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Example sentences for "broadening"

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  1. The same policies and the same methods which we hear propounded to-day have at some other time been propounded and tried elsewhere: we can study the results, broadening our judgment and thereby avoid the mistakes of others.

  2. I was aware of the heavy humidity of the atmosphere the moment I pulled out in the slow current of the still broadening river.

  3. There were a few flashes of white in the riffle below the dam; then a broadening river and slackening water.

  4. Like a living thing the light palpitates, trembling with passion to kiss the uppermost peak, striking it with blinding brilliancy, and then spreading in a broadening embrace down the shoulders of the towering giant.

  5. The personal tenor of our correspondence is gradually broadening into the larger scope of socio-political theories, methods of agitation, and applied tactics.

  6. You have alluded in a recent letter to the ennobling and broadening influence of sorrow.

  7. The effort commended itself as a part of the new broadening process, but it was not entirely successful.

  8. Surely, he had grown and matured in the three broadening years!

  9. Like science it marches slowly on its way; through many mistakes; through hypothesis and rectification; through daring vision and laborious proof; to an ever-broadening certainty.

  10. Each moment as it passed built up one of those watersheds of life from which henceforward the rivers flow broadening to undreamt-of seas.

  11. Library extension is imbued with optimism; its broadening field is educational, sociological, recreative.

  12. The most important movement before the professional educators to-day, is the broadening going on so rapidly in their duties to their profession and to the public.

  13. The increase of reading tends to a general broadening of life.

  14. The steps in his orderly progression are easily discernible and his course has been marked by a continuous advance along lines of constantly broadening activity and usefulness.

  15. He has ever been a student of his profession, constantly broadening his knowledge by wide reading and research, and the care and precision with which he prepares his cases constitute a strong element in his success.

  16. His business and financial connections had been constantly broadening and had long since included a prominent identification with the foremost financial and industrial projects of the time.

  17. He remained throughout his entire professional career an active and discriminating student of law, constantly broadening his knowledge by reading and investigation, as well as experience.

  18. His career was one of constantly broadening activity, and his developing powers contributed to the importance and extent of his achievements.

  19. His life was not self-centered but reached out along broadening lines for the benefit of his fellowmen and of his city, where the family has so long been well known in the best social circles.

  20. He took a most deep and helpful interest in all those things which promote the aesthetic and moral nature of the individual and which act as broadening and uplifting influences in the lives of all.

  21. You will find that this process has, at first, the effect of broadening the base and lowering the sides of the cup, and until you have quite mastered the method you must allow for the broadening and flattening of your work.

  22. Alfred was unconsciously broadening in his knowledge; life in its various phases was unfolding to him, and he was profiting by his experiences.

  23. Give me to be always a good comrade, and to view the passing show with an eye constantly growing keener, a charity broadening and deepening day by day.

  24. As practised by Miss Maizie Dean this embellishment consisted merely in broadening every A in the language (when she didn't forget) and speaking rapidly in a high, strained voice.

  25. He greeted her with a broadening grin and a "Hello, Joan!

  26. He discussed them, especially remarking upon the broadening influence of the increasing attention paid to the sciences in our schools, and the comparative effect of the positive sciences and the languages upon national character.

  27. On the canal, which, broadening at the foot of the church, forms the quay of Sallertaine, boats were constantly moving hither and thither.

  28. With this extension came a further broadening of its contents, which now began to take on a literary character, and it was not long before its two projectors realized that the periodical had outgrown its name.

  29. Chosen Community broadening its basis, gaining in stature, deepening in consecration.

  30. We are constantly engaged in deepening and broadening these channels because we believe in the power of books to develop character and to broaden the vision of that "inward eye which is the bliss of solitude.

  31. I have put the librarian first in this broadening influence of the state library.

  32. By broadening his vision of the world's work, and applying his own aptitudes and tastes to the field of endeavor that he may best be able to serve, it is attempted to stir the student's ambition and to give a purpose to all his future efforts.

  33. The more a government tries to do, the more taxation it must impose; and the broadening of the basis of taxation led gradually to the broadening of the basis of representation, for taxation is the mother of representation.

  34. These are organizations or movements for stimulating and broadening the interests of farm regions.

  35. The broadening influence of the Crusades with their stimulus to thought, their creation of new economic wants, and their contact of races and nationalities, set in motion great changes.

  36. His business is in front of the counter, greeting the trade and broadening the field for service.

  37. The authors put forth a framework for just such reflection, and they challenge practicing nurses to "come to know self as caring person in ever deepening and broadening dimensions.

  38. We seem, rather, forced to ask ourselves how this broadening of the horizon affects the norms which have heretofore appealed to men as reasonable.

  39. In its life commerce may have come to play an important role, bringing it into peaceful relations with other communities and broadening the circle of its interests.

  40. The broadening of the conception of what constitutes a community, so that ever increasing numbers are regarded as having claims that must be recognized.

  41. Certainly, with increasing intelligence and broadening sympathies, men tend toward a more embracing benevolence.

  42. In chapter 17 of Social Value, I have followed the German usage in broadening the term, price, to cover all exchange relations.

  43. The broadening of the range of securities dealt in, moreover, instead of depressing the prices of those already active, helps to sustain them.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "broadening" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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