7. It would be a far larger task than we propose to attempt, however, to discuss all the schemes which have been proposed for bettering the condition of society.

  8. She did not waste money in bettering her abode.

  9. He listened more docilely to her suggestions about bettering the style of his editorials--adding snap to them--than he had done when Paulding had tried to help him.

  10. There was no immediate prospect of bettering their position.

  11. After his return from Providence School, Eli Jones began to be a definite worker for the bettering of the world, and the seeds he then planted have brought forth the blade and the ear, and now the full corn is in the ear.

  12. The work of a man for the bettering of his own town is not unimportant, though it may seem so when we consider the greater fields of usefulness.

  13. Now, Eli Jones while a young man accepted his Saviour and experienced this new birth, and, seeking first the kingdom of God, he has not ceased to labor for the greatest possible bettering of the world.

  14. It will make us great, and loving patriots also; and root out from among us a vast amount of sham and political fraud, to the great bettering of society.

  15. It may legitimately tax people for the purpose of saving working men from extremities, but not for the purpose of bettering their normal position.

  16. The existence of a rich class, whose riches are the cause of the poverty of the masses, is the justification for the Socialist demand that the cost of bettering the condition of the people must be met by the taxation of the rich.

  17. Others comfort themselves by the gradual bettering and bettering of things by themselves: the step by step people.

  18. But we think that for every such ill member, there is or ought to be, an institution freeing us from this member or even bettering him.

  19. The meaning of life is only one: self-perfection--the bettering of one's soul.

  20. Once or twice Hugh told him of changes he had made in the design--told him with some doubt lest it should displease him that his apprentice should dream of bettering his work.

  21. I begin to search for a way of bettering it, and presently find that he was right.

  22. The great and universal motive to honest industry, that of bettering one's lot, was lost upon him.

  23. Still there were men in the community of such desperate circumstances, that any change seemed like a chance of bettering their condition.

  24. The negro has not heretofore had a fair chance in the South for bettering himself.

  25. They are simply uniform that, both with independents and the Steel Corporation, there has been a steady bettering of quality in steel products.

  26. McMurtry must be given much credit for the movement for bettering conditions in industrial centres.

  27. Know that we, by the will of God and for the safety of our soul, and of the souls of all our predecessors and our heirs, to the honour of God and for the exalting of the holy church and the bettering of our realm.

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